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  1. Umbaretz

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Btw, currently, she can swap smokes for torpedo reload booster.
  2. Umbaretz

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    Thank you. Added vote distribution. Margin wasn't that wide.
  3. Commanders! Last week we conducted a global charity drive to support Save the Children International in their efforts to help children in need around the world. Together we managed to raise over 42.000$ in donations for which we again want to say thank you! As part of our milestones for this charity drive, we've let YOU vote on the resource for the upcoming tier X Japanese Destroyer Hayate. We are happy to announce that we will be implementing Hayate into the game for free experience sometime in the near future. Good luck and fair seas!
  4. I'd also like to add that CA2-D is not an Alaska with minor changes. In fact the changes are major - she's a bigger ship, she better protection, different cecondaries, more guns, and so on.
  5. Umbaretz

    Black Ships Choices for 2019: a humorous rant.

    You can you expendable camos on Black ships.
  6. Umbaretz

    Amazon Pay

    It's not a bug, it should work that way, due to legal reasons. Please consider using alternative paying methods.
  7. Umbaretz

    Hats off to the devs!

    We are currently looking into cases where reworked for HDR maps may look too bright. It would be great to get more information from you if you came across that. Preferably in PM, so it won't get lost.
  8. Umbaretz

    Is there a Black Friday by WG?

    Not all content and activities were announced then, of course. But we announced that there'll be black Friday going on in World of Warships. You can expect more announcements.
  9. Umbaretz

    why i keep playing this game?...

    Because you're good at it? And enjoyment can be found even is such cases, even though it can be frustrating. Just remember - you did well, and playing well eventually leads to good winrate.
  10. Umbaretz

    Is there a Black Friday by WG?

    There is, we've already announced stuff for it (link above).
  11. Umbaretz

    Pan Asian Commanders

    Rong brothers just have appeared - their availability won't end in this patch. If we'll be planning to remove commanders from the armory - we will, of course, tell about that plan, as with ships.
  12. Umbaretz

    Pride of polish navy missions

    You get this ribbon even not solo - you just have to get 80+ % of capping.
  13. That. You have to start seeing any patterns above usual win-lose dispersion, which can make some weird-looking samples, but still quite possible. Also, your short waiting time doesn't necessarily mean all your teammates had short waiting time.
  14. Umbaretz

    Hats off to the devs!

    And we're not done yet. Maps are getting HDR treatment in turns.