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  1. shinytrashcan

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    Can be boasted of any ship  doesn't make it true for any ship, though Applies to every ship Applies to some ships more than others, some are very forgiving while others punish mistakes. At only 33kts, it's hard to buy this. Mouse just did a catalog of ship acceleration; It's based on ratios. Forest Sherman even doesn't have speed boost, her smoke escape capabilities depends allot on the enemy torpedo spread and your preset angle in smokes. You missed the point: if no DD is around to torpedo you, then all of your gripes about getting torpedoed in smoke are void. So to be very clear: Dont smoke when a DD with torpedoes is ready to flood the smoke; to the very least don't sit broadside to it. If you don't know where all of the red DDs are, assume they are around and ready to torpedo you. Numbers and relative values matter: Z-52 has 6km hydro, but a detection of 6.1km. People usually don't complain about radar, but stealth radar. In Black's case, the radar is 7.5km which means you are already 1.7km into the radar range when you run into Black. At that point it pops smoke and radars once you break contact: now you get to be shot at for a while with little else to do but blind fire or dodge. Z-52 and many other hydro DDs have less hydro range than concealment, meaning when you stumble into them you can disengage much easier and faster. If you decide to push a smoke screen with a hydro DD in, that is your issue. Similar with staying in a smoke that might get pushed (similar to smoking in front of a radar cruiser). So, sorry but I would say that is a significant difference. Weird comparison. It is like saying it is a Shimakaze, with less guns but faster ROF and significantly different torpedo angles. Technically correct, but what the hell?! Daring has an HE DPM of 218.571, vs Shermans 216.000. With that they are #5 and #6 on the board, compared to Harugumo (240k), Vampire II (244.8k), Smaland (247.1k) and Marceau (253.7k). Sherman also has 360 turrets. That is fine. You don't need to get every ship or agree with everyone. I am enjoying this ship quite a bit and had good results in it so far.
  2. Had pretty good results with this setup: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASD610&modules=11111&upgrades=133221&commander=PCW001&skills=4671520&ar=100&flags=2176&consumables=1111&pos=0 Concealment seem necessary, as you otherwise get concealment trapped too easily by other DDs if you don't have someone screen for you. And the extra range allows you to occasionally open-water some secondary BBs or farm across islands. With the server tickrate issue still present I found little value in FB, more so since I was mostly doing farming from smoke (hence SI). But that might change in the future, who know. So far in 15 games I'm at 87k average damage, which is quite good for me. Usually I was over a 100k per game, but a few games with utter steam rolls or early mistakes by me meant there are a few very low numbers in there.
  3. shinytrashcan

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    My experiences totally disagree. Any DD with a hydro, a heal and six guns can give Forest Sherman a bilge full of misery; especially head on. SAP has way too many limitations to force the ship to sacrifice radar for it. I crapped all over one in my Daring tonigh. Forest Sherman has been handicapped into. Being not even a false DD. I have seen this go both ways. Deleted quite a few Darings in my shiny new Sherman, one was actually smoking up in front of me, obviously forgetting about the hydro on the Sherman. It has about the same HE DPM as Daring, and more health. The gun angles can bite you, because you have to show enough broadside that a Daring could use AP. Having said that, if the Daring decides to use all three turrets SAP will murder it. I would say that similar to Friesland, Sherman is a strong ship with a high skill-floor but also a high ceiling. If you don't know how to play around the limitations of this ship, then you will be an easy target for others. However, as a damage farmer this thing has nuts potential due to the HE and SAP spam. Experiences have always shown otherwise. The teams I've seen with the most Sherman's have been most likely to loose. Even with hydro, their huge size, and slow acceleration make them easy to torp in smokes. I see this ship not as a hybrid DD like Daring, Gearing or Halland, but more like Harugumo or Friesland: You stay in the second line of DDs to provide support fire, or you scout more conservatively for spotting. If you have someone spotting for you, you can farm from smoke very well. SAP even allows you to deal with some cruisers if they are not careful. If you get torped in your smoke in this thing, it is because you didn't do your due diligence and checked where the other DDs are or which cruisers are around. Overall I would say this DD is fun and not overpowered. Is it too strong or specialized? Maybe, but it does not have a broken or super-toxic combination of gimmicks (like smoke and radar, though smoke + HE spam can be pretty toxic) and can be dealt with. Considering you have about zero "stopping power" in this thing due to basically no torpedoes or high alpha, I would say not really. It is fun, especially if you have a high-point captain and can invest in extra range, but it needs some time to get insane numbers. It is also rather slow, so not sure how it would do in the feeding frenzy that coop is.
  4. shinytrashcan

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    Yes, one of the counter tactics for like a BB or cruiser, but not for a DD.
  5. shinytrashcan

