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    Commerce raiding, sinking battleships, making people cry, blowing up destroyers, pouring salt onto aircraft carriers, playing with rad camos, destroying the enemy ship, killing teammates, killing the enemy, shooting at islands, shooting at houses on the islands, launching torpedoes, setting fires, dismissing commanders, applying patches, complaining about the game, reloading shells, trying out new ships.

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  1. JackSparrow_665

    The Halland is B-R-O-K-E-N

    Personally would love to see more AA botes like the Halland especially in lower tiers. CVs aren't obsolete as they have the task of picking on ships who strayed too far from the team.
  2. JackSparrow_665

    Nation specific commanders for Pan Asia

    I doubt Wargaming's going to fix it. They really don't care about the Pan-Asians except for events.
  3. JackSparrow_665

    2 Brothers map

    I actually like this map though. I always rush down the middle as fast as humanly possible whenever I play this map.
  4. JackSparrow_665

    My First Game After ~3 Months

    Not my best but thanks.
  5. JackSparrow_665

    My First Game After ~3 Months

    Still haven't lost the touch!
  6. JackSparrow_665

    The Ugliest Ship in the Navy

    The up-coming Tier VI German Aircraft Carrier Wegner.
  7. Can I get the Graf Spee without doing anything? How many directives do I need to get the Graf Spee?
  8. JackSparrow_665

    Operation I Have Returned

    The armory is really laggy for me for some reason.
  9. JackSparrow_665

    Operation I Have Returned

    Yep, I remember.
  10. JackSparrow_665

    Operation I Have Returned

    Nice to see some familiar faces around. I had the Kirov researched before the event. It's sad to see that this game has become even more about RNGsus.
  11. JackSparrow_665

    Operation I Have Returned

    Why is it whenever I leave that Wargaming starts handing out free stuff like candy?
  12. JackSparrow_665

    Operation I Have Returned

    Aw man, I missed so many opportunities to get free stuff and now I'm sad
  13. JackSparrow_665

    Operation I Have Returned

    That's a longer read than War and Peace!
  14. JackSparrow_665

    Operation I Have Returned

    Hi, some of you guys may know me but I left this game a few months back right after the European destroyers were dropped. I recently re-downloaded the game and I was wondering if you guys could help catch me up on what has happened over the past few months. Thank you.
  15. JackSparrow_665

    gErMaN aIrCrAfT cArRiErS

    Just why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWZXGI5w37A