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    Skill point advice for my Aigle

    Definitely CE. You are a light cruiser with good concealment and no citadel. Aigle is an excellent ship for supporting friendly DDs early game. Her torpedoes are best used for island ambushes and punishing overextending players while kiting, and being able to stealth-torp would help immensely
  2. Admiral_Buckethead

    Some Ideas for the New Carriers

    I'm a new player, so I don't know what carriers used to be like. I kinda like the current carrier gameplay. I find controlling one squadron at a time to be very manageable. However, I find it frustrating to have to go back to the carrier every time I'm done with that squadron to launch another one and wait forever to travel back to the target to finish it off. One change I would like to see is the ability to launch second squadron so that it can relieve the current one once it reaches your position. You can launch the second squadron from the minimap and they fly the shortest route to rendezvous with your current squadron, undetectable by ships, but can be intercepted by enemy fighter patrols. Once the second squadron reaches you, the first squadron automatically returns to the carrier and you take command of the new squadron. This mechanic would allow for combined squadron attacks, avoid frustration, and reward good timing.