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  1. Majika

    New coal ships on the horizon?

    We are going to agree to disagree. Yes they are out to make money. But to say they made a mistake by releasing a 'few good ships"....thats mental. Honestly, I'd pay money to a monthly subscription to not have to play against cv's and submarines.
  2. Majika

    New coal ships on the horizon?

    Thank you , sir I appreciate the advice as much as the link. Yeah, I'll hold out and see what happens with the Gibraltar. I have a fondness for exploding british cruiser gameplay. LOL
  3. So, i've been saving up coal for some time and i'm now at close to 250k coal. Does anyone know of any new coal ships on the horizon? All I have left are Immelmann and Napoli for coal that I can get strictly for coal it seems. Not sure if I should hold out for a while or go ahead with the Napoli.. Thoughts? Ps. Thanks for your answers in advance. -Respectfully, Majika
  4. I agree its impossible right now. There' just not enough damage totals. I was just in a match with 1 BB, 3 cruisers and 3 subs. Tryi getting 100k damage there. THere was only 310k total HP. this is incredibly frustrating.
  5. This is like a woman saying "Yes...he beats me but I love him. I mean..he uses a bar of soap in a sock instead of a tire iron. So it could be worse." All of your assumptiosn here are based on knowing where he is and combating from there. If he pops up right infront of you at 6km or so unspotted pings you and fires one set, you dcp and manouver..but he sends a second and then starts backing up. Thier reverse is fast enough that they can reload numerous times before you get close enough to dump depth charges and do so with very fast homing torps all while keeping you lit up. Sure, absolutely at longer ranges you have a lot of options but if there is an island in a cap and near you and you are tyring to play objectives...a good sub will not use lube on your butt, but use sandpaper and then stick a foot in for good measure, and charge you for the shoe he lost.
  6. Wait till you get a very good submarine player...you will change this tune, LOL
  7. Destroyers should not be terrified of submarines and right now...the destoyer is the prey of the submarine instead of its hunter. Its a tragic reversal.
  8. I opened 11 containers with no sign of her. I got a stars and stripes Camo; and 9000 dubloons back on ship crates. Stopping there. I got to thinking about it and went back to go ahead and go up towards the T7 crate. I got the Mo (which I already own btw so I got the 19k dubloons for it) on the 14th bundle. So, by the time it was all over with, for me, getting the ship at 14th position put it at more than buying a T9 outright. But, since I already owned it and own pretty much every ship. I ended up, at the end of it, with the dubloon credits for the T5, T6 and T7 ships, plus the credits from Mo. with an additional 16,000 dubloons.
  9. Majika

    Flandre VS Alabama

    This is solid gold bro! I wish i would have had this kind of introduction to wows. I learned the wrong way and 4000 battles in had a 42% winrate. I've been able to get that up to 50% with mainly solo play. Whoever started this thread just hit the learning lottery.
  10. Majika

    Flandre VS Alabama

    Intentional...I was being punny.
  11. Majika

    Flandre VS Alabama

    So just as a bit of of a review. I went back and played both the Bama and the Flounders. My game in the Bama with 9 406 MM guns vs 9 380 MM guns was much better. The accuracy is so much better in the Alabama that it's in a different category than the Flandre. To start the game in teh Bama I popped the spotter plane and took some early pot shots at the Kaga from 27.6 KM and did over 20k damage. It pissed the Kaga off so much that I got AA defense expert. Apparently he didn't like being hit while helpless. With the Flandre...you have no consumables other than your heal and damage control. Also the reload on the 9 -406 MM guns is FASTER than the reload on the 9 - 380's on Flandre...just a heads up.
  12. Majika

    Flandre VS Alabama

    Alabama because.. .Roll Tide! 406 vs 380 mm... I own both...and I'd play Richie before Flandre at this point.
  13. Majika

    They found their scapegoat...

    This is the right action to take. They owned up, addressed and made reparations. This is what one expects to see from a billion dollar company.
  14. i'm enjoying submarine play in ranked like I would sucking a dirty brown star. ITs been completely unbalanced. 2 subs, homing torpedoes no way to brake contact with pings if they just hide and wait at an island. NO way to see them, no way to get a way...get dev struck.
  15. He didn't sound angry to me. He didn't say "everyone". He does have a point and it doesn't have to fit every scenario to be factual for some people. Yes, people do buy ships for competitive play to try and get an advantage. Not everyone has to do it for it to be somethign that does happen. Seen it happen in more than one clan. Seen people respect captains for it and pay gold to do so. Seen people spend money for flags, ship upgrades etc. But of course...thats only for people who are <insert condescending remark here>, and clearly aren't good enough to make <insert the only correct choice <<Opinion>> here. LOL The point I took from it, was that wargaming, in their proven method would have no qualms said tactics based on years of experience with their avarice. And the sickness of greed is reaching truly epic, EA games levels.