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  1. DWBGaming

    ranked experience so far

    I got to rank 3 pretty quick and took a break. Between the afkers and people complaining constantly it got old. I had someone complain that I was supposed to charge the enemy because I was in my Massachusetts and it's a brawler. Meanwhile I outscored him in the game. I checked his profile and he's a 43% win rate in randoms. Yet he feels he needs to school me on how to play my ships. I also had a game where a baltimore on my team sailed into a cap and wouldn't use his radar. I checked his win rate after the match and he was a 40% in randoms. I mean anyone can play what they want but they're not helping any teams they're on. One said at the start of the match and how he's basically terrible but was playing to get coal. I said you realize you have to rank out to get coal. He said really....come on...
  2. I have the same battles. I could do 50k damage and be in a blowout win. Then do 120k damage and be in a blowout loss. Sometimes it's just luck it seems. Hang in there though, i'm not very good and was still able to get rank 1 last season.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, makes no sense. It's not forced...
  4. DWBGaming

    ranked experience so far

    A big problem I keep seeing is that the CV on your team just farms damage also. I keep getting teams with CV's who won't put out fighter planes to try and help their dd's. Yet the enemy teams CV is allowed to harass them the whole match, which doesn't last long once they're all dead. People who play CV's need to realize damage is just part of it.
  5. I myself like T8 DD Asashio, love putting out a stream of torps on unsuspecting BB's. Same with the T6 DD Monaghan, but to a lesser degree. A fun pew pew ship is the T7 CA Atlanta. Has a short firing range but is fun to play IMO.
  6. DWBGaming

    VERY expensive lesson learned.**UPDATE**

    Haha, that reminds me of that one saturday night live skit with Will Ferrell...had me gagging...
  7. DWBGaming

    VERY expensive lesson learned.**UPDATE**

    Flame you might see and get mad. /bows down to worship the mighty Flamu..............................................................................................
  8. I would've liked to have seen USS Pennsylvania added to the game but I guess I have to settle for Arizona since they're almost the same ship.
  9. DWBGaming

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Well he hasn't quit playing i take it...
  10. DWBGaming

    What the heck is Pink?

    You don't have to break the rules repeatedly to get pink. All it takes is one torpedo.
  11. DWBGaming

    Biggest CV Captain Training Need

    Some CV captains just don't care. I was in a match the other day where a CV sat still the whole game while an enemy dd torped him. I warned him to move because the dd had him in his sights. He started moving then bam, was dead. Didn't move fast enough. The thing is the CV had 2 ships in support on the dd's side, but he refused to spot it for them. Facepalm!!!
  12. DWBGaming

    LOL, I Can Barely Believe it Myself

    Every other match i'm in people are blowing hydro and radar right away. They don't care to learn what anything does. I don't know why it bugs me so much but it does.
  13. DWBGaming

    Dockyard is coming back!

    I agree, the dockyard itself was awesome.
  14. DWBGaming

    Worst Rank 1

    I had a bunch of games between 3 and 5 also. Like Kishan99 said I also got lucky with only a few CV games towards the end. It's like for some reason the CV players just stopped playing. Just keep trying and I think you'll eventually make it. It just takes a lot of willpower when you get in them losing streaks.
  15. DWBGaming

    Worst Rank 1

    Thanks all!!!