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    Post battle discussion

    thanks for the info. I have watched some of them to get better. Started playing a DD to participate in one of the Tier 2 through 4 battles. Different mindset than a BB or Cruiser. Just lost the game at the end after doing ok until that point. not sure what I did wrong at the end. . I would be good to be able to get feedback from the battle I was just in . I now there is a chat between players how can I reach out to them after the game?
  2. captgigad15

    Post battle discussion

    Is there a place where you can contact players about mistakes I made during a battle to understand what I did wrong so it won't happen again. Being called stupid during the game doesn't help a person become a better player.
  3. I was green. Trying to improve my game. This happened a couple of times where I was put into a bad position leading to sinking. Minor point in the big picture of total points. Hard enough trying to learn how to help out teammates before being one of the first ones sunk. Enjoy the game. thanks for the feed back.
  4. It seems to be happening more often of late. I have been run into several times by other ships. I was on course and an overly aggressive ship runs into me. I should not lose points due to this error by another player.