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  1. Ghorg38

    How to empty reserve?

    thanks Princess_Daystar! I found the "change commander" button. I guess i became rusty. I forgot how to do it! :D
  2. Hi everyone, I just noticed my reserve is full and I can not transfer anymore one captain from one ship to another. Could you please tell me if there is a way to empty the captains of the reserve? (it is all crappy captains from rental ships) Or is there another way to transfer captains?
  3. Thanks a lot for all the replies. I have now a better idea of what these ships are capable of. I am not a long range guy so I wont go with Moskva yet. I will save my coal until a new ship appear in the armory. It will give me more time to grind the japanese tech tree and upgrade my captains skills. :)
  4. hi! I have just the right amount of coal to buy my next tier X coal ship. I am hesitating between Moksva, Salem and Marceau? I have already got Zao and Thunderer which I really enjoyed. Thus I first thought to buy a DD to get one ships of every kind (Cruiser, BB and DD) :) However the comments are mixed. So I am not sure anymore... From what i know Yoshino is a BB version of the Zao. At the same time Salem is said to be like a Desmoines and Marceau is like a Kléber. Is Moksva a better choice? Should I wait until next month for new ships to come out? Any advice is welcome! I am lost!
  5. Thanks. Effectively straight attacks are more effective. I tried also to avoid using W, A, S, D keys while diving.
  6. Hi, Usually, the longer the dive the more accurate is the torpedo spread. Since a few days, the spread is very slow to get narrow. Even worse when facing more than one ship AA fire, the spread never narrow or became unstable. I have a similar topic in 2016 but I could not get any information on key binding or controls. Is there a way to control the torpedo spread of bombers? Regards,