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  1. Umbaretz

    ST, test ships changes

    British cruiser Hawkins, tier V: Ballistics were changed. Now the shell will need less time to travel the same distance: at a range of 7 km instead of 3.94 seconds, it will take 3.80 seconds. At a range of 13,86 km instead of 10.08 seconds, it will take 9,19 seconds. Average armor penetration will remain almost unchanged. This ballistics adjustment will increase Hawkins' shooting efficiency at all distances. British cruiser Drake, tier IX: Surface detectability increased from 12.24 to 13.2 km; Detectability after firing main guns in smoke increased from 7.6 to 8.33 km; Air detectability increased from 8.11 to 8.74 km. Detectability changes will balance Drake's battle efficiency. European destroyer Klas Horn, tier IV: Turrets firing angles are changed to prevent crossing over with ship's superstructures. European destroyer Öland, tier VIII: Updated ship's AA guns and continuous AA damage: Continuous damage of the short-range AA guns increased from 46 to 49; Continuous damage of the mid-range AA guns lowered from 161 to 95; Continuous damage of the long-range AA guns increased from 63 to 70. European destroyer Östergötland, tier IX: Replaced 1x3 and 1x5 torpedo launchers with 2x4. We adjusted parameters, models and armament of European destroyers based on the internal testing. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  2. Umbaretz

    Public Test - 0.9.0 - Feedback

    Commanders! Due to the maintenance, Armory on the Public test server may be temporarily unavailable from 12:30 UTC to 20:00 UTC on December 27th. We apologize for the inconvenience
  3. Umbaretz

    Public Test - 0.9.0 - Bugs Report

    Commanders! Due to the maintenance, Armory on the Public test server may be temporarily unavailable from 12:30 UTC to 20:00 UTC on December 27th. We apologize for the inconvenience
  4. Umbaretz

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Btw, currently, she can swap smokes for torpedo reload booster.
  5. To clarify: We're changing Directives conditions - you'll now be able to complete economic missions of the Directives 4-6 in Ranked sprint. (You've already been able to do it for directives 1-3). Directive 7 is unchanged due to there being no Ranked battles when it'll be active.
  6. Commanders, please, note, that now it will be possible to complete economic missions of the Directives 1-6 in Ranked Sprint. Good luck and fair seas!
  7. Umbaretz

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Thank you. Added vote distribution. Margin wasn't that wide.
  8. Commanders! Last week we conducted a global charity drive to support Save the Children International in their efforts to help children in need around the world. Together we managed to raise over 42.000$ in donations for which we again want to say thank you! As part of our milestones for this charity drive, we've let YOU vote on the resource for the upcoming tier X Japanese Destroyer Hayate. We are happy to announce that we will be implementing Hayate into the game for free experience sometime in the near future. Good luck and fair seas!
  9. We're working with Spectrum in order to figure it out ASAP but having issues with ISP during the holiday season adds complexity to the whole situation. Currently, DNS: it's not a 100% solution. Using VPN so far is the best choice.
  10. Captains, We've received multiple reports from players losing connection or unable to login to World of Warships game server. All reports we've received so far were coming from Charter/Spectrum providers from California and Hawaii. It's possible that more players from South East USA are affected by this issue. For some players setting up Google DNS servers ( / helped to resolve the issues. Others reported that using VPN and choosing any other US location helped to resolve the issue again. If you experience these issues, please try using Google DNS or VPN. We're also encouraging you to reach out to Charter/Spectrum support at (833) 267-6094. Our Network team will work with Charter/Spectrum team in order to resolve the issue.
  11. In my opinion, there is enough rng coming from angles alone, so why add more?
  12. Umbaretz

    ST, European destroyers

    There may be, there may be not, and you certainly should ask such questions about hints. Though, any ship that existed in any way has a chance to appear in a game. What can we all see is that European tree already has Austro-Hungarian, dutch and Polish ships, and two classes are included right now - destroyers and one battleship.
  13. Umbaretz

    ST, European destroyers

    It's a mostly Swedish line in European tree.
  14. With the current matchmaker settings, sometimes you might encounter a situation where six aircraft carriers are present in one battle at Tiers IV and V battles. It's difficult for Tier III-V ships to put up a fight against a large number of aircraft carriers, which affects their overall efficiency in battle. We've prepared changes to the matchmaker that will reduce the number of aircraft carriers in this scenario: For Tier V battles, a soft limit of two aircraft carriers per team will be set. A battle with three aircraft carriers in the team will be possible only after a long wait in the queue. All other Tiers of battle, including IV, will have a hard limit of 2 aircraft carriers per team. Thank you for highlighting this problem, we will make all the necessary changes required. However, due to technical limitations, these changes will only take effect in one of the next updates in early 2020. The new algorithms will reduce the number of battles with three aircraft carriers for Tier IV-V ships, and Tier III ships will not encounter more than two aircraft carriers in a team after these changes. At the moment, the popularity of Tier IV aircraft carriers is very high, so stricter restrictions than those described could have a significant impact on waiting times in the queue and also lead to the assembling of a large amount of incomplete teams. We will continue to monitor the situation and make additional changes if necessary. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  15. Umbaretz

    ST, European destroyers

    All starts of the line are from around 30ies and have similar roles. And it's a "cruiser". (And training ship in game) DD line starts at T2.