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  1. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    team damage penalty needs rework

    Yeah no. They are your responsibility, regardless of range.
  2. I'm curious if the original VA's will be participating. I am a bit sad that Starscream and Soundwave weren't included, I loved those two.
  3. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    I'm referring to the dockyard part. The premium ships I'm fine with it's Wargaming repeating this dockyard bull that I hate.
  4. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    Great more money scrubbing from Wargaming.
  5. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Secondary Bug?

    Uh no. Manuel secondaries removes the auto-fire capabilities of your secondary guns in favor of improved accuracy.
  6. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    I know I died, but

    Did you log out then log in again after you died?
  7. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Secondary Bug?

    Do you have the Manual Secondary skill?
  8. Neko_Ship_Akashi


    The Armored Carrier hack is a true modern classic. to you good sir, may your hacks carry you to glory.
  9. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Why couldn't you be bothered WG with AL Littorio

    It's about more then the ship man, it's the sheer gal, audacity and laziness of Wargaming. Not to mention the dirty crap they pulled
  10. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    Really wish he was here, having an extra voice would really be helpful, even if Wargaming would just ignore it like they ignore anything else that dosen't make them money or help their unending laziness.
  11. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    World of Warships Discord – Come have a Chat!

    Here's something to discuss, why did Wargaming f**k the community over on Littorio/Imperio?
  12. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Maybe you can apologize to the Community and actually mean it this time.
  13. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Why couldn't you be bothered WG with AL Littorio

    Why is anybody surprised though? They got away with it when they did Duke of Puke, of course they are going to do it again, because that's what Wargaming does, screw everyone over for extra cash whenever they can. As I said in your Littorio review LWM I salute you for persevering with Wargaming and it's b******t for this long.
  14. Neko_Ship_Akashi

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    Wow, just wow. Wargaming really [edited] you over didn't they? Stuff like that is why I've taken a severe break from playing. The bull is getting absolutely ridiculous, Littorio is such a glorious missed opportunity and prime example of Wargaming's latest attitude of 'we do what we want and don't give a rat's a$$ about anyone, especially our testers, we will let them take the anger instead of us'. Honestly Mouse I'm amazed you can still bring yourself to do these things, because after all the b******t and run around of Wargaming not listening, not learning and not talking ever I would have stopped a long time ago. I salute you LittleWhiteMouse for the patience and great reviews you do. I hope Wargaming (even though they won't) will really read this review, especially the beginning because Mouse you really hit the nail 100% on the head about many of the frustrations people have with Wargaming as of late.