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  1. shinytrashcan

    Opinions on the CVs?

    The two things don't exclude itself. CVs can be hated by the silent majority and vocal minority, yet still bring a huge chunk of money. This is possible since most revenue with this type of game comes from a small percentage of the playerbase ("whales") that spend significant amounts of money. It is probably true that a significant portion of the active playerbase is somewhat indifferent towards CVs, however, from a lot of anecdotal evidence a lot of people stopped playing the game or took significant breaks because of CVs. I tried to get a few WOT players to try WOWS, they fairly quickly figured out CVs were Arty on steroids and just dumped the game like a hot potato after just a few matches at T4.
  2. shinytrashcan

    Opinions on the CVs?

    Have you watched the video? Several people in the Q&A ask exactly things like "how did you come up with the numbers" and "what does this mean for future balancing and development" etc. That is what is interesting. Also, it fives you a look into how this company and their devs see the game and what is going on behind the scenes. It might be interesting to you, it might not be.
  3. shinytrashcan

    Opinions on the CVs?

    2019 CC summit on the CV rework, slides from a presentation by WG devs. They did not go into details how it is calculated, full video linked further up and readily available on YT.
  4. shinytrashcan

    Opinions on the CVs?

    Not really, but close. Your idea makes sense as well, as you would compare how well someone did in e.g. a BB and whether this won the game or not. My idea would be to look at e.g. CV players and see which team has the better one and is thus expected to win vs. them actually winning.
  5. shinytrashcan

    Getting Gud. Want to get gudder.

    Personally, my brain somehow just absorbes stuff like this and I can memorize it fairly easily. But there is a few things you can do to greatly help with this: Play more ships. If you play all types of ships and ships of different nations you will get to know their particular flavors. Makes it easy to memorize it when you experienced it first had. Identify the important characteristics to remember: radar, gun caliber on BBs, hydros, torpedoes. Nobody cares about exact DD torpedo ranges most of the time in a Cruiser, but gun caliber on BBs is important for overmatch. Don't go by exact values, you don't need to know every little detail. Go by "who outspots me in my [Destroyer of your choice]?", "does this BB overmatch my bow armor?". This makes it more tangible, at least to me, and focuses on the important aspects. DONT GO BY THE WEIRD SCORE SYSTEM WG USES! It is not helpful at best and misleading at worst. Most of the information is categorical in nature, so not a lot of values to actually remember: USN CA radar? 10km. RU radar? 12km. A few exceptions exist (e.g. Salem 8.5km) but this gets you 80% of the way with 20% of effort. Similar with hydros etc. There are mods in the modstation that can help you by showing some information on the target ships (concealment, torpedo ranges) in the sidepanels. Use them! Overall it is a matter of prioritizing the things you need to know and not the ones that are nice to know. You don't need to know the exact armor thickness of Sovietsky Soyuz's main armor belt, only that you can't pen it with most CA guns at reasonable distance, except Petro and maybe Henry IV. You can use sites like this to look at gun performance relative to each other. Again, don't memorize all values, better to just focus on the average value (i.e. pen at 10km) and look for the outliers. I hope this helps a bit.
  6. shinytrashcan

    Opinions on the CVs?

    Yes and no. Yes, balance changes in terms of AA strengths, damage output (global nerf on AP bombs for example), and the size and shape of aiming reticles have been made. IIRC there was also an AA rework that shift the continous DPS from random planes to the last plane. No, in that it is still the same style of gameplay, AA fundamentally is still the same with the continous DPS being the only reliable source of damage as flak spawns in predictable boxes and can be dodged somewhat reliably by skilled players with good connection. So overall the trends and observations are still valid, although the exact numbers etc. are definitely different. If you haven't watched the video yet, I would recommend to do so and pay attention in particular to the Q&A at the end.
  7. shinytrashcan

    Opinions on the CVs?

    You can look at the total presentation with original audio here:
  8. shinytrashcan

    Opinions on the CVs?

    They were rather vague about this, I'd speculate they probably compare the expected outcome for a player in a specific ship with the actual outcome of the game. In other words how well past WR of lets say the DDs or BBs predicts the outcome of the match. Pure speculation though.
  9. shinytrashcan

    Getting Gud. Want to get gudder.

    Agree. I would like to elaborate on point 1 a bit, though. Knowing your ship well is key to get the best results with it, however, knowing your opposition is the next critical step. Using DDs as an example again: know who has better concealment than you do; if you can outspot the other DD you can dictate the engagement, whereas if you will be detected first you have to be more careful (generally speaking). know the firepower of your opponent, you want to know who will outgun you and who you outgun. understanding how the other ship is played allows you to predict their moves more easily. These considerations get more detailed and in-depth the further you go. Key is, know your ship and what it (and you in it!) can do against specific other ships.
  10. shinytrashcan

    Torpedoes bug

    Watch the video, and try to actually understand what is happening. If you can't see it here clearly enough, there is more on twitch and you can just go into a training room to check for yourself. I made a screenshot from just after when he fire the torpedoes (he was not zoomed in, there is however a replay anaylsis on twitch and reddit): Blue is where the island behind the Des Moines is, green is where the torpedoes were fired. So, not all of them should have hit the island or DM, but a few should have. If the DM had somehow accelerated through the island or backwards, there is the island behind the DM that should have caught all of the torps. Which did not happen. As I said, you can try this in a training room by firing torpedoes while turning. Aim them so they should just clear/hit an island, you will see turning will shift your point of aim. Below is the better angle, someone linked it on reddit. And finally:
  11. shinytrashcan

    Torpedoes bug

    For me it got way better with a browser update, I'm running Firefox which sometimes gets "improved" too much in one update. Clearing cache/cookies sometimes helps, or try if it is also not shown in incognito mode.
  12. shinytrashcan

    Torpedoes bug

    Oh I see, that is annoying. I thought they had fixed this since I no longer have the issue; here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ozn-TnnREo
  13. shinytrashcan

    Torpedoes bug

    Didn't watch the video, did ya?
  14. shinytrashcan

    Battle reports

    apparently most people here turn off chat for reasons...
  15. shinytrashcan

    Comprehensive Fix to CVS

    CVs have limited planes only because the game timer is limited. Going with the same line, every munition is limited in the game because there is a timer to the match. So a BB would have a maximum of about 40 volleys of ammunition, that's it. That CVs are largely safe from direct fire is relevant, as the CV hull is what keeps the player in the game. A CV player stays in the game and has the most amount of time, usually, to affect the outcome. Even more, most of the CVs actions are without risk to them staying in the game. Lost a squadron? No big deal, worst case you have to wait. A DD, CA, CL, BB that loses a lot of HP early on etc. is disproportionately more at risk of being kicked out of the game. So while from a "CV hull" point of view it is not relevant, for the playing experience of the payer this is very relevant and totally unbalanced.