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  1. Then there are people like me, undoubtedly in the minority, who know the "drama" and just don't care. And don't like when people tell me how to spend my money.
  2. DWBGaming

    Soshi's Take on Subs

    I was in one of the ranked matches with you. You had a clue to what you were doing at least. Most subs I see just go in circles or don't know what to do.
  3. DWBGaming

    The New Russian Prem CV

    People will downvote you for buying anything from WG. They think we're all supposed to close our wallets.
  4. DWBGaming

    STOP the double CV games!

    I have a hard enough time getting a CV game let alone a double CV game. Needed planes shot down for that one mission and it took like 20 battles because of all the no CV games.
  5. DWBGaming

    Who has the highest karma?

    I've noticed in several of my really good games, over 2400 xp my karma actually goes down...
  6. Most subs are clueless from what i've seen. People literally not knowing the controls and going into ranked.
  7. Too many people like the drama. It'll draw more people to his channel to watch and see him complain.
  8. DWBGaming

    Troubles with Yoshino

    I'd never do that. It does hit hard, just a glass cannon.
  9. DWBGaming

    Troubles with Yoshino

    My Yoshino blows up easy...
  10. DWBGaming

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    This game has had drama from the start I think.
  11. DWBGaming

    Are Subs Really That Bad For RANK ?

    I don't like them in ranked. Not because of the subs themselves, but the players. Too many people playing their first games ever in a sub and don't know what they're doing. Why they don't practice in Coop first...
  12. DWBGaming

    WG add more game slots for sub

    Why would they need to do that when most people are "quitting".... /sarcasm
  13. Well, that's your right. I play the game for fun. Once I don't have it anymore i'll do something else.
  14. They'd rather grab pitchforks...
  15. Yeah, I meant they make you "stand out" more. I have that camo for Bismarck also but haven't used it yet. haha