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  1. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    The short answer is yes. This site directly accesses the WG server databases: https://na.wows-numbers.com/ Every player stat, every ship stat.
  2. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    Yes, and to be clear, I'm commenting about PR, which is not a WG product. However, people do refer to it, and with good reason, with caveats to be sure.
  3. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    This specific site is run by Wiochi who is a WOT clan commander with 30,000 battles under his belt and a 56%+ win/loss ratio. I have no idea if he's a scientist, but my guess is he cares about the validity of the numbers on his site. They come from WG after all. The rating system is a metric and he's made the formula public for all to see as I referenced. This is an important point that I mostly agree with. It's one of the main arguments against WR as a significant measure of skill (certainly in Random games) as you've noted above in your next paragraph. However, WR is not heavily weighted in the overall PR rating. It's a minor factor (as it should be, IMHO). Your next point about player's luck and being "carried" is a factor in WR and overall stats for some players. But it isn't a factor (if we are to believe the MM Gods) in truly Random games given enough gameplay attempts to be statistically valid. Truly "Random" matchmaking, given enough games played would tend to even out for all but the worst and the very best players - at around 50%, like flipping a coin. Yet, that doesn't seem to be happening. I'm not the best player in T3, but I'm very, very far from the worst and I'm still rated just plain old BAD. Hmm. Food for thought. 100% correct! But maybe not entirely for the reasons you were thinking. As players progress up through the tiers, their XP earned p/g increases significantly. Players with 100s or 1000s of games in higher tiers tend to be significantly better than those who mill around in T3 and T4, I'm willing to bet, and a "tell" is that their XP rating is considerably higher. As for individual progress in the game, this is likely to be the one thing that can be relied upon as a comparator. If you're doing better over time in most statistical areas, it indicates that you are getting better vis a vis the player base you face. It doesn't mean you're actually getting better - it means you are more competitive in the existing environment. It may be the environment itself that has changed.
  4. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    The underlying numbers come from wargamming.net . The "rating system" is a 3rd party system shown here. https://na.wows-numbers.com/personal/rating I've heard players argue that "stats don't exist" or "stats don't matter" but I think they have real value.
  5. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    I see some value in having a player on my team capable of averaging huge amounts of damage and sinking ships. Call me crazy!!! LoL
  6. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    I think PR is actually (when looking at an extensive/long term player history) a pretty accurate metric of player skill. Being a successful player means causing damage to the other team, sinking their ships, and helping your team win. In the same way that hitting winners and aces and winning % effects the ranking of tennis players in a tournament or on a particular circuit.
  7. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    Technically it's described as a blend of: dmg rate frag rate WR from highest importance to lowest - and not in the same proportions...
  8. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    I posted a sanitized version. Thanks for helping to keep this conversation going and not being locked.
  9. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    I guess you agree with my point. I play dozens of games every week, and the majority of players on both sides aren't even "average" players under the current rating system. That doesn't make any sense at all. If everyone is below average or worse, what does "average" even mean? That a Tier Level 7 player is great playing Tier III? Duh, we all know that's true already! I see you know MM. It doesn't sap the fun out of the game for me. It goes a long way toward explaining why I lose in many cases (including the one in my example).
  10. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    I think this applies to all lower to middle tiers. My Dad plays high tiers all the time and that's different, although he says it has changed lately. I have played a few games in mid tiers with his account and I can see the same sort of thing.
  11. unseaworthy

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    Does anyone else ever wonder why the majority of players are rated as "bad"? Seems to me that the rating need tweaking. Somewhere in that pool of "badness" between a PR of 0 to 750 is the truly average player. And by average I mean that the vast majority of players in Random games are not even rated "average". I think that raises a credibility problem for the ratings system, IMHO. Typically, matches look like this ss. The actual avg PR in this match (drastically influenced by one stratospheric player PR) is only 873. I appreciate the views of the community in this regard. And yes, I know that there is historical data on the server to "justify" the ratings system. On the ground, it doesn't seem to bear out the reality I see playing T3 every day.
  12. unseaworthy

    Seldom seen premium ships?

    I guess you're a sign that random really is random. I have seen Hood quite frequently... sank one just the other day in a brawl
  13. unseaworthy

    Seldom seen premium ships?

    You must not play much TII or III then... I see a Mikasa just about every time I play more than 6 games in those tiers... Not usually much of a factor, but when played well, they can have a real impact even in mixed tier battles.
  14. unseaworthy

    Battleship Game Mode

    The "Ocean" map is 36 x 36 km. Big enough to have battle lines in the classical sense. It would be better aesthetically if there were one or two land masses around the edges.
  15. unseaworthy

    Scrimmage Channel

    Have searched and no such channel exists on the NA server when doing a channel search!???