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    Gee I can't wait not to buy this thing.
  2. RenamedUser_1036179768

    "Backline Useless"

    Here are 2 cents from a very salty player so take it with a grain of, you guessed it, salt. First thing I wouldn't call you useless and I think you did a good job preserving your ship. In fact I would love to see more people like you in my coop teams. Any CL players who don't use their 4 racks of torpedoes and only do their own HP's worth of damage are welcome in my book for the sheer generosity alone. I don't need you in New Port Defense mode though. There's nothing wrong for the Z-31 to charge the Colorado IMO. Colorado was the only ship left in his flank and Colorado was in his vicinity. There's no need for him to save his ship either since you guys were in a 9 human game so winning is a given. He probably got frustrated with you when you ignored a perfectly broadsided Vaqulien sailing right past you and left him to fight it alone. Again it's not nice for him to PM you those words. If I were you I would firstly try to shoot the enemy DD because damage into DD yields more exp. And then I would charge battleships once the enemy cruiser is dead and bots have set aggression on my other teammates. Emerald might seem squishy to do that but that's how you get 100k+ damage in her. She might not pull it off in every game but in most games I'd say so it's still worth going for it. Plus Emerald's got smoke to let her ambush bots so it's actually easier than other T5 cruisers.
  3. RenamedUser_1036179768

    WG Bot detection is horrible

    Way back when I played World of Tanks I saw these type of players often. Basically the easiest way to progress through a tech line is to "die fast and die often". These losers would join a game in a premium/fast tank and would move some distance, fire some random shots and then just jump off a cliff or charge the enemy base and die. Since he's not technically botting/AFK he can avoid account suspension and is entitled to a minimum exp from that game. He might earn only 10% of exp from a legit player but he only needs to spend 30s per game, so very fast turn around time for losers. It was crazy how many people were doing that in WoT sometimes 1/3 of your team just vanished right at the start of a battle. Since the player in question is driving an Akatsuki with zero damage in 67 games I suspect he's either brain-dead stupid or doing the "die fast and die often" thing.
  4. RenamedUser_1036179768

    Ship picks for operations

    My go to ships for T6 operations are Leander/Pensacola. Those are the best small cruisers killing specialists in game IMO making them ideal for operations. Those are the ships I can count on in Defense of Davenport too. I love Leander because She's a complete package. She's got British AP/smoke/torp/hydro/heal so you can manipulate bots in a number of ways. She is the least team reliant and she can solo a flank with ease in Raptor Rescue and Killer Whale. Pensacola is my favorite too. Her ten 8" guns are almost as scary as a battleship's main battery to small cruisers but she fires with much more regularity and accuracy. Pepsi is surprisingly tough in operations. Her bow is 25mm which is the thickest among T6 cruisers so you can bow tank all day against low tier BBs. I don't enjoy bringing any BBs in T6 scenarios because I find their guns a bit too RING-dependent for my taste, even for a Warspite. For Narai my favorites are Scharnhorst and Nelson, I may have a new found love in Strassbourg too. Everybody knows about Scharhorst LOL. If you put Gunther Lutjens in her and charge ahead of everyone you can get constant healing procs from the captain's talents, allowing you to do a ton of spawn-killing. I pick Nelson simply for her amazing guns. Once I detonated Lexington AND Phoenix the moment they were spotted and I giggled so much reading comments from the two cruiser captains who volunteered the CV route. I would personally avoid any cruisers for Narai these days. Cruisers are doing fine but the drama that comes with them..... If I announce my intention to go for either CV/trans usually 1 or 2 sometimes 3 other boats will stalk me and abandon the main objective. If I tell my team I'm staying with the group then no one else would take out either CV/transports and I got the blame later. It's just not worth the pain.
  5. RenamedUser_1036179768

    Need advice about Credits please

    You don't have to get a t6 coal ship to grind operations. Now the only 2 coal ships at tier 6 are Aigle and Anshan, but IMO you will be better served if you bring a cruiser like your Leander. As a matter of fact Leander is the best ship for most of the Tier 6 operation. Also since you've reached Edinburgh I assume you still have your Fiji? Take Fiji to Narai and profit! Just remember to use lots of flags and a good camo. Remember it's not race to the top tier. I like my Leander/Fiji way way way more than my Edinburgh/Neptune. Hell I even think most of the tier 9 tech tree ships are horrible. One easy way for starting players to get over the initial credits hurdle is to finish campaigns. For example "Science of victory" has lots of easy missions you can turn in super fast in Co-op games. Another point, pay close attention to big events like dockyard, anniverary .etc as these events usually come with some kind of Freemium ships. I barely spend money in this game but when I finished all the missions from Christmas I got: Tachibana & Yahagi from the dockyard and Makarov & Anshan from Santa boxes. That's 4 premiums ships without a spending a dime. So things are not looking that grim for FTP players once you have get over the initial credit crunch and set yourself up for operations & mid tier game play. Good luck!
  6. RenamedUser_1036179768

    Coal ships are mostly meh for PVE except few like Smolensk, Georgia & Thunderer

    Thanks for the reply. I see you are just starting and sorry you have to miss the reward. But the that 18 mil credits mission is brutal for me, so at least you didn't have to deal with that. I have many US cruisers: Pensacola (probably my favorite ship in the game), Baltimore, Cleveland, Anchorage, Alaska. I did at some point thinking about going up to Des Moines but got carried away by so many recent missions n events. Getting Salem might allow me to take a short cut so I'm considering that.
  7. RenamedUser_1036179768

    Coal ships are mostly meh for PVE except few like Smolensk, Georgia & Thunderer

    Wait a moment, Anshan is free with lunar new year mission so no one's going to spend coal on her. I had the worst luck of getting Anshan in a super container 1 day before I finished Lunar years missions, so I only got 7mil credits instead.
  8. RenamedUser_1036179768

    Coal ships are mostly meh for PVE except few like Smolensk, Georgia & Thunderer

    Thanks for so many replies. Wish I could reply earlier if the dam power didn't go out. You have given me much to read but I might dig in a bit deeper on what's the upcoming coal ship. Otherwise it won't hurt to get Salem, as many of you have pointed out her economic perk. Thanks all!!
  9. I remember the excitement when I got my first coal ship, Smolensk. It was a blast to melt ships and it truly felt like a justified reward for saving coal. Even after several nerfs Smolly is still great for doing the "main battery hits" missions. Same thing for Georgia and Thunderer. But I find there's a massive drop of appetite for coal ships for me after owning the said 3 ones. Instead of asking myself "what's the next awesome ship I'm going to sink bots with" I'm asking "what's the least bad choice to spend my coal so it doesn't sit idle in my armory". If I just go over the list: Neustrashimy? Meh. Her gimmick is not relevant in coop; Yoshino? Something tells me cruisers without means to disengage nor ability to tank just get murdered by focus fire in coop; Moskva? Not sure what her strength really is; Salem? This one is actually not bad but I can't stop feeling it's a ripoff for my coal since I can just get DM instead; Marceau/Z-44? Not a DD main myself and I've lost respect for all other DDs after getting my Akizuki/Kitakazi; Pommern is probably a great ship but there are just too many German secondaries BBs out there and it gets boring for me; Flint is what I would buy if not for the skill rework. Loss of AFT is not a deal breaker for me but I think it's just way overpriced for now. Duke of York, Meh; Blyskawica, Meh; Do you feel like the same? I've been putting off buying any coal ships since mid 2020 and spent coal on captains instead. What coal ship would you add to your fleet if you already have Smolly/GA/Thunderer?
  10. RenamedUser_1036179768

    why did they wanna do commander rework?

    So people can finally stop whining about rigged Santa boxes?
  11. RenamedUser_1036179768

    So German secondary gun range did get nerfed - shame on you

    So let's just do a sanity check on that. If Tirpitz can reach 11.4km secondary range without slotting secondary battery mod 1 before the 0.10.0 patch, as you claimed, she could have reached about 12.5km secondary range with that mod which puts Tirpitz on the same level as GK and beyond Pommern/FDG. Wouldn't that be absurd?
  12. RenamedUser_1036179768

    So German secondary gun range did get nerfed - shame on you

    There's no way you could get 11km+ range on Tirpitz/Bismarck without using secondary mod on slot 3 (before or after 0.10.0 patch). Either your memory is faulty or you're just spreading fake news.
  13. RenamedUser_1036179768

    New Coal Ships

    I have owned Lazo for quite a while and here is my brief impression of her: Guns are very pleasant to shoot thanks to her great ballistics. She's got very flat trajectory so you don't have to lead so much. Gun archs are excellent too. It's something I'd call a "comfort ship" which allows me to relax and play the game using minimal brain cells. Lazo's spotter planes consumable has very short cool down as well, making her a good trainer for that purpose. But in-game performance wise I really don't have many nice things to say about Lazo. COOP games are all about who can throw the knock-out punch at the right place and the right time. Lazo, being a one-dimensional HE spammer, can't kill anything fast enough other than ships with paper armor. You'll have to hope that your teammates suck so that bots can survive long enough for you to farm. The IFHE change also limits the HE pen at 31mm so she's even a bit handicapped at farming T8+ BBs. Do I recommend buying Lazo with coal? Honestly no but that's just me. I think most HE spammers at tier 7 are meh after the IFHE rework. Even if I really want a Russian CL experience at T7 I'll just grab Schors. That being said, Lazo is a good earner/trainer in Narai if that's your thing.
  14. RenamedUser_1036179768

    My new port queen

    I hate mine too at first when I played as if she's an HE spammer. But then I realized she has so much YOLO potential since she can smoke up to avoid getting focused early in the game (other USN CAs get focused a lot). Once bots have fixed their attention on your teammates she has enough barrels to decimate enemy cruisers/DD and amazing torps to rush the remaining BBs. I kinda prefer Anchorage to Hipper/Tallin as my go-to YOLO ship now.
  15. RenamedUser_1036179768

    Fun/Effective Tech Tree ships for Operations

    My quintessential setup for running operations is Leander + Nelson. It's fun, effective and utilitarian. The reasons for that are: firstly Leander can cover any tier 6 ops and Nelson Narai so you can farm operations non-stop regardless of the rotation schedule; secondly many captain skills are suitable for both British CL and BB (PT/AR/SI/CE/EM) so you only need one captain build to run both ships. This is the fastest way to get a 19-point captain and you can continue farming using the same captain to earn elite exp to get yourself a second 19-pointer and a third... And these 2 ships are actually super fun to play. Leander is a pure bully against low tier ships which you will meet plenty in operations. It's a swiss knife that has all kinds of tools to deal with anything. I call Leander the all weather carry ship for all tier 6 ops. Nelson is beast in Narai because her 9 front facing 16" guns can over-match anything except that Missouri (do use AP mostly). Nelson is also very survivable due to her super heal. If you need to take a break from Leander you can swap her for Warspite, using the same captain of course. IMO warspite is decent but RNG may disappoint you from time to time. You will also unlock Fiji pretty fast which is another beast in Narai (probably the best Narai ship) then you can alternate between Fiji and Nelson. Fiji will need a newly trained captain but as I said captain exp is a non-issue. Thing are even better if you put Andrew Cunningham in Leander. His talent "consumables expert" allows you to drop superintendent and get SE instead. I find SE especially useful when there's a competing Leander in the team as the bots would prioritize him allowing you to play more aggressively. Other ships I find fun & effective: Pensacola, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau