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  1. MN1234

    Where did i get this ship from?

    I got the Cossack in a container during festive rewards. Yours most likely came the same way. I almost didn't notice my new ship since I opened all my crates at once.
  2. MN1234

    Randoms for a DD main.

    This was me when I first started playing DDs in this game.
  3. MN1234

    Thank You Wargaming!

    Very good point!
  4. MN1234

    Where are the YT WoWS videos?

    RagingCanadian on Youtube improved my game quickly by watching his "Potato to Professional" series. RagingCanadian
  5. MN1234

    Game's dead

    From what I've gathered over my time playing the game, I believe the problem, or at least one of the problems is new players being impatient and going straight to the higher tiers. They are not "earning" their spot as it were. They want it NOW! while others go the proper route.
  6. MN1234

    Game's dead

  7. MN1234

    Game's dead

    Elvis is NOT dead! He's living in the basement of a hardware store in Cleveland.
  8. MN1234

    Game's dead

    You and I both know that the real world is the underlying motivation for anything we do, whether we understand that or not.
  9. MN1234

    Game's dead

    I come at it from the broader perspective. Life is about overcoming adversity and that battle includes everything from life and death struggles all the way down to insignifigant things like video games.
  10. MN1234

    Game's dead

    I must be playing a different game. Overcoming adversity is the point.
  11. MN1234

    I thought I had seen it all..

    The last time I tried to play a T1 random I finally gave up waiting.
  12. MN1234

    Anniversary mission?

    I forgot about the flag reward
  13. MN1234

    Anniversary mission?

    It's not a mission. Just a presentation so we can see our highlights playing this game.
  14. MN1234

    Anniversary mission?

    Yes, I enjoyed it. It was a nice little gift.