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  1. Imagine a player that has just learnt the current system being told to read this
  2. FlaminGunz

    Behind the Ships: Devs at the Helm

    Look forward to watching. Will be good to see some brand new accounts in the game too
  3. I tried disabling Autospy and kept crashing immediately... Looking at Aslain's posts, seems confident it isn't the modpack
  4. FlaminGunz

    Another Update, Another Annoying Bug

    Yeah responded in the other topic Happening the same way here, every 2-3 games can't get into the map without task manager killing the process
  5. Yep same for me. Happening about every 3 games. Have to task manager kill the process. When I rejoin, the HUD is frozen - HP, minimap etc all frozen. Have to kill and rejoin again. Just alpha testing things
  6. Appreciate the acknowledgement It's frustrating that this is the first acknowledgment in 3 weeks, the others brushed it off. Also disappointing to hear that we need to wait a full patch cycle to (hopefully) get a fix, when other botes are 'fixed' within days with seemingly much more care and attention. Still, it's always nice to get an update! Thanks
  7. So I guess we just take the tickets at face-value that 'Devs' are working on it. Since we've had so much reassurance...
  8. I've put together this short replay: Not sure if link works - https://replayswows.com/replay/112680#stats Action starts about 40secs in, once tubes are loaded. Then again upon getting close to the enemy ship. Or downloaded and attached. - Guns locked outside of torp angles, torps are unable to fire - Guns locked inside torp angles, torps launched on same side guns are locked, torps don't follow the aiming cone, they launch towards the gun locked position - Guns locked inside torp angles, aim torps on other side of bote, torps fire on the opposite side and go towards where the guns are locked to The torps are following the gun lock, which wasn't the case prior to update. 974_1604382976_20201103_164941_PJSD017-Kamikaze-1930_00_CO_ocean.wowsreplay
  9. Having the ticket reply is nice, but no public ETA from WG is frustrating...People are still creating new reddit threads reporting it. Hopefully soon, missing my torp botes!
  10. WG replied to my ticket - They're aware of an issue and Devs are working on a fix. No ETA given. Seems to be a WG issue as we suspected, not local.
  11. Checked/repaired via WGC, still getting the issue. Tried on Le Fant and Fujin, Guns locked in one direction, torps facing opposite side didn't fire at all. Ones on the same side fired at wrong trajectory Torp botes completely unplayable.
  12. FlaminGunz

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Issue: Torps/aiming cone not aligned, or disabled from launching Expected Result: Torps should go where aimed How to Replicate: Lock guns to one side, launch torps. Sometimes they aren't able to launch from the opposite side, sometimes they launch from forward or behind the green aiming cone Reported here - https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/228729-torpedo-bug-with-bearing-locked-armament-is-back/
  13. Nice, thanks for this post! I noticed it yesterday in my French and IJN dd's, same as you have. Torps were launching in front and behind the aiming cone. With the french dd with a middle launcher, it refused to fire out of the side opposite to the licked guns. Have played for a year and never heard of this bug before. People reporting it on Reddit, without some dropkick in the comments section too.. - https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/jkdte1/torpedo_controls_broken_after_update/