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  1. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    You mean the Swedish Tree Event right? Because it's a Swedish line, not a European line.
  2. Given what happened with Puerto Rico, Subs, Soviet Cruisers and the fact we had to beat Wargaming over the head and drag them kicking and screaming to get them to even look at the Operations that are left this is my only response.
  3. Again it was personal opinion, those ships don't really work with how I like to play so they were bad to me.
  4. I will freely admit that is likely the case, like I said, they were personal opinions.
  5. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Keep dreaming, it's never going to happen. They won't even give back the original ops they took. They are only giving back Narai and Raptor Rescue because they had bugs.
  6. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    PSA: 3 Scenarios have been brought back / another removed

    While I'm glad the other ops are coming back. This just disappoints me so much it really doesn't matter.
  7. Every full line has it's Free XP sink. These are my personal thoughts. IJN Cruisers: Ibuki IJN BBs: Myogi and Izumo IJN Torp DDs: Hatsuharu US CAs: Baltimore US CLs: Helena US DDs: Mahan US BBs: Colorado KM BBs: Fredrick de Grobe KM DDs: Teir 5 (forgot the name) KM Cruisers: Nuremburg USSR Cruisers: Shors USSR BBs: Teir 4 (Forgot name) USSR DDs: Minsk Pan-Asia DDs: Teir 5 (forgot name) The thing with the XP sinks is they are often worth going through to get the better ships on the line and often serve as good ways to learn how to play the line in the future, the only real exception to this rule is the Colorado.
  8. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Dynamo and Cherry Blossom are the ops, but don't hold your breath. Wargaming doesn't care about scenarios, we had to drag them kicking and screaming just to fix one of the few they kept.
  9. It's kind of a double whammy issue; 1. No new lines, Wargaming tends to give special commanders for new lines these days, and sadly the IJN really doesn't have much more to give. 2. Historical Controversy, sadly many of the most famous IJN commanders also have bad reputations, both deserved and undeserved. When Yamamoto was announced a fair amount of people were upset because he planned Pearl Harbor. Would it be easy? Yes. Would it be worth it? That's up to Wargaming.
  10. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    It's more a culmination thing at this point. Between the removal of various ops last year with no return in sight, Wargaming outright saying they don't care about Ops, Narai, the last really fun op being removed and now this, people like myself are kind of getting sick of it. Add that Wargaming's track record as of late people have every right to assume the worst.
  11. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    I never said they were the same, you are assuming things. I just said that Wargaming has a horrible track record of returning non-holiday Ops to us, i.e only 1 temporarily.
  12. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    I'm talking about all the other ops they promised to return. Or did I imagine Cherry Blossom and Hermes?
  13. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Wow, for the first time in over a year Wargaming hasn't had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do something with ops (again not aimed at you Fem, just Wargaming in general).
  14. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    We have over a year of precedence.
  15. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    [UPD] PSA: Three Operations Were Re-enabled

    Given Wargaming's history with returning ops, I think we are all justified here.