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  1. Episcopo

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    After about 35 games yesterday, my impression was that I seemed to be getting more credits and XP. It could be that I just had a good day. Overall, the difference seems slight to me, but I'm going to give it a few more days before I really make up my mind. Not quite as "Random-like" as the test server PVE was (talking bot behavior) - that much didn't come across to the NA server.
  2. Well, I'm about 2000 coal short of a Smolly, and was dismayed my second daily container was a super-container (which often aren't so very super), until I opened it, and it was 1000 doubloons! So, sort of a mixed blessing. Didn't get 400 - 1200 coal like I was hoping, but the Dubs aren't bad. Makes me wonder, did they up the super drops and make them better in version 8.10, or was this just a mixed blessing from RNGesus?
  3. Episcopo

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    Oh, I killed the bot. He sailed toward the path for quite a good amount of time before they hit, and I was in chat to warn him when I noticed it was a bot and didn't bother, warning bots does nothing. He just kept right on sailing into them. Funny how good enemy bots are at evading torps, but the friendly ones sail right into them. Sigh. My torps, my bad. 2 games pink and lost some earnings both XP and Credits, no huge deal, it's just the biggest penalty (by quite a bit) I ever got.
  4. Episcopo

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    2nd battle out I got pinked - friendly bot went into my torp spread, saw it coming for quite a spell and warning bots doesn't work (I know, I know, my fault, just telling the story here) and instead of the typical single digit XP hit, it took 65 Base XP - so the teamkill penalty is significantly stiffer, which I think is a good thing, even though I found out the bad way.
  5. Episcopo

    Happy Birthday Marines

    Happy birthday, Devil Dogs! Semper Fi, Padre
  6. Episcopo

    Capping the number of destroyers in Co-Op

    Well, that's a change I welcome, it may keep the "mercy rule" (zero points for the bots) at bay a little longer while I finish off the bot I was fighting. I find nothing more frustrating in the game than to stalk and wear down the enemy just to have that final salvo in the air and "game over". So even what you describe is a positive, and if that turns out to be the only good result, it's not such a bad thing IMHO. I didn't see that thread before, thanks for linking it.
  7. Episcopo

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Bon Dimanche, bot killers! I've been forcing myself to work on my DD game, and I've managed to have 3 good days in a row in them. I have both T-VI Japanese DDs, and did OK with both this morning, but maybe just a touch better than OK with this battle. I was a little disappointed with the credits total, but overall, it's satisfying just to be getting better than the bots!
  8. Episcopo

    Are T5 and lower BB's just trolls?

    From my perspective, Helena is a glass cannon, not OP because she frequently gets one-salvo blapped by BBs if you get even a touch over-extended. I was so happy when I got her, born and raised in NW Montana and the day I had both Montana and Helena in my carousel was a great feeling. Montana is the only state that never had a capital ship, I think, so having Montana in this game is satisfying.
  9. Episcopo

    LeFantasque in Co-op

    Good morning, bot-killers! I'm doing my daily routine of playing every ship (I have 31 plus the freebie spam ships for Halloween and Ranked/Clan battles - I call them spam because my clan doesn't clan battle and there have been no ranked battles lately). I played Vaquelin this morning and noticed that I have enough XP and FXP sitting, and the credits, to go up a tier to LeFantasque. I tend to hoard my FXP and spend it grudgingly, so I thought I'd get impressions from folks here. I like Vaquelin a lot. It has decent guns, and the torpedo arcs allow you to shoot without exposing too much broadside (well, any is too much, but you get what I mean). I have no plans of getting rid of that ship, but think I'm ready to take French DDs up a tier. Those of you who have (or had) LeFan, what's your impression? Better than Vaq, worse, or very similar? What kind of firing arcs on the torps (a ship spec that isn't listed anywhere that I can find)? Gudbote, badbote, or mehbote? (NB: specifically asking for the PvE environment, although if you have thoughts about BOTH that's fine, too). Of course, the end of that chain is Kleber, which I've played on the test server, with some success, I think with practice it might be my best DD when I get there.
  10. Episcopo

    Capping the number of destroyers in Co-Op

    I would point out that we're only a few days away from 8.10, and I've been playing it on the test server - and Co-op will have 9 ships instead of 8. If they carry the bot behavior over (enemy bots) there will be much less YOLO-style charging and much more of a Random style probing by the bots. These changes will make a huge difference and may make this whole discussion a moot point? I dunno yet, but standby, I think things are about to get way different - hopefully better.
  11. Episcopo

    Insult to injury

    Yeah, and now that, as my friend observed, I've wedged myself back into my designer big boy pants, the ram MAY have been just trying to avoid something, if I want to go out of my way to be charitable about it. Something about running in and blocking the shot is what really got my teeth on edge for an hour or so. The ram was just salt in the wound, and salt only hurts for a little while. If I was HMFIC of WG, I'd remove the kill ratio stat from everything and also make the game (or the co-op mode, at least) more about team wins, and slant things so working together is required for best rewards more than 'tis... just spitballin' here, of course. But part of this whole topic is that the "co-op mains" are generally courteous and supportive folk. And as you see even in these forums, some equate being rude with being tough, when the real tough people are usually the most polite and supportive of others - as I've learned in my rather large number of years. I'll have the honor and privilege of clinking glasses with a few genuine warriors this weekend, it being the primary holiday for such gatherings.
  12. Episcopo

    Insult to injury

    You're right, but it's difficult to do what you describe when you encounter "kill stat" shamers. I don't play to get kills, I play to get XP and credits and therefore moar stuff, and you get that when the team wins in ANY kind of battle - but still, when one actually uses one's ship to block an ally from getting a kill, it struck me as a bit over the top and went from contributing to victory to, well, piracy. Hey, I'm over it and that replay is long gone from the file. And I've learned a bit more about human nature, which isn't at its best online, n'est pas?
  13. Episcopo

    Insult to injury

    And said as much... and laughed at myself for it. Hope you have some great battles wearing yours.
  14. Episcopo

    Insult to injury

    Yeah, I get where you're coming from, but somewhere in the forum about 2 days back is a thread on good karma, which is background/context for why this bugged me and why I said taking a few minutes to get my big-boy britches to cover my fantail. I'm not offended by being laughed at here, I'm partially laughing at myself. And... what you said about randoms - THAT is a primary reason why there are people who mostly play PVE - the rudeness factor is much lower on this side. I face enough rudeness in RL, don't need it in my recreation, thankyouverymuch.
  15. Episcopo

    Insult to injury

    Funny! But it's not the kill steal that got me, that happens every game. It's the beyond-any-shadow-of-doubt-intentionally-rude method of executing the kill steal. That kind of thing is, thankfully, rare in the PVE environment, at least experientially. Yeah, bots can be oblivious, but this was a human with faulty NON-Artificial Intelligence.