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  1. I've looked around and not found anything yet. I'm wondering if WG or an individual has a collection of old WOWS artwork. Mostly art from new ship lines/premium ships being released. As a new player I would love to look back at this old artwork.
  2. Sarah_Lafayette

    How to set up a controller?

    You can with a steam controller, launching external game option through steam. It doesn't work super well.
  3. Sarah_Lafayette

    Help me interpret my DATA! :D

    Thank you for pointing that out! I had never noticed that. I think my hit rate is probably threatening 50%. What I end up doing though is shooting blind if I don't other targets and I'm going to stay detected anyway. shooting at smoke, 15km+ DDs, complete blind shots in the direction I think I'm being detected from. (and over the bow of sassy clanmates XD). Certainly a terrible habit for my stats, but I think it explains it. I don't ever shoot at something I can't see (unless it's a DD I'm charging in smoke) in place of visible and viable targets, but I do shoot blind very frequently. When I aim to hit a ship, I get rounds on target or scattered around everywhere but target at long ranges ~ viva le france ~ my Mogador has 45% hit rate and I still, although much more rarely, blind fire smoke in it. -- If you come back and tell me that it only tracks shot fired onto tracked opponents, then I'm just bad or too far away and need to get good. :D As for HE AND AP. I'm learning, I've got the basics but I'm learning what I can and can't pen at what angles/ships/ranges. I've only been playing a few months and so far it's been the biggest learning curve is knowing exactly what will and won't work. Absolutely! I've been watching more of you're videos to get a better idea of what to send. :D
  4. Sarah_Lafayette

    Help me interpret my DATA! :D

    Acknowledging all of these things. you cited it as a reason for my win-rate initially. What determines win-rate at high tiers? skill/experience, playstyle, ship selection, luck, rng? You seem like you really know your stuff, can you speak to any common traits seen in players at high tiers who pull numbers averaging out in +1.5z and up area? (I honestly thought people playing 5-7 just REALLY loved certain premiums or hadn't made it to 10 yet. thinking of 5-7 as an entire intentional Meta and way of life is a new Idea to me.) Thank you for all your help so far :) .
  5. Sarah_Lafayette

    Help me interpret my DATA! :D

    I think I do obviously love them, those French Battleships . I'm recently playing the Lenin and grinding up through RU BB as well. Navalpride33, can you elaborate on what you mean by high tier gameplay? is there something specific about it that skews data or playstyles or..? I'm relatively new to the game and I don't know what you mean by this.
  6. So I recently looked at my clan's member list to see how my numbers had changed. What I found was that I was #3 in E/B 4 in D/B mid-tier in F/B and NEARLY LAST(6th from it) in winrate. obviously 35 people isn't a good data set, but in general using your outside knowledge, what are these numbers telling you? my E/B is on par with people who have 10-15% better win rates. So it seems that I'm making an impact, just not a game-winning one. Is it because I play mostly BB? Am I making poor decisions on the more macro level? Help me out here. :) - Sarah P.S. let me know if there is any additional data I should include. SO.. I've discovered the WOWS stats website. It seems my win-rate plummeted after 8.15-8.20 which was around the MM changes. fair enough I guess. average damage and experience have both slowly climbed. My last 21 days solo look relatively solid aside from I should never play DD apparently. How do I use these numbers to get better. (than average)