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  1. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] HMS Lancaster for Neptune

  2. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] USS New Jersey 1980's for Iowa

    Unfortunately modding the sound for AA guns means modding the sound for every single AA gun in the game, so its not really feasible.
  3. HMSMaidNelson

    My Iowa has moved to New Jersey...

    Im the one who made the mod :D Thanks for all the good comments, I highly appreciate it. I am currently working on several versions for both Iowa and Missouri that include all four iowas with their respective refits. (I may or may not also be looking at the fifth Iowa added in a recent techline that we all know and adore, and we all surely know that this line is clearly very healthy and beneficial for the current state of the game, and surely very based on historical designs, because Wargaming never makes made up ships right guys?)
  4. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] USS Forrestal for the United States

    Small update: There was an issue discovered with the link that accidentally removed most of the files needed for the mod to work. This issue has been solved. Special thanks to @caduzanon for helping me discover this.
  5. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] USS New Jersey 1980's for Iowa

    If I can tell you anything, is that it will most likely not be anytime soon. Next year probably, since my schedule is pretty busy these days...
  6. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] USS New Jersey 1980's for Iowa

    Please do keep in mind that this mod consists of two parts, the 3D model modification and the permanent camouflage modification. As of update, the proper bin folder should be 6474624 Inside of this folder, and inside the res_mods folder, the 3D model modification component USSNewJerseyRefit should go inside PnFMods. The camouflage component of the mod should go inside the content folder of the res_mods, and in the case that the folder doesnt exist, you should just drop the content folder on the mod's compressed file in the res_mods folder. Alternatively you can just grab the whole res_mods folder thats inside the mod's compressed file into the version number folder (6474624) and the explorer will take care of sorting all the files on their respective places for you. This is how you install the mod traditionally, and also what you should do every time the game receives a new update.
  7. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] USS New Jersey 1980's for Iowa

    Can you explain exactly what the issue is? I remember testing the mod at the beginning of the patch and havent noticed any issues, but I may be able to help you
  8. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] Nueve de Julio to Barroso conversion

    I just looked at this... Holy balls. How is it even possible to get this many error messages lmbo But I think i figured it out. Somehow, while installing the mod, you seem to have put the files within the mod's main folder somewhere else, or deleted them somehow. For reference, this is how the folder for the mod files should look like The error messages seem to come from every single node object from every folder within the main folder. If you can, can you send a screenshot of how this folder looks for you? it should be \World_of_Warships\bin\6359964\res_mods\PnFMods\NRB_Barroso\VSC507_Nueve_de_Julio_1951\ship If this is not the issue, then I dont have much clue of what the issue could be, since the log only mentions that all the files for the ship's mod are gone - which wouldnt be the case were the mod folder not there in the first place, since it needs the mod's '''Main.py'' file to be able to attempt loading it in the first place. I should also mention that I tried installing the mod for myself, and it seems to work properly.
  9. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] Nueve de Julio to Barroso conversion

    This kind of error normally only occurs when theres something preventing the mod from loading within the mod itself. If I may be so bold, can you please install the mod normally, wait until you're on the port while this error presents itself, and go to World_of_Warships/profiles/python.log, then share a screenshot of what it looks like at the end of the file? this may share some insight on what may be causing the mod to not load, and perhaps a fix.
  10. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] USS New Jersey 1980's for Iowa

    You are right; my bad. Iowa will be as she was during the 80's.
  11. HMSMaidNelson

    [ALL] USS New Jersey 1980's for Iowa

    I actually have some plans laid down to make mods for all four of the Iowa class, in this order: New Jersey 1980's for Iowa Iowa 1980's for Iowa* Missouri 1990's for Missouri Wisconsin 1990's for Missouri It will have to wait though. Perhaps a long time, since it takes a lot of effort to make these. In total, I spent three months working on this mod alone.
  12. USS New Jersey (BB-62) The long awaited, fast battleship USS New Jersey as she was during her deployment in the 1980's. Many people asked for an Iowa class battleship as they were after their refits in the 50's, 60's and 70's. As such, in light of how many people love this design, and how many people have either served on them or have family or friends who have served on them, I dedicate this mod to everyone who loves the Iowa's. In this WoWs mod, she has a Seasprite helicopter based on the one she carried in actuality, which works as a spotter. She also carries her four CIWS Phalanx guns, which function as anti aircraft guns in game. Notes: This mod removes a lot of the anti air guns that the original iowa carries in her 1940's configuration. Rest assured, however, since this does not affect performance at all, and is purely visual. The same also applies to the secondary guns that were removed during the refit. This mod is perfectly functional with every expendable camouflage, however, she looks best using her permanent camouflage, which was modified to the navy grey for this mod. Otherwise, if you'd like a camouflage thats close without spending 200 doubloons, the white camouflage looks great too. She does not work with any other permanent camouflage as far as I am aware. As with other mods, the radars do not spin due to a limitation in the game. As of currently, there is no fix for this that has been found and tested to work reliably. If you notice any historical inaccuracies, or would like to add something to the mod, please let me know. Do note that I made this mod based on images I found for New Jersey during the 1980's, without a specific year in particular. This mod only works properly with Iowa's B hull, since with the A hull the CIWS guns are replaced with dual 40mm bofors. The fighter plane consumable for this mod was left unmodified, as such, if you do decide to use it, you will see the normal floatplane sitting on the deck. My plan was to have it replaced with New Jersey's historical Pioneer drones, however I am still unsure of that, on top of having to go through the process of either finding a good 3D model for it or making one from scratch. If you have any ideas for the fighter plane, please do let me know and I will consider! More screenshots: HOW TO INSTALL: Step 1: extract the .zip file Step 2: Go to the following directory: \World_of_Warships\bin\ -highest number- If you are unsure of where your World of Warships root directory is: For Wargaming Center users: For steam users: Step 3: copy and paste the mod file inside the folder with the highest number. In the case that it asks you to replace any files, click replace. The inside of the res_mods folder should look like this: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD Download link (Google Drive) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to @Admiral_Bingo For the great help provided while developing the mod jakobvrabec (EU) For modding the Seasprite helicopter for me, as well as helping solve other issues I had. Many thanks to these people also for helping me with feedback as well as participating in the screenshots @EmptyFrozer @DemonEmpire787 @angelina_prpr @lolpip The 3D model that I used as a base to heavily modify to fit with the WoWs 3D model was taken from Sketchup and made by Sir Topham Hatt.
  13. HMSMaidNelson

    [12.1] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    Sure! No problem. Just send me a direct message whenever you need and I should be available.
  14. HMSMaidNelson

    [12.1] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    I have a St. Vincent, as well as every other ship in the entire line, if that helps. What do you need?