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  1. Kodokushi

    Mr Conway's leg waxed live for your entertainment!

    Slightly uncomfortable to watch WG streams. When I watch early 1990 movies the awkward humor of that time taken in context of the era is a bit of nostalgia. Watching it in 2019 is downright alarming, why are they stuck in the past? Slapstick pies to the face were done when all TV was still black and white screens. Waxing body parts was most recently done by the ( now dated) [Jack (bad word they edited)] movies. The only thing missing was 3 stooges style beating of each other, but that is probably being saved for XMas 2020.
  2. No sounds regardless of mod settings- No torpedo warning sounds at all, the only sound I hear is a boom when one hits me
  3. Torps are now silent. Both my team and enemy. Making playing kinda tough. All sound sliders at 50%. Use standard voice setting. Run Aslains and set torps to Jaws 1 as a test but they are still silent. Any ideas on what is happening?
  4. Kodokushi


    "SHE NO KNOW ME. Uh, uh, no she don't. I don know where she coming from, or what she wants, but SHE NO KNOW ME. I never even seen that girl, and don' t care who her man is. So why I hear she runnin her mouth? SHE NO KNOW ME!" OK, my therapist said when I get things stuck in my head that writing them down helps to work it out. But why should I trust my therapist? SHE NO KNOW ME!
  5. Kodokushi

    Few questions

    'Polical Correctness' regarding Kamikaze piolots is at best political incorrectness, or at worst a form of racism. It was considered a sacred honor to be chosen for this type of service, those who do not respect that should take a step back and stop viewing the world through a colonial lense. It was a horrible experience to be the victim of, but disregarding the societal and cultural value it had to Japanese is shocking.
  6. You are looking for new, but I spent around $300 for a refurbished Dell at Newegg that can run anything I throw at it. I play WoWS at just under highest settings. It wouldn't do any good to share the exact model because they change all the time, just a heads up that this is an option.
  7. Kodokushi

    Don't hate me for this...it's for science-ish

    Honestly everyone, this is so obvious to troubleshoot... The Mighty Jingles Computer Virus was introduced when they coded him as a commander, it will never be the same as it once was.
  8. Kodokushi

    Buff Smolensk to help counter Venezia

    I don't have Venezia so won't chime in on the vs Smolensk chat. I did watch one on my team obliterate multiple Midway squadrons, is the Venezia a CV counter?
  9. This may be a way for you to avoid that, just hold control and click it on the screen. I have similar issues, I wear XTra large gloves at work.
  10. I wanted to share that what I described is not just checking reload times, you can actually double click to repair, double click to change from guns to toroedoes, etc. Just by holding control so the pointer comes up.
  11. I am looking for (hopeful for) two more free commander reserve slots to be added to my port when I grind these commanders out.
  12. I figured out by chance that while holding the control key down if you hover over the ammo types or consumables and double left mouse click it then it will activate. If you have AP loaded, for example, control-double click HE or torps will change to that weapon type. Control-double click any of your consumables to activate them. I can't see this being the primary way to activate the consumables or change weapon type, but if you are already using the control key for another function it is a quick way to multi-task.
  13. I just came across this quite randomly (I was in a knife fight, panicked when holding control down to aim secondaries and changed from AP to HE) So I went in a training room to experiment. I found that holding control and using the arrow pointer to hover over any of the weapon types or consumables and double clicking it will activate it. I cannot see myself doing this all the time, but as I am unfortunately limited to the standard number of fingers I can think of times that it will be a handy little shortcut to use, like when I need to have the control key down for manual secondary aiming or when pinging the mini map for my team, I can quickly use a consumable or change ammo type, including torps by double clicking. I made this post because I am quite active in looking for ways to improve my game but haven't seen this tip shared anywhere.
  14. Kodokushi

    Infernal Camo- Where is it??

    This did it, thanks!
  15. I use the official modpack, you can now select multiple dynamic mods so I chose them all. Jumped in game, selected dynamic, used drop down menu to load up the Nomogram Modern. Got in to a Co-Op battle to test it. I can tell you (I am not being sarcastic) it is working as intended. Pretty sweet crosshair- It effectively works just like the other Nomogram but all the adjusting for speed I used to do in my head is represented right there on the crosshair bar. Reckon what the speed is, line up the correct marker, and blap you got him. As with any crosshair you have to adjust for angling, head on travel, etc.