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  1. My comment about positioning is related to the topic. CVs are faster than subs by 5 kts or more, you need to move away from them and not stay in one spot. It's the same counter as for long range BB snipers. And, the title of your post leads off with what appears to be a complaint about getting dinged for unsporting conduct.
  2. But you weren't almost in the back. Even one of your teammates called you out during the match for not attacking where it would help the team.
  3. I was raised by my dad. F-bombs came with that territory too, but I leave them out of chat.
  4. The only complaint I see that you might have, after having viewed the replay, is that zero damage earned you an unsporting conduct warning. No sympathy for the rest of it (Edit: especially given the f-bombs). Sitting in the middle like that being spotted almost constantly it's amazing you didn't get blapped by the red surface ships.
  5. Billy_Pilgrim_

    Why are the ships so rusty?

    The WG art department - arguably one of the best parts of this game - is obviously just trying to keep it real. Of course sometimes that goes all to hell, for example cathedrals on German BBs and the King Kong/Godzilla crap.
  6. Billy_Pilgrim_

    Why are the ships so rusty?

    Long deployments do a number on navy ships. The long ones due to COVID were especially tough. More pics here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8851803/USS-Stout-returns-home-rusty-spending-record-breaking-215-consecutive-days-sea.html
  7. Use the Karmaflage mod available in Aslain's modpack. Sets your karma permanently at 666 and disables the you were reported or complimented messages.
  8. Have a feeling I'm going to run out of -1s real quick if support carriers enter the game and I start getting burned to the ground by HE spammers while simultaneously unable to DCP or heal.
  9. Billy_Pilgrim_

    Win rates..and what does it really mean?

    It would be a nice great upgrade if Potato Alert and MMM presented win rates calculated from the players' last 500 hundred matches (or some number in that neighborhood) instead of total account average.
  10. Billy_Pilgrim_

    Win rates..and what does it really mean?

    It's the shape of the win rate distribution curve that shows that an individual player's skills matter. As you said, if it was simply a matter of getting on a good team or bad team you would have a 50% chance of either condition. In that case the distribution of win rates across all players would be a pretty sharp bell curve centered at 50% - the same distribution resulting from a coin flip. But WOWs has far too many players with low WRs (<50 %) and far too many with high WR (>50%), to be explained by a simple coin toss. The difference becomes more pronounced at the lower (say, < 46% WR) and higher (say, >54% WR) sides of the distribution.
  11. Billy_Pilgrim_

    Who has the most Karma? , Don't be shy :)

    I just got out of a co-op match, just two quick ones to get a container for the day. Some * (if you read Vonnegut you'll know what that means) gave me a -1. No clue why, it happens....
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    So is that where your player name comes from? (I hope you take that as the light hearted joke it was intended to be....)
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    I don't understand how that is relevant. If you are approximately a 50% WR player then losing streaks of 6 matches are not uncommon.
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    If you've played nearly 1800 random matches and never before had a six game losing streak then you are a statistical aberration.