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  1. MarkhusDrakk

    [Resultados] Caça aos Ovos de Páscoa

    Nada até agora. Os 1194 tokens continuam ali na notícia.
  2. MarkhusDrakk

    [Resultados] Caça aos Ovos de Páscoa

    Tenho 1194 tokens e ainda não ganhei nada. Alguém pode me explicar porque.
  3. I could resolve installing modstation and using 2 mods. The start normally that time. Unfortunely i lost a star and became pink for 3 games.
  4. When i enter the game became a fast update. Then I start a ranked battle. I was in 4 posistion of bronze league. The game dont start. I try a coop. The game dont start. What do you doing in that update? This is unbeliaveble, how you dont test the game before update the users base?
  5. MarkhusDrakk

    Equilíbrio entre Jogadores

    Eu joguei 10 partidas seguidas como low tier, outras com 2 CVs, estou simplesmente dando alt f4 se não gostar da seleção, azar ficar como pink player, mas se continuar assim, simplesmente vou desinstalar o jogo e ir para outro.
  6. MarkhusDrakk

    A Question for DD and CV Mains

    I was in a game with 2 DDs, including me, and 3 CVs, no chance after i kill another player, the 3 CVs hunt me and with 3 rockets atack im gone. This unbalance the game. I dont play animore with low level DDs (tier 3 or tier 4). This is a shame, because, before that patch, this low level games was very funny.