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  1. Nice post! not everyone in this game is here to be ranked or to dominate game. some like me just play to enjoy the ships, and collect them. I don't care to be ranked and can't afford to play alot of the premium ships. I
  2. jerryw2582_1

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    Yes I have Comcast, but the problem was Mod Station, I deleted Mod Station, and all mods. Everything is Ship shape now. I can play game again now.
  3. jerryw2582_1

    Docking Bay, Logging in Issues

    I removed the mod station, now everything seems to work. I also had problem with game loading.
  4. jerryw2582_1

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    Still having problems with wows, Steam starts to load game, then freezes. No go after that just picture of Odin with game loading. PTS server was working but only game that popped up was Two brothers? in Co-Op at least I was able to get a couple of games in with out it disconnecting. Sure would be nice if someone comes up with fix for this.
  5. jerryw2582_1

    0.9.6 PTS Bug Reports

    Nothing works, PTS Server or NA Live Server, Tried to play Co-op games they start then everthing freezes then goes black and disconects? both servers seem to have same problem. They reconect but games are over by time game re-connects. Even had on game that ended in a draw? Whats up? Or in this case why is game going down?
  6. jerryw2582_1

    In game issue

    I Started game, some how I was kicked out or lost connection? I was instructed to connect, I tried but after 10 minutes of game trying to synchronize I ended game. I turned back on and was able to connect, I am now pink penalized for leaving game early? I was disconnected did not plan on leaving game. Thanks for any help with this issue. Maybe I'll try again Monday when things settle down. Regards Jerry
  7. jerryw2582_1

    USS Albany

    Not sure why this Tier II cruiser showed up in port today but thank you Wos for premium ship. I had asked Santa for the Missouri. Glad I did not get something like a Carrier.