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    Well, it always takes longer to learn how to play against something than to learn to play it, since you don't always encounter it in game, even if it is on the red team. Smolensk, if it is well played, is still a beast and quite hard to deal with. It is just balanced on average because a lot of average to below-average players picked it up as well and get deleted in it nowadays. Plus, the IFHE rework nerfed her quite a bit (less fire chance with IFHE, and no longer 30mm plating which made her tankier than a lot of T10 CA at the time). Sherman is similar to Friesland in that as a DD you cannot just push into it due to the DPM and hydro. But torping or concealment traps still works because she is clumsy, slow and even in full stealth-build easily outspotted. So a Shima or other stealthy DD with good backup can push it back. Plus her AA is attrocious, even though it has DFAA. No short-range DPS, plus about the worst medium range DPS of all DDs - only beaten by Shima and Somers which don't have any - and a bit above average long range DPS, with average flak.
  6. shinytrashcan

    Coal and Steel ship selection

    Can only talk about the ships I have so far: Marceau: Fun, but also a bit one-dimensional. Zoom around and spam HE, a lot. Don't get me wrong she is fun and strong, but I would prefer Kleber. Salem: Got her from a SC and was very pleasantly surprised. Thought it would just be a premium DM - which she still is - but her super heal means you can actually tank a bit more, while your radar from wish means you cannot don't have the utility DM has. It is sort of a sidegrade, but one I really don't mind. If you don't have DM yet, get Salem over Marceau or Sherman. Sherman: just got her and she is fun, but it takes a lot to get the most out of her. Plus, it is basically a USN T10 Friesland since the torps are almost worthless imho. Otherwise, maybe save your steel for the next ship that might come around. No need to rush.
  7. shinytrashcan

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    Played only 3 games in her so this is still really early but I think it is a strong, yet balanced DD with a high skill-curve. Initial observations: Guns are great. Rapid fire, ok arcs and SAP works well. Turret angles and 360 degree turrets make gun handling easy, though the 3 barrel broadside makes aiming a bit trickier. Guess if you are used to the likes of Smaland and Friesland this feels like home, but if you are used to more shells and slower ROF it can get confusing with a nearly constant stream of shells. Damage output really depends on what you can farm. I found that AFT (or whatever more range skill is called now) really helps, both to deal with secondary BBs but also to find something to farm because... ...it is a slow, bug ship. Yes, she can accelerate ok but 5s rudder makes her sluggish. Also, she is easily the slowest DD and cannot hunt down even most BBs. So you need to get into position and farm, best on a defensive flank where people push you or on the side of the red push. with only 2 smokes, I found that SI is necessary. I might change that later on, but misplacing a smoke really hurts if you only have 2. Just like Friesland, the 5km hydro is nice to push other DDs in smoke. However, with 6.5km max stealth it is not recommended to go after DDs if they have support. Better to farm from the sides or 2nd row behind another DD. So far, pretty fun but I have a feeling once the playerbase figures this ship out and people learn to deal with it, it will become much harder to play.
  8. shinytrashcan

    PSA: Data collection

    As always, just because they are asking for an answer it does not mean you need to provide them with one. If they are asking personal questions in the survey, just close the survey or put in random values, or decline to answer. If an answer is required to complete the survey, then don't complete it. From my limited understanding of modern day marketing and data collection it is less about actual personal data and more about meta data. They don't really need to know your name, address, spouse's name etc. They want to know whether you fit in a certain category to tailor their marketing, to feed the algorithms with data points to improve their models. In the case of WG I would believe it would help them with advertising, but also the design of events and pricing. Imagine you know your audience has a significant chunk of older players, who have limited time and value their free time. In addition, these players are also more likely to be financially well off (depending on age, education, etc.). So you design your next event to be a grind, but one where you can shave off a good chunk of the work by spending a bit of money. Chances are, a lot of that demographic with more money than time will spend that money to play more and grind less. Given how old the internet is and how long F2P games have been around, I would guess some companies have very good models for how to design and price their events to maximize profits.
  9. shinytrashcan

    Every. Freaking. Game.

    yes, but those are basically only the videos you see also on their YT channel. While those technically give you all the information, the more important things like armor thresholds or autobounce angles etc. are not mentioned there iirc. Most of that information is on the wiki or on other websites (like the ballistics calculator, shipstool or wowsft) and not apparent in the game. Even more so, it is not really apparent in the game that some of these resources even exist. And apart from all of these technical aspects there is nothing that teaches you basic tactical maneuvers or more advanced moves and strategies. the little information on how to play certain ships comes from the little description in the tech tree, and that is outdated or misleading in a lot of cases. So I still think the game does a really poor job of actually communicating any basic tactical knowledge, plus learning on the fly takes forever if you are not really dedicated to it imho.
  10. shinytrashcan

    Every. Freaking. Game.

    I'd argue it happens more at higher tiers, partly because of the larger skill disparity and in part due to the more powerful ships. Personally, from my observations it is not so much an issue of MM (ships, radars, captain points) but more that players and teams don't work together. You see people abandon flanks at the start of the match for absolutely no reason, DDs yoloing or going on adventures on the 1/10 line, or BBs basically reversing in spawn and setting up the tents and BBQ. It just seems to me that the proportion of players who understands the tactical basics of the game is growing smaller slowly but steadily. This makes sense when you think about it, as newer players get into the game and the in-game economy and progression getting more and more towards faster progress. This is somewhat necessary though, otherwise new players could never hope to catch up to players who joined earlier and would be gated out of a lot of game content etc. simply because they joined later. At the same time, the game is not doing much, if anything, to teach new players beyond the basics of the gameplay. In addition to the lack of explicit tutorials and guides in game, for new people who are 'casual' players (with this I mean players who just play the game, don't engage with any other media etc. about the game, like forums, reddit, YT, twitch) a lot of things are hard to learn. A lot of mechanics are not explained in the game client, only on YT videos by WG, a lot of things like AP performance are only available through data on external websites, and the amounts of RNG in game with its unpredictable nature of things make it hard for players to learn by trial and error. An official external wiki helps, but why is the in-game browser only used for the armory and premium shop and not for the wiki and other external WG resources that might provide players with valuable information? At least the YT videos are now in the menu, hidden in plain sight. So many little things could be done to improve the average and new player experience for the ones willing to learn, but very little has been done so far imho.
  11. shinytrashcan

    Strange win rate today

    Question: Do you have no camo on your Tashkent? Signals etc.?
  12. shinytrashcan

    Which T10 Ship Works Best in Dirigible Derby?

    First, understand what needs to be done in the game mode and how you can achieve it. Then, take the ship in which you think you can do that the best. Personally, I'd go with Ohio, Des Moines, Napoli, Montana. I have seen too many Yoshinos still camping in the back and trying to HE spam while contributing zero to pushing or blocking the blimps, or Vermonts deciding early on to go opposite way to the Blimp path to recommend either of those. But really, it comes down to which ships you think you can fight in at medium to brawl distance the best.
  13. shinytrashcan

    Strange win rate today

    well, considering randoms is 12v12 - usually at least - and ranked is between 7v7 to 5v5, then it should be quite obvious that everyone's contribution is larger than in randoms. Yet, it still counts in randoms, just not as much as in a smaller setting. Keep in mind OP, even though a ship you click with is always better in your hands than a "meta ship" you dislike, some ships are just more suited to the situations often encountered in ranked. Example Tashkent: Not really a cap contesting or sneaky torpedo DD, it is good at farming BBs and roasting them slowly while drawing fire away from teammates. This works well in randoms, but in ranked you are maybe the only DD and thus need to spot and counter the red DD. Imho, Tashkent is not really good in that role, unlike e.g. Black, Jutland etc. Mogador, even though it has similar characteristics to Tashkent, has the burst DPM to deal with other DDs and even cruisers if it can ambush them. Lion I have no first-hand experience with, but usually I see them more in the back farming with HE instead of pushing or anchoring a flank. Compare that with FDG, Sov. Soyuz or P. Rupprecht; they can push a flank or anchor a position much better. Yes, in randoms they usually get farmed easily, but here there is only half the ships and thus only half the DPM they have to contend with. And the difference between Monarch and Lion is, that your opponents now bring an extra T9 BB instead of a T8 one. So your ship gets more powerful, but so does your opponents; all the while your team support stays the same. You can do statistical analyses on these numbers, but the matter of fact is that as stated above, your WR in ranked is probably not the same compared to randoms. Another thing to remember is: Ranked queues are smaller, and the player pool might change over time (people ranking out, weekend vs weekdays, timezones etc.). And then there is a very uncomfortable question everyone has to ask themselves once in a while, even though we often don't like the answer: Could it be me? Maybe you had a bad day, you were tired or frustrated and pushing for a win instead of playing with a clear mind. Take a break, do something else and come back when you are in a different state of mind.
  14. shinytrashcan

    Question ranked gold: just...how?

    I was curious how 5v5 would be with T10 ships. So far the three or so games I have played were horrible: You still have yoloing BBs, Yoshinos trying to farm from the back or Shimas rushing in. It is over very quickly though, but then you sit forever in queue and have to be vigilant to dodge the CVs. With CVs it is a 4v4, which means free farming for the CV.
  15. shinytrashcan

    Question ranked gold: just...how?

    Honestly, what would you expect? You have four other ships for two caps. I don't need to be a unicum to tell you how that goes. It is either a 3/1 or 2/2 split for the caps, unless of course you all go one cap and give up on the idea of crossfires and map control. Then, as soon as one side pressures the other, the CV comes in and can do what they want. Little resistance as there is no real AA among 4 ships. Plus, in a 3/1 split you can guess what happens to the single ship very quickly if it is not a very stealthy DD. Not sure if there will be a next time, but I'll try to remember to keep the replay.