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    Deadeye needs to go

    I've never bothered posted in the forums before (hello everyone), but I've got to voice my agreement that Deadeye needs to go. Not because it's OP (and it is definitely way too good of a skill), but because it encourages everything "bad" about this game. BBs should be encouraged to push up in order to tank and to more effectively cause damage, not sit back 20 km from the enemy taking pot shots. Funny enough, I think the easiest way to "fix" Deadeye is switch it with another "problematic" skill. Putting Deadeye in the Cruiser skills and Outnumbered in the Battleship skills would fix a lot of the problems with the skill rework IMHO. It would change the meta a little by encouraging BBs to push some and would give Cruisers more options for builds. All I know is that unless we vote with our wallets, we might be stuck with this badly thought out new skill. I for one, will not give Wargaming any more of my money until they fix this.