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  1. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Just Got Paolo Emilio - How to build?

    *to add to my above post* Sansonetti is not necessary for Paolo, any Italian commander will do. I have him spec'd for Paolo Emilio because he was the only commander I had at 21 points early on. Paolo has a unique Italian destroyer build unlike any other ship & it's preferable to have a dedicated Italian commander specifically built for Paolo Emilio. - Fair winds and following seas!
  2. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Just Got Paolo Emilio - How to build?

    I run two different builds with Paolo, a "generalist" build & a pure Yolo Emilio meme build. Equipment: Main Armaments, Engine Boost mod, Aiming Systems, Propulsion mod, Concealment, and Main Battery Reload You don't *really* need to build into torp reload/speed because you are essentially torpedoing at point-blank ranges with Paolo; also your yolo strikes revolve around your consumables (you need the smoke/speed boost active to get into range, and they have rather long cooldown times). I've found that building into guns works best to supplement the terrible gun reload into something usable, the SAP is potent when fighting other destroyers. Also, Paolo has a hefty armor plate that can bounce/shatter enemy DD shells when angled properly. My "general" Paolo captain build: I haven't re-spec'd Sansonetti in a while, you could ditch the Main Battery and AA Specialist 3 pt. skill for something else (like Consumable Enhancement or Priority Target) I just prefer maxing out the gun DPM. RPF is very useful for hunting enemy destroyers, and also when you are yolo-ing since you are surrounded in a cloud of smoke & lose all vision of your target RPF will point you towards your torpedo victim. Here's my full Yolo Emilio meme build: ^ This build essentially maximizes the fun factor of Yolo Emilio (and is also the "recommended" build for Paolo from WG) while sacrificing gun performance. Good luck with Paolo & have fun (I always grin from ear-to-ear when I'm playing her)! - Fair winds and following seas!
  3. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Incomparable in Armory

    Gonna take her out for a putt soon
  4. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Question? Tone and RPF

    I don't think RPF works on the squadrons. In the video, Carlito is running RPF and the RPF indicator isn't showing up when the planes are launched.
  5. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Tone/Druid coming in 0.10.5

  6. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Is Friesland worth it?

    Friesland is 1 mil FXP, not 2.
  7. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    friesland or asashio

    Submarines haven't been fully implemented into the game, so nobody can say for sure. Personally I would get Asashio before Friesland; you have a month to get Friesland and Asashio leaves in 1 day. Both destroyers are great additions to your port
  8. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Clan name color coding???

    The different colors are for the clan's ranking in Clan Battles. The rankings from lowest league to highest: Squall - Bronze Gale - Silver Storm - Gold Typhoon - Green Hurricane - Purple And if I'm not mistaken, if your clan hasn't participated in CB it will be a dark grey.
  9. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    Starting from Update 0.10.6, Friesland will no longer be available to purchase. With the release of 0.10.7 owners of Friesland will have an opportunity to exchange the ship for Groningen. This option will be available until the release of Update 0.10.8. Just to clarify; Friesland is just being removed from sale, not removed completely from the game (like Kitakami)? If so, I'll keep Friesland and get Groningen later on.
  10. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    A brief moment of silence for all Ise's torpedo bomber pilots that didn't make it back
  11. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    How a Noob CV Player can Help the Team

    At the very least, the best way a CV can influence a battle is to just keep ships spotted. Even if dealing damage is difficult or the AA is too strong, just drop a fighter nearby (close enough to spot but far enough away to not get shot down) to keep them lit. Even if you have low damage games, having a high "damage caused by your spotting" number is damage dealt because of your help. Another viable build you might consider is to run a full-fighter build. Take all the fighter captain skills, the squadron consumable mod in slot 5, and simply drop fighters for your teammates. The enemy CV can't attack within the patrol fighter radius without sacrificing heavy plane losses. And with all the fighter skills/squadron consumable mod in slot 5, the fighters stay active for well over 2 minutes. Be aware if you take the Interceptors 3 point captain skill, the interceptor squadron won't spot surface ships anymore but on the flip side, can't be shot down by enemy patrol fighters. So the only way to spot surface ships is to fly near them with your attacking squadron. CVs just take practice, and a well-played CV can heavily influence a battle. - Fair winds & following seas!
  12. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    ZF-6 - Worth it?

    5.8 km concealment with the full build is competitive & workable as a T9 DD. Sure, you don't have hydro but there are plenty of other destroyers that don't have hydro either. And ZF-6 has many consumable tricks up her sleeve. Here's a chart of all destroyer concealment values in T9 MM spread (from LittleWhiteMouse's review on the ZF-6): ZF-6 isn't the top-tier stealthiest DD, but she outspots 2/3s of the other destroyers in T9 matchmaking. OP, LittleWhiteMouse has her review of ZF-6 and I wrote one about 2 months ago if your interested. The real drawbacks with ZF-6 are the smokes don't last long & have long cooldowns between charges (they are the standard German tech-tree smokes) and her 35 knots standard speed is rather slow for a destroyer. You do get speed boost consumable & I run the engine boost mod to counteract the slowish speed. The torpedoes are fast and hit hard but they only go 8 kilometers, some might see this as a hindrance. I run F3s on my Shima & Yugumo so I am used to the limited range. It's not a beginner-friendly destroyer but you have many consumable tools and ship-perks at your disposal to help you in the fight. With good situational awareness ZF-6 is a monster DD. - Fair winds & following seas!
  13. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    ZF-6 is completely worth 6000 doubloons

    Having 5.8km concealment and reload booster is "stand-out" compared to any other destroyer, along with ZF-6's improved AP pen angles. The French DDs have reload booster but they have uncomfortably high surface detection. If you run out of the reload boosters before the battle ends, that must have been one heck of a battle or they are being wasted somehow. I've run out of smokes/DFAA a few times though. And that's with superintendent. How are 75 knot torps slow? The launching angles aren't much different from most destroyers. Cossack's torp angles are tough. And try playing the USS Black, those torpedoes go 43 knots. I do agree with this. ZF-6's 35 knots is clunky and slow compared to most other DDs. DPM chart of T9 destroyers (from LittleWhiteMouse's review on the ZF-6): The AP DPM from ZF-6 is bonkers, even without the reload booster. While the HE DPM on paper is middling, when you face-check a DD at 5.8 km and your 3.3 sec gun reload gets cut in half to 1.6-1.7~ seconds, that's a lot of shells going at that other destroyer in a short amount of time. Every salvo is knocking out turrets, torp tubes, engine/steering gears, setting fires... Don't underestimate ZF-6 gunnery with the reload booster up. Friesland/Kita are still overall DPM champs but ZF-6 can throw punches too. 5.8 km detection is 100% competitive in a T9 DD. Not best-in-class, but absolutely workable.
  14. FairWindsFollowingSeas

    ST 0.10.3, Dockyard, "German Destroyers. Part 1" event.

    I have one captain on my Hakuryu (aircraft carrier) and the other guy trained for my Shimakaze. The improved Survivability Expert is worth more than the improved Emergency Repair Specialist, imo. So of all the ships you listed, I would train him on your Yugumo. Eventually you can retrain him for your Shimakaze once you unlock it. I know some people like to run SE on their cruisers, perhaps you could run him on your Takao or Zao then. Personally I like Yamamoto's improved turret traverse skill, so I run him on my IJN cruisers. The improved Emergency Repair Specialist skill is a joke if you ask me. A standard IJN captain with the non-improved Emergency Repair Specialist skill and the consumables flag can have the DCP & Repair cooldown at 73.7 seconds. The Suzuki brother's improved ERS skill and consumables flag brings the cooldown to 73 seconds. So the "improved" Emergency Repair Specialist skill only gives you 0.7 seconds faster cooldown on your repair & damage control party. Hardly an improvement.