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    gErMaN aIrCrAfT cArRiErS

    Just why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWZXGI5w37A
  2. Yeah, it's another one of those threads. Most of the people on this forum have absolutely no idea who I am so this isn't going to be another one of those rant threads. The reason I put this in the General Game Discussions is because I want to reflect on the game a little bit and just state my reasons as to why I want to leave. The main reason being that the standalone launcher is being phased out, but even if it wasn't I still would have quit this game sooner or later. That doesn't mean I will stop playing WG games. I still enjoy playing World of Tanks Blitz a lot, and if anyone wants to check me out there, my account name is @RedOctopus. This post will be largely comparing World of Warships and World of Tanks Blitz. Despite the worse graphics, smaller team, and simplified maps/mechanics, WOTB is simply more fun to me than WOWS. Reason #1: Boring Content First off, I just want to state that I am a free-to-play player, so people who are willing to spend money on this game probably find it more entertaining. That being said, WOWS just feels lacking in content. A lot of content in WOWS is inaccessible to the players such as ships that they removed or, for me, any ship that costs money. WOWS also feels really stingy. They just aren't willing to give away free stuff like in WOTB. This is most likely because WOWS and WOT PC are kind of like their cash cows, where as WOTB is kind of sidelined. Another thing in WOWS is that there is no guaranteed way to earn doubloons. In WOTB, you can watch adds for up to 50 gold a day. In WOWS, there's nothing like that. Reason #2: The ships themselves. There was a time when I felt that the ships in WOWS were interesting. However, the current ships are just boring. Tech tree ships essentially feel like a bigger version of the previous ship with some added consumable or gimmick. New ships are usually some variant of an older one like the Shikishima and Mainz. For me they've just lost my appeal. Another major problem is that warships in general look very similar. There's not much variety. Sure, there are some oddballs like the Izumo, Nelson, or Dunkerque, but the ships in general look pretty similar in terms of armament layout and shape. In WOTB, the tanks look more unique aesthetically. You've got rear-turreted tanks, small tanks with big guns, big boxy tanks, TDs with massive guns. In WOWS, the ships look more uniform, and to me, boring. Reason #3: Lower Tiers In WOTB, there is appeal for tanks of all tiers. Many famous tanks such as the Matilda, Hetzer, Panzer III, Panzer IV, T-34, and Sherman are all low-tier tanks. This gives players an incentive to play low tiers. As a result, players are equally distributed among nearly all tiers. In WOWS, lower tier ships feel lacking. WOWS refuses to add low-tier premiums anymore and the current low tier ships are pretty boring. Reason #4: Maps WOWS isn't very interactive when it comes to maps. The most important map feature are islands, but that's about it. There's no using the terrain to your advantage because there isn't any terrain. Apart from the scenery, there's very little that most maps offer. Reason #5: CCs and Youtubers The CCs and Youtubers for WOWS make very informative content. This isn't a bad thing as it helps new players with the game. But there is a serious lack of fun content for WOWS. Yuro is basically the only WOWS Youtuber I know of that makes content that's funny and interesting. Same with the CCs. When it comes to information, their guides are superb, but they aren't very entertaining or engaging. Reason #6: Training Rooms This is the big one. The one thing that I like most about WOTB is its training rooms. The training rooms are actually fun. People could make their own mini-games and just mess around and try stuff out. There are chill lobbies where players could just chat and hang out. There are mini-games such as prison (prisoners are usually lower tier tanks and try to escape the prison which is guarded by higher tier tanks), hide and seek (self-explanatory), boss-battle (a lot of lower tier tanks vs a few higher tier tanks), and role-play such as city-life or murder mystery. A lot of players set up historical scenarios like D-day (Allied tanks vs German tanks), Stalingrad (Russian tanks vs German tanks), and Cold War (American tanks vs Russian tanks). You get the idea. You didn't get anything out of playing training rooms obviously, but it was fun. In WOWS, very few people use the training rooms. Usually, half of the training rooms are armor penetration tests and the other ones are just mock battles. Thing is you can use training rooms to do so much more. You can set up historical battles like the Battle of Midway or Leyte Gulf. You can set up minigames or start chill rooms. But no. The training rooms aren't fun and very few people use it. This brings me to my final point. Players can ultimately make a game more fun than it is. WOWS has better graphics, more vehicles, more maps, better mechanics, better everything basically, but it's not as fun as WOTB for me. That's because WOTB has a more creative community that uses what they have available (training rooms) to make minigames, gamemodes, or historical battles that are actually fun. At the end of the day, WOWS is a game. Your supposed to have fun while playing it. Too many players seem to treat WOWS like a job of some sort, when in reality, the only thing that matters is whether or not you're having fun. ~Jack Sparrow signing off for the last time
  3. JackSparrow_665

    I swear this game is rigged

    Completing the combat missions.
  4. JackSparrow_665

    New Mexico is THICC

    Hopefully she's for coal. Otherwise I won't be able to afford her.
  5. JackSparrow_665

    New Mexico is THICC

    Yes she is.
  6. JackSparrow_665

    Legacy launcher Going Away - Review of the WG Launcher

    I figured as much. That being said, it would nice if Wargaming gave us the option to manually update our launchers.
  7. JackSparrow_665

    Legacy launcher Going Away - Review of the WG Launcher

    If you figure out how to manually download the updates, can you tell me how?
  8. JackSparrow_665

    Legacy launcher Going Away - Review of the WG Launcher

    It's not really a hard fix, just play something else. I just got the new Call of Duty and I'll probably play that once Legacy launcher is discontinued.
  9. JackSparrow_665

    [VERSUS #1] American Battleships VS Japanese Battleships

    You know, I don't know. I didn't get to try out the Izumo. I asked my friend if I could get it, since he didn't have it purchased in his port and he was like "no, the thing's a piece of crap." People really hate the Izumo and that says something. Maybe I'll go try it out or beg my friend to let me try it out.
  10. JackSparrow_665

    Fat Ships

    If there's one thing I love in World of Warships, it is fat ships. German BBs are still my favorite ships in the game, but they all look so sleek and skinny. Personally, I prefer the aesthetics of early tier American BB. They're not very long, but they sure are wide. Take the upcoming California for example. If anyone's got pictures of fat ships, share them below. I would also like to know, what are the fattest ships in game?
  11. JackSparrow_665

    [VERSUS #1] American Battleships VS Japanese Battleships

    An Izumo showing broadside is gonna get punished HARD as well. Maybe not as hard as the Iowa. Your not really supposed to be showing broadside in any ship. Izumo does have more armor, but she's also a bigger, slower target. Izumo's main battery has a few major problems. The firing angles are terrible and the dispersion isn't great as well. On paper, Izumo should be able to devastate enemies, but more often than not, she simply sucks at hitting things. Getting all of your turrets on target is a pain in the neck as well. While Iowa's main battery may not do as much damage or penetrate as much armor, it's more accurate and has a longer range. I can still safely say that Iowa is the better ship. She has better handling stats than Izumo. For example, she has a faster rudder shift time and better concealment. In terms of survivability, Iowa can still bow-tank effectively and she can definitely take hits when angled properly. Sure if your showing perfect broadside you will get punished, but that most likely means you positioned your ship terribly. Throughout my ratings, speed has been a very important factor because it allows you to position better. Iowa's speed combined with its decent survivability and armament means that it can change flanks and reposition itself effectively whereas Izumo simply can't.
  12. JackSparrow_665

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    Y tho? Musashi's base range is fine since it's unlikely you'll hit any moving targets at that range. Now a CV that happens to be floating PERFECTLY STILL....
  13. JackSparrow_665

    [VERSUS #1] American Battleships VS Japanese Battleships

    Currently, I have no way of testing Arizona pen as neither my friend nor I have one. That being said, it doesn't change anything. Mutsu is still the better ship.
  14. JackSparrow_665

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    Wut? How is this going to help? The Musashis are the ones doing the killing.