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  1. shinytrashcan

    Game is Compromised

    Sometimes people do stuff for the memes, like all showing up in a (subjectively) ugly camouflage they have left, using 8 DDs for the lolz, or rushing mid on Two Brothers. People are humans, they tend to do silly stuff every now and then...
  2. I haven't played Alaska in a while, but I always tried to play it more like a cruiser killer than a Battlecruiser (which has a different meaning depending on who you ask, anyway). In that, I'll start more towards the flank and to the rear with BBs because while she is tanky, she does not hold up to well against BBs for prolonged times. Play around your concealment, meaning look for targets that have not spotted you. And then it is all about using your mobility to get around to find the broadsides of those CL/CAs, nuke them with AP and burn some BBs with a bit of HE. Don't try to win any DPM matches though, you will lose most of them against CLs. You don't want to be with your BBs, but to the side so Cruisers have to decide against whom they want to angle and hopefully get crossfired anyway. Overall she is a fun ship but it always takes me a few games to get back in the rythm.
  3. shinytrashcan

    Why is the FPS still capped at 75?

    While I have no issue with playing WOWS on 75 fps, I just double checked whether I can activate 120fps in the modstation and it is greyed out for some reason. Anyone noticed this? I have a 144hz gsync monitor, and it did work previously. I don't really need it in this game, but you can tell the difference. It should be pointed out though, that response time is also important to improve smoothness while maintaining clarity. But yes, high refresh rate is one of those things you don't think you need until you use it for yourself; after that it is hard to go back.
  4. shinytrashcan

    How to Stealth torp at t7

    With Mahan I also had a lot of good results with preemptive torping channels or areas. The long range on the upgraded torps and their slow speed make this "to whom it may concern" approach viable in my opinion. Just make sure you don't torp into your friends...
  5. shinytrashcan

    Missions for German tokens?

    It is somewhat more disappointing when you realize you need one (if not all) of the early access CVs, which is not a given. While I get that WG does not want everyone to have every new tech tree ship immediately (otherwise nobody grinds those anymore), making luck a requirement for those directives is annoying.
  6. shinytrashcan

    Suggestion for secondaries

    This was my point, instead of just buffing damage or make them more accurate just give us more options what to do with them. Quite frankly, BBs have insane secondary armaments in some cases which is almost equal to the firepower of light cruisers. I get they cannot just add that amount of firepower, but it would be nice for variety if the secondary play style had more things for you to do such as more in-depth target queuing, ammo selection and maybe finer grained target selection. The idea with the radial menu is nice, though switching ammo types might be a bit weird with that, maybe instead bind it to a hotkey? I really wish this would be added, or at least considered.
  7. shinytrashcan

    Suggestion for secondaries

    Exactly! This would make speccing into it more worthwhile, while adding a bit more skill into the secondaries.
  8. shinytrashcan

    Suggestion for secondaries

    We all know and love the meme build with secondaries, be it on the german and french BBs, or Massa, Georgia etc. They are fun, in situations just a spectacle to behold, and a ship like Massa just sitting there and spraying you with 5" shells over a ridge is hilarious. However, I think we all agree on the fact that a full secondary build is seldomly optimal due to the large costs in points for your commander and the very situational nature of their use. While many have commented and asked for straight up buffing secondaries, I think this can't be the answer as WG has stated they have no intention in doing so because they are automatic in nature and they are against 'automatic damage' without skill. So, I would suggest to slightly rework how secondaries work to make them more meaningful, fun, and also more skill based. One way that came to mind was for example the ability to change ammo on the secondaries, maybe even on a per target base. While this would introduce a lot of micro-management to the game, it would certainly improve the impact of some secondary builds while requiring a bit more finesse and skill compared to now. Maybe by making this a captain skill the issue of micro-management could be alleviated by making it a 'opt-in' part of the game. Another possible mechanic would be to let the player chose between different points of aim for the secondaries, i.e. whether secondaries aim for the waterline, superstructure, bow, or stern. Similar to the suggestion above this would make secondaries more of an effort while rewarding players who manage them wisely. I thought I share these suggestions with all of you as an alternative to the usual requests for 'more damage' or 'better accuracy' or secondaries. Any thoughts on this?
  9. shinytrashcan

    Reminder: GZ Dive Bombers

    GZ dive bombers? To make it a general nerf to CVs so they could nerf Enterprise. Dive bombers in general? Enterprise and Haku AP bombers; those things shredded cruisers and the like.
  10. shinytrashcan


    Yes, he did. Suffice to say, it was pretty obvious the credit issue was not the game but something between keyboard and chair. I know stat shaming etc. is a big no no, but in this case it is pertinent to the topic and the question OP asked. honestly I have no clue how this person got to T10.
  11. shinytrashcan


    Credits is directly related to how much damage you do in games. If you don't break even, you are not doing enough damage, or you are not doing it consistently in every game. So what you have as options is: - Improve you game up to the point your damage output on average is enough to sustain you credits wise. This is easier at lower tiers, since the resupply costs are lower so maybe stick to those for now. - get premium time to get 50% more credits - Get a premium ship, as those have better credit modifiers (i.e. more credits for the same damage) - spend money to exchange doubloons for gold, which is a terrible idea. Basically: Spend money or get better at the game.Looking at your average damage numbers I would say there is room for improvement there. Look for example at the video series by iChase on Youtube, the many other excellent videos out there on YT or watch some streamers on twitch and see if you can learn something.
  12. shinytrashcan

    modern ships

    Ever played Dangerous Waters? Was the closest I got to a good sim/game on modern submarines and destroyers. The stock database of weapons, sensors etc. was kinda 'simplified' but a lot of modders took it on to make some cool packs for it. But boy, staring at sonar screens and plotting firing solutions for hours was an acquired taste. So I think for me the issue is that the thing that makes new and modern ships, subs etc. attractive is the technical nature and the simulation aspect. In an arcade style setting this would feel either to simple or just 'wrong' to me. Boats with guns, that is something else.
  13. shinytrashcan

    Remember when AP secondaries were a thing?

    Secondaries are somewhat of a conundrum to balance, not really in the damage department but from a game play point of view. WG stated somewhere that they don't want to have too much 'guaranteed damage' (correct me on the word if I am wrong) from secondaries as they are completely automatic. On the other hand, they are part of the ships and especially BBs need them as a deterrent against DD rushing in. So, what to do with them? Think about it, for example Massa basically has an Atlanta strapped to the side. Do you want to have the damage output of an Atlanta player just added to that? So, to balance this the accuracy needs to go way down and they only fire HE. What would be cool though would to make secondaries a bit more interactive, so switching Ammo types is a cool idea. coupled with an altered 'manual secondaries' skill (where you can target several ships, or specify the ammo type for a target?) this could really be interesting. just some random thoughts...
  14. WG and MM aside, stuff like this is a seriously big issue in a lot of institutions (private or public). People setting up systems that are fundamental to long-term operation and then retire/leave for greener pastures. Since nobody is interested in training successors or even appointing one to begin with, this is far more common than one would think. For example, the amount of equipment in universities that is no longer being used because "only this person knew how to use it, he is gone to industry now, and we lost the manual" is staggering.
  15. shinytrashcan

    Player's Native Language and the NA server

    Wir sprechen hier Englisch?