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  1. I'm not particularly interested in the Jean Bart, however. I'm grinding for the Thunderer. Unless the Jean Bart is also leaving the premium shop.
  2. Lordnaarghul

    British Tier V Cruiser Hawkins

    It was in early access before. Now it's released, and is a tech tree ship.
  3. What the heck is going on here? I am really confused.
  4. Don't sail broadside on to a battleship and you won't receive a paddling. The other problem in this equation is the supercruisers. At tiers 9 and 10, they would dominate the offensive line. And cruisers would still get deleted in one salvo. The Alaska's guns are to be respected, even among battleships.
  5. Lordnaarghul

    ARP Takao or Royal Navy Vanguard?

    I bought Takao, and straight away had a good game in her. I do not regret my decision.
  6. I had started the day coming in entirely with the idea of buying ARP Takao just for collections sake, but here I see that a particularly cool looking HMS Vanguard is available for purpose, with a special camouflage and some other goodies. Now I very much am a Battleship main but I've heard that the Atago is a rare ship to find, so i'm kind of torn between the two.
  7. Lordnaarghul

    How are your ARP missions going?

    The Torpedo hits mission can burn in a fire.
  8. I'm a battleship main. I really hate destroyers. I have only one cruiser with torpedoes (the Graf Spee) and while the German battleships that have torpedos are nice, it's a real crapshoot whether or not you can even set them off. Not to mention the Tirpitz' torpedo tubes tend to go pop really easily. I'm not objecting to a torpedo hits objective, but 30? this is torture.
  9. Lordnaarghul

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    Historically, wasn't the Yamato extremely agile for a ship it's size? I suspect one way Wargaming could get away with not representing some ships with historical agility is because, on particularly large ships, violent maneuvering caused enormous stress on the ship itself and would lead to damage.
  10. Lordnaarghul


    This needs to change. This is not fun. The only one really doing any damage and having fun is a destroyer. The Mercy Rule needs to end.
  11. Lordnaarghul

    Mercy rule has GOT TO GO

    I've said this several times: You learn nothing when a game ends in four minutes. If you want it to be a proper trainer, you'd be advocating for this to change.
  12. Lordnaarghul

    Away from game 1 year, lost with cv rework.

    Games don't last long enough in Co-op, because anymore a huge chunk of the games played end in about four minutes with a couple of enemies still left alive.
  13. That's true but it's also true that Co-op really doesn't teach much as a result; people end up zerg rushing, particularly if a team contains an abundance of destroyers. That's suicidal in Randoms.
  14. Co-op doesn't teach anything when the matches end in 3:40 with two or three enemies still alive.
  15. I've unlocked the Montana, the Yamato, and now Großer Kurfürst. At the moment, I'm concentrating on getting the credits to fully kit the GK out. What I've seen of the ship so far is.....ooooohhhh yes. I really like the GK, and I'm curious if I can carry over the build I tried with the Frederick the Great (Firepower, accuracy, and reload speed) and see if that works on the GK. But I'm also thinking about what comes next. Should I take a break from grinding battleships, and focus on heavy cruisers next? Or if I go to grind out a new battleship line, should I go for the British next, or the Russians? During the Christmas event, a mission gave me the Izmail. But I have no other ships in the line, and I'd prefer to start from scratch. I'm leaving the French line for last. I'm not interested in playing destroyers or carriers. My eventual goal is to have every battleship in the game in my port. I'm leaning towards doing British battleships. But I do want to start branching out eventually.