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  1. _Rule_Britannia

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    a pointless update when there is so much that needs fixing
  2. _Rule_Britannia

    hide clan info from players

    i honestly hate this community
  3. we need an option to not show the clan we are in to many people now using the mod to know who to shot at
  4. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    the subs are gonna get nerfed to hell when they release to many people will complain and good because the subs are gonna be retarded
  5. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    i dont really notice the blue lines till i need them. i like information on ships as my memory is not the best
  6. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    i dont know why it looks so sharp in the screenshot or are you talking about my mods?
  7. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    i also want to say im not having a pop at peeps for playing the ships was just saying were struggling lol
  8. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    i had been pushing with the german but our east started to lemming that was me kiting but reached the border and decided to die facing them
  9. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    thats end game and ive been forced into the corner from dodging torps for most the match
  10. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    they really are not we cant do our job effectively anymore to many HE spammers and stealth torpers. we can create a build to combat HE but the torps in the current meta are eating us alive
  11. _Rule_Britannia

    limit DDs 3 max or buff BBs

    in the low tiers they have been hit hard but in the high tiers you will be lucky to see a CV go for DDs
  12. with the recent update and the future sub update something needs to change for BBs were expected to push and tank but with the current meta were focused way to much we cant react fast enough from the new torps if we dont know the DD is there. so either a limit to DDs or even radar for high tier BBs would be a big help for us if you have nothing constructive to say dont say anything