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  1. Hello, My game got really sluggish after 10.7. I always played with max quality, but now, even if I bring it to very low, it still slow, even to type messages in the port... Somebody had the same problem? Some idea on how to fix? SOLVED: Video driver updated. Guys from support helped.
  2. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Torpedos não seguem na direção da mira !!!!

    O pior é que até agora não arrumaram, já está quase acabando agosto.
  3. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Versão 0.10.7 - Será que foi só eu que ficou INDIGNADO?

    Pera ai, você gastou um ano pra obter 7M de créditos? Que isso heim fera, tá fazendo alguma coisa errada... Qualquer partidinha boa é pra fazer 150, 200k... Em um dia bom, 2M é rapidão.
  4. Aquele bug que faz os torpedos irem na direção que o destroyer estava virando foi resolvido?
  5. Arrebentaram com meu Z-23 heim. Vê lá se o Gaede e o Z-39 vão perder os 150 também por favor. Principalmente o Z-39, porque eu estou considerando comprar ele, mas com 128 eu não quero não.
  6. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Batalhas Classificatórias: A Segunda Temporada

    Quantas vezes eu posso disputar repetidamente cada uma das ligas?
  7. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Champion system, what do you think?

    The idea is the champion to point the objectives and change them at his tactical map, without having to type in chat. It would show up to players as tasks (like those on operations maybe?). The champion itself could be annonymous as well.
  8. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Champion system, what do you think?

    It's not a 1x1 game. It's a team game. Captains of ships always follow orders from admiralty. Fleets have general commanders. It's not a game about pirate ships.
  9. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Champion system, what do you think?

    Well, it's a good point. Maybe if champion was not marked, just get the control to issue the team objectives? Those cenarios would happen, but they already happen. I just believe that a decent player have a resonable good tactical view. 80% or more of the playerbase dont have, so if just one guy have this, and get tools to put it to the others, and they just join, it would solve the lack of tactical coordination. It still a game where one team will lose for the other to win. The idea is not avoiding defeat. It's to avoid completely nonsense moves.
  10. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Please Help with Riga

    I've strugled with riga. Got all XP without being able to play it well. The matches I played it better happened when I somehow managed to park besides a island that cutted most of enemy, letting me fight 1 or 2 at a time. Than I was just going arround this island and controlling the engagement. Usually, in the flank caps. Put just a exemple. This way you can use your radar, and cut the line of the sight of most of the enemies. You can also reverse into cover if the things dont work as expected. Only load HE to burn BBs or wreck DDs, otherwise, stick with AP. Before putting your radar up, load the HE and point your guns to the general direction of your expected target (yes, only put your radar up if you have a intended target).
  11. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Champion system, what do you think?

    They would not tell you directly by chat. His assigned objectives would show up at your UI as tasks to be acumplished by your sector, division, of even by yourself alone. You may ignore. If you're a good player, sometimes you would get this charge too. To put objectives for the team.
  12. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Champion system, what do you think?

    If this guy will "boss" you, that's probably because, most likely, he's a better player than you, or you would have a better performance than him on the last battle...
  13. As I see, that the bigger problem in random battle is the lack of knowledge of the players in what they should do (hold the flanks, push where enemy is weaker, retreat to reinforce falling flanks, etc). I think this could be solved with a system where one player of each team, that played best in the last match, was given the champion(admiral, maybe?) badge, a diferent collor on minimap, a way to put orders clear in player's UI and some sort of reward power to those who distinguished in battle. This way, the general direction of the team could be better, maybe we would see less steamrolls. What do you think?
  14. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Replay Controls

    This is not there.
  15. KptzS_Otto_Kahler

    Replay Controls

    Found the awnser: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/138161-replay-controls-and-features/?do=findComment&comment=3679794