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  1. ArmoredFrost

    What single game mechanic would you change in Co-op

    That useless Mercy Rule must be scrapped immediately. I don't think it will use up valuable developer/programmer time and effort to scrap that stupid rule. And to those who say Wargaming is prioritizing PvP because that's were most players are, we players in Co-op are also players, and many have even purchased Premium Accounts.
  2. My new personal high score on Aegis: 264,325 damage with 17 citadel hits. RNGesus must have liked the thousand virgins I sacrificed for him.
  3. ArmoredFrost

    Pensacola on Aegis, and a new personal high score

    Make that LOTS of fire starters.
  4. My new personal high score on Aegis: 249,122 damage with 35 citadel hits. Or maybe Lord RNG looked favorably on my squishy ship today.
  5. ArmoredFrost

    The narrowest of margins.

    Yes. And with a Smolensk around, 21 seconds was like an eternity.
  6. ArmoredFrost

    The narrowest of margins.

    I took the Edinburgh out again, just for once, expecting a slow, casual battle. Little did I know this would be a tense one, and ultimately, a very pleasant experience. My HP went literally down to 1 after being focused on by a Hipper and an Edinburgh. And with an enemy Smolensk around, I did not think I would survive this battle. However, when the Team Score was displayed, got the pleasant surprise of making it to the top. The only thing missing was sinking an enemy ship. That was really close.
  7. ArmoredFrost

    Izmail on Raptor Rescue

    Hello. I had fun with the Izmail just a few minutes ago on Raptor Rescue. Dodging torpedoes. Putting out fires. Sinking ships. And hoping that Raptor captain won't decide to ruin the mission by ramming islands. Hope you had a great game too.