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  1. Thunder_Feet


    I would have done the Missouri thing, but my internet has been down or spotty ever since we got hit by Hurricane Ida. Then today, it appears stable, I get logged in only to be thrown off the server for 3 hours... on a Thursday, which is unprecedented. And this alleged "maintenance" is always mornings, when I play. I used to be a whale. For about 3 months now, I've barely been a guppy, and I'm considering giving up daily play - and by that, I mean I did the whole daily mission grind and all 3 daily containers EVERY DAY. Now, I am considering playing maybe a few hours a week. I'm now used to doing other things with my mornings because of Ida and the frequent morning server "maintenance" (ever notice nothing is ever better after they do it?) irritation. Also, the nerf on GK has me extremely irritated, and I'm a DD main... but GK was my go-to BB and it's now nerfed. Getting back to topic - I would have done the grind and whaled a Missouri, for historical satisfaction since THAT has been nerfed too, and now no hope of EVER getting the original, even in a whale crate - and then would have spent the cha-ching to buy it... but now, I doubt it. WG set out long ago to chase PvE players away, and in my case, they are pretty much THERE.
  2. Thunder_Feet

    so, when am I gonna get my order

    I'm in Louisiana. We don't have subs... we have "po-boys"... and WG tries to keep me "po". Just sayin'.
  3. Thunder_Feet

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    I'm not intending to throw any fuel on any fires, but in the forums there have been folks saying they don't see excessive numbers of "DDs and Subs" in a battle. Well, here's one this morning I had, one cruiser, the rest DDs and Subs.
  4. Thunder_Feet

    Submarine Fantasies from Hollywood

    Well, I didn't play the subs at all during the rental period. However, I'm not minding their presence nearly as much as I thought I would, they add a new and fun twist to the game, I think. That said, there are a lot of good movies from the ASW side, too. Especially convoy protection against the U-boats - senior moment not titles come to mind, but a lot of memories of exciting ASW flash through my mind.
  5. Thunder_Feet

    Dutch Cruiser Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Well, I whaled my way through it because I want the steel for ALL the tokens. I haven't been doing much spending past few months, but I want that steel so I spent my hoarded doubloons.
  6. Thunder_Feet

    Naval Battle should be more fun going for damage

    It's no fun for a DD player when there are 4 or 5 DDs, either. I have noticed seldom is there a green bot anymore - except, of course, CV because not many humans play CV in Co-op. I don't see myself ever enjoying randoms, and they have gutted the fun out of ops - so I imagine this old soldier will fade away unless they undo the changes in this latest patch.
  7. Thunder_Feet

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    It is no secret that WG does not want there to be any such thing as a Co-op Main. They want us to play random or not play at all. It appears to me that they have found the formula they were looking for.
  8. Thunder_Feet

    Dunkerque Brow beating!

    Yeah, I think of the Dunkerque as "Jean-Bart lite".
  9. Thunder_Feet

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    This from a few minutes ago - it never fails I get these 1000 plus battles when I need about 40 base xp for the mission I'm on. Sigh. I
  10. Thunder_Feet

    [ALL] ModStation

    I thought that's where it was but there were no options there, so I was confused. Thanks for clarifying and I look forward to the new mod when it becomes available.
  11. Thunder_Feet

    [ALL] ModStation

    I am not completely sure what it was called, but the mod in Modstation that gives you player name above all ships doesn't work anymore. I'm at a loss whether it's not part of modstation anymore or if I just am not finding it to turn it on again.
  12. Thunder_Feet

    I really want Ohio, but 1148 points short...

    Thanks. I knew there was SOMEWHERE I was getting research points but couldn't remember where. Yeah, that will do the trick, especially since my clan is just about to do the last research bureau upgrade and we get full bonus. Mid July is no problem to wait for that, thanks again!
  13. I'm a co-op main and am at my best when playing DDs, but that being said, I really want Ohio for a research ship. Colbert seems "meh" and I just don't know about Druid, Vampire2, or Yolo Emilio as being great DDs in co-op, or in randoms either for that matter. Such mixed reviews on them. My big question is whether I will be able to accrue 1148 research points in a reasonable amount of time - I can't see any missions or anything else that yield research points right now, and don't want to reset a line for that many points - especially since I just used my 2x bonus and my FXP to do a reset this weekend. Does anyone know of anything on the horizon to get that many research points without a reset?
  14. Thunder_Feet

    Can`t log in

    I got one game in this morning (I'm early riser and love playing in the pre-dawn hours) and got disconnected after my game and it won't reconnect. Ran tests, my internet is fine (nearly 1 gig download speed) but can't connect. I've never seen the game down for more than a few seconds other than planned server maintenance. Anyone else having a problem?
  15. Thunder_Feet

    One of the most frustrating Co-op tasks (PVE Thread)

    I used this and it helped, thanks. Took 3 battles but the 3rd would have gotten it done alone, wouldn't you know. I'm done and I'll know how next time... thanks again!