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  1. I think I'm ready to get serious about playing DDs (I still hate them).  It looks like the German line and Europe line are the most developed in my port.  So, with German DDs I should attack DDs and drive them away.  With European DDs I should spot and annoy.  Of course there's the cap missions and other DD responsibilities.  I still need to work out the binocular usage since things are at a much closer range than I'm used to with BBs.

  2. Justin_Simpleton

    So, what's next after the second Euro DD line?

    Hear Hear! I can't keep up.
  3. Justin_Simpleton

    What's your "One of Those Days" indicator?

    First game of the day and I'm looking at 2 CVs, 3 subs, a destroyer from the bridge of my Colorado.
  4. Justin_Simpleton

    Newbie Hit hard with the WAW Bug!

    Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. There will be times you just keep playing and frustrate yourself trying to achieve some objective. If you have a set playing time limit you can more easily take a needed break. I was just like OP when I started. I bought the premium ships, raced up the line and trashed my stats. My first ship was the Graf Zeppelin that I don't play at all. The second ship was Lenin which I love playing but but I can't make it win in Random, thus I trash my stats. However, it's undefeated in brawls. One good thing about acquiring many ships is you have a wide assortment to choose from to suit your mood and tolerance level. This is really good advice. Tier 8 exposes you to T10 ships and highlights the weaknesses that you need to improve upon.
  5. Justin_Simpleton

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.3

    No. I need room for steel not rust.
  6. Justin_Simpleton

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.3

    The public test is starting tomorrow. What should I be looking for? Should I just play as usual where everything is a suprise to me? If he started both dockyards and never finished then he does have unfinished hulls That's right ^. And I tested the second dockyard event. The rewards for testing were plentiful. I still don't have a Puerto Rico but I think it's because I'm not ready to play one.
  7. Justin_Simpleton

    Developer Bulletin for Update 12.3

    I have two unfinished Puerto Rico hulls in my port.
  8. Justin_Simpleton

    A Question For All Operations Players?

    I resemble this remark. However, I do give a damn. I've been through only 3/4 ton of videos, gaining a handful of tidbit information per 20 min. each time. I balance my alloted time between research and playing. Operations are predictable therefore progress in skill is more controlable. I don't play Ops anymore since the change to randomized ops negated the joy of preparing strategy and ship setup for a known engagement. When the time comes that I no longer enjoy random, I'll be looking for videos that show and explain what goes on for each operation. Hopefully, each of my 178 ships will be covered specifically. I hope the operations don't change dramatically over the next few years otherwise new videos will have to be made to show how to play now.
  9. Justin_Simpleton

    Battle of the River Platte

    It was an exciting week when they filmed parts of "Midway" on the CVT-16 Lexington. They brought aboard a broken plane with bent propellers, told us which actors were in the researve and rated a salute. We left port and immediatly went on water hours. It's kinda fun seeing old shipmates when I watch this movie. I just watched the movie "Battle of the River Platte" yesterday and was impressed with the cinematography in the opening part of the movie as they showed the various ships manuevering.
  10. Justin_Simpleton

    Stop being anti battleship

    These are the reasons I play battleships almost exclusively. I enjoy rushing the cap with my DD team mate and spotting for him while he"s smoked up. If stats were any good I would show you how effective a BB is against a DD and how often my flank holds throughout the match.
  11. Thanks, ArIskandir, for describing the experience I had with Nebraska when it was in testing. I even got a kracken with it! I'm definitely looking forward to the release of this ship since my Colorodo has more than enough xp to unlock her.
  12. Justin_Simpleton

    Working on a Sub and ASW tutorial video

    There are many one-sentence pieces of info distributed throughout this forum that would be good to know A recent example is from @paradat "Also, in most cases Hydrophone is used more for the sub to get an idea of what direction to evade. It is more defensive than offensive by far." Is there a way to collect these opinions in a tutorial?
  13. Justin_Simpleton

    USS NoGo?

    No, I've been playing randoms only.
  14. Justin_Simpleton

    USS NoGo?

    I received this in my port this morning. It looks like fort Drum. I don't know where it came from. Turned out to be 900k credits, 12,500 fxp and some economic bonuses.
  15. Justin_Simpleton

    Goodbye. Too Many Gimmicks

    Dude, did you check your WG Game Center download speed setting? Your rig looks good enough, I think your problem is the actual download speed It was years ago. It was the very first online game I've ever downloaded. I checked everything I knew to check at the time. I don't remember seeing the game center until after everything got downloaded. Next time, I'll take better notes and ask for help if my download rate is at 5 mbs or less again. For me, it was all typical as usual.