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  1. Wood96

    Suggestion for coal ship to get?

    This analysis was very good. Thank you @Midnitewolf. In addition to the Flint, Black, Neustrashimy Package, does anyone have any information about another coal ship? And ... will there be no more ships purchased for Free XP? Good Wings Maitei Ayumana
  2. Wood96

    Suggestion for coal ship to get?

    I have Yoshino, Thunderer, Moskva, Smolenk ..... from those coal ships. What would be the next acquisition, of a fun ship (I like fun ships, not challenging ones)? Pommern or Georgia? I am not a DD player and I have Des Moines at the port with perma camu. Is there anything different in the coming months?
  3. Wood96


    Dear Captains, I read all the comments. I certainly do not have your experience, but I would like to leave my point of view. What really makes sense is that the shooting angle is very, very bad. In that case, your ability to fight is terribly compromised. And a better angle of fire is needed to take advantage of your tanker ability. Exposing your side too much compromises resistance. Very much at the limit of the acceptable. In addition, I use 420 mm weapons. It may not seem like it, but I felt an interesting difference. My feeling. The FDG is not a bad ship, but it is not fun. I would say it is a challenge. Yes, better shooting angles, better maneuverability and speed recovery would be most welcome. Maintaining the horrible German dispersion. Where are you, contributors and testers ??
  4. @Maredraco me fizeram uma consideração que achei interessante. Poderemos treinar o capitão brasileiro no Nueve de Julio, já que estaria inserido numa árvore Pan-Am ? Ou é cedo para perguntar ? Abs
  5. Wood96

    Reset? What does it mean?

    The RB is the Vision of Hell . There you will find exclusive ships. And also the famous UU or Unique Updates. The latter were thrown into the limbo of this seemingly insurmountable wall for most base players. Remembering that every 6 months you receive an x2 bonus. Then each reset line receives 20,000 research points, when the entire line is reset. Maximum. It really isn't for simple mortals who only have 2 hours (or less) a day to have fun. This is my personal opinion !!!!! In my case, I really want Siegfried. I started a reset on the Russian BB line (Five Heart Attacks) and now with the German AC line (Two CVA on the way). Considering that this is all a big joke, what we can take into consideration, is that your numbers for each ship in the line you work on, will increase and you having more experience, you will not commit certain idiots from before. But a question will be a fact ..... MM will work against you with the intention of driving you crazy ..... A little pepper !!!!!
  6. All the comments above, say it all ..... It is not a fun BOAT. Three triple towers, low reload, standard German sigma (1.8), even if the rest is maintained, would make it a fun SHIP.
  7. Wood96

    WG...could you please nerf Nevsky?

    Well, I haven't added the permacamo yet, because I'm afraid of the nerf ..... Russian ships do not receive nerf? Remember the Kremlin ......
  8. I think you need to enjoy playing that line. It must not be unpleasant. You need to be pleasant for you. You must enjoy playing that every day. At least a little.
  9. More one nerf ... Sigma sufferead a decrease - 1,6 to 1,5 .... So, Pommern now is the worst !!!!!
  10. Wood96

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships

    I think different. But to shoot with all weapons you need to give your side ..... and make a difference !!! I think it is preferable to have three triple towers, with low reload and high sigma. It must be nice for the base, who are the buyers. Well, let's see the first few games, the analysis and comments. I think we will have a long way to go, before deciding to invest. Maitei ...
  11. Well, it was nerfed. From 32 to 33 seconds to reload. Sigma dropped from 1.8 to 1.6. Bye, bye fun .....
  12. Wood96

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    @LittleWhiteMouse Congrats ... Another good job. This review and subsequent comments really interpret a focused, objective, forceful and realistic view, and not just of the Testers. And anothers "Nerff Commentators" and their unfortunate guesses ...... I can't wait for the test with Ludendorff / Pommern. Looks a Frankenstein drunk with snipers suffering from senility and blindness. (33 sec reload and sigma 1.6 after the last nerf).
  13. Wood96

    ST, changes to test ships

    We're looking down, if we aim at Alsace. I think we should be looking up, for a replacement for Jean Bart. A ship for pleasure. Different, but with its own soul and a striking identity. We don't have that. For an Alsace with torpedoes, it is better to grind the line than to spend coal.
  14. Wood96

    ST, changes to test ships

    I agree .... Bye, Bye Pommern ..... It will no longer be fun or different. Just another illusion, well conceived, poorly planned and very poorly executed.
  15. Wood96

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Oh my God !!! After reading everything here, I understand the chasm that is being created between the new players and the "Experts" !!! You are simply coldly castrating the opportunity for "Simple Mortals" to own their UU and pushing those who are just beginning further down. Totally wrong commercial strategy, as new players spend money, and a lot ......... Their "Experts", for knowing the characteristics of the WG, never put their hand in their pockets ........ You can be sure that the response of your customers will be the height of this irresponsibility. You managed to overcome the PR tragedy !!!!! Think about it, it’s still time. Better to postpone, and do it well, than to run over and do something stupid, which you will regret in the future.