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  1. SgtSullyNZ

    PSA: Dockyard Missions and Ship Types

    So if you only want to do coop you're looking at 21 hours coop matches or say 16 hours of random matches at best.That's half a work week. Yes, I play mostly Coop, and since Operations was not allowed for this mission I also did Superships in Randoms. Still seemed more than 21 hours and did not complete
  2. That seems to be the case, we were promised these dockyards would be achievable, this is just wrong on too many levels.
  3. SgtSullyNZ

    Balao Premium suggestion

    if you think this would be a fun premium to have in game, then add your voice below
  4. SgtSullyNZ

    Balao Premium suggestion

    When launching torps yes, and the Horn can be in port sound.
  5. USS Stingray (SS-161) with Lt Cmdr Tom Dodge as Captain would make a fun premium to add to the Game, the Horn can play Louis, Louis, when you hit the C button in game the Voice tag "prepare to Dive" sounds. Kelsey Grammer to do the voice lines. I does not need to have anything fancy, other than camo and built in Econ pack, there will be those that buy because it is a fun reference to the Movie "Down Persicope" @Ahskance @Boggzy how about a bit of fun?
  6. SgtSullyNZ

    Forum Contest - Warships Rewind

    Highlight of the year temporary World Record for Damage in Coop, now beaten
  7. SgtSullyNZ

    Humans Win vs Skynet

    20220624_083847_PGSB111-Hannover_45_Zigzag (1).wowsreplay
  8. SgtSullyNZ

    Humans Win vs Skynet

    Watch out for those T-800 crewed ships, Skynet must fall!! No fate, but what we make!
  9. SgtSullyNZ

    Humans Win vs Skynet

    Thanks, seems like it might be
  10. SgtSullyNZ

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

  11. SgtSullyNZ

    Humans Win vs Skynet

    Co-Op 1 human vs Skynet