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  1. Majika

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    Yeah sure. I seem to remember last couple of CV's I've purchased getting nerfed. They reserve the right to change any ship as they see fit...so whats the big deal buddy?
  2. Majika

    Mini Reviews: Malta

    It will get nerfed in a month or so, after you spend a bunch of money on it.
  3. I think it's a great choice for the current state of the game. What better way for new players to the game to experience the joys of CV's. 30 Battles...get a T10 CV. Whales will love it. Buy a way right into top tier game play, turn off chat and not care if htey win or lose. They are having a blast. It's all about "new player experience" and keeping adding things to roll in the new players. I keep looking at all the negative thoughts and actions in game. The lack of balance. The lack of counter play. It's in a state where is just about the money not the experience, it seems. COuldn't give two [edited] less if someoen stays around as long as they spend 20 to 30 bucks they are doing what they need to k eep making money.
  4. Yeah, this isn't much fun when all the divisions are on one frkn team.
  5. Yeah, between the two I just tanked the mods and reinstalled, without any "port modifications" and its all good now.
  6. I found the issue. Something in Aslains mod pack is conflicting with economics panel.
  7. Can you crop a couple of screen shots of what it looks like for you, please?
  8. There's nothing there... I've done a repair of client. etc I'm at a loss
  9. I Must be some kind of ape. I can't seem to find ANYWHERE to add the bonuses. What on earth am I missing? I can see in the armory where I have thousands of them but I'm to stoopad apparently to figure otu how to get them onto a vessel. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.....
  10. Majika

    French Ship Event....

    Yes, its quite obvious that they will be available as tech line ships for in game currency without spending a dime. No kidding. That's obvious. But what I'm saying is people are being cheesed into getting them and spending money to get them by hearings "I got a Brest in 5 crates etc". Yet when many are "trying" to gamble a little they get hooked into the "sunken cost fallacy". It's not a random placement of the ships for some people is what It seems.
  11. You can shear a sheep many times. You can only skin it once.... This event is a skinning. I know several people who have over 50k and dont have either ship.
  12. Since subs and superships have come into the game, i'm consistently having more fun enjoyment yelling at my TV instead of my monitor. Am I the only one?
  13. Majika

    People quitting the game

    Yeah, I'm not spending money on this game anymore and I'm playing less. Spending my money in other areas. I chose to spend money here because I enjoyed it and wanted to support it. Now, with super cv's and subs...its not fun its frustrating. I'm amazed I'm not chat banned at present, honestly.
  14. Good afternoon, As someone whose fighting towards these emblems and running to many matches with quite a bit let HP, are their plans to reduce the total damage required since we now have much less total HP in matches with 1 to 2 cv's and 2 submarines? Any "git gewd" suggestions on how to counter the lack of HP's at the present time?