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  1. Justin_Simpleton

    Commander Mode

    This is a good to know. It tells me a game with commander mode should limit player's objectives like when ops battles don't count towards naval battles. A good goal for such a commander mode would be to help those who want to 'get gud'. This should discourage players who choose this battle mode to go off and complete missions for grinding. For me when learning a new ship, it would be good to get experienced help to put me in effective battle positions. From there, I'll handle the guns and deal what comes my way.
  2. Justin_Simpleton

    Chat disabled permanently

    I fail to see the utility of allowing opposing teams to communicate with each other.
  3. Justin_Simpleton

    Firing Delay on Jean Bart + Bourgogne

    There was a lengthy thread on this subject yesterday. Others are seeing this problem. I'm seeing this problem with other ships