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  1. I will respect your plea Filip_Ostrich. I'm done with this topic and any in the future.
  2. You're apparently not talking to the same people I'm talking to. Again, I am not responsible if you or anyone decides to be offended. Taking offense is a conscious act.
  3. I'm not responsible for anyone choosing to be insulted by facts. They called my father's generation the "Greatest Generation" for a reason. That same generation won a massive war against huge odds to win. Those at home supported them in so many ways. We learned from our fathers and mothers. Suck it up and move on.
  4. Start your own game. I am happy with the game as I cannot afford to pay for all the stuff WG gives me. I strive to be a good player and improve as much as I can. I guess maybe I was born into a generation that made do with what we had and we were grateful for it. It encouraged us to innovate and create to make anything better. We players can work with WG (assuming they are willing to work with us, and I believe they are) to make the game more to our liking, but none of us have a right to demand anything. That being said, I fully agree with some of the complaints from the paying players. They have an expectation of getting what they paid for, but no more. That I think is where the confusion lies. Free players can ask but have no right to demand anything. Paying players have the right to make sure they are getting their money's worth, but the company is in the business of making. Paying players have a bit of leverage and WG should indeed pay attention to pay players legitimate complaints. Maybe we can all pull back the throttle on adversarial environment. My generation had nothing like these massive online games. We had actual games, but WOWS is an amazing gift to people like me. Let me close by saying there are quite a few nice and helpful people in this community, some damned funny ones too. (@ChaosMachine, Claus Kellerman). I enjoy playing every day. I don't know why I felt the need to write this but here it is.
  5. It's definitely harder this year. But you need to exit to double your points. I wouldn't be going after Rasputin most of the time. Get kills and get out.
  6. I'm doing the personal challenges too. Yesterday I got 135 for about 3 hours of play. I don't really want the perm. camo, but I have to get it to get the next BB.
  7. I'm just playing to get community tokens, which in turn get me German tokens so I can eventually get all the free German BBs
  8. We did it once. I died in the attempt near the portal. I ram Rasputin as often as I can but I'd say it will probably take at least three ships to kill him, maybe just two BBs. We succeed at the four star level a lot but Rasputin is so hard to kill in time.
  9. I took you guys advice so here's a battle I had today. I made a mistake or two but I managed a decent game. Feel free to critique. 20211017_181101_PISB107-Francesco-Caracciolo_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  10. I lost two karma points in the same battle today because some momma's boys thought I should have not capped an area we desperately needed to win instead of...they never offered anything in way of strategy...doing I still have no idea what they wanted but they sure ran their mouths in chat. I couldn't care less about karma but I am getting pretty sick of unscrupulous players who abuse the game features. I don't think I've ever lost karma for not playing well enough. I've lost it almost exclusively for calling these people out in chat. I think I used bad language once, but overall I respond calmly. I think I lost a point today for asking what one of the guys WR was, which he didn't answer. That told me all I needed to know. Mine is 49% btw.
  11. MN1234

    Sub torps can you avoid them

    Not laughing at you. Laughing with you. I've been there.
  12. MN1234

    Sub torps can you avoid them

    1. Use your repair consumable to make the torps lose their lock in a pinch. 2. It's best if you can anticipate being targeted and be ready for evasive maneuvers. Pay attention to your surroundings. I always scan the mini-map for subs and DDs. I have rarely been hit by a subs' torps. 3. Use HP when a sub is on or near the surface. (periscope depth) There is a skill which will make your HE more potent when shooting into the water.
  13. MN1234

    [] Crook's World Modpack.

    If I already have Modstation installed, do I need to uninstall it first? Also, do ships skins have any sort of camo properties like 3% dispersion, etc.?
  14. I know that's right. After I destroy a ship or two I have to play catch up to find more enemy. I have to go to the surface to see where I'm at. I look at the mini-map but to really get the view I need to surface. That's me tho.
  15. Hmmm... What might the solution be then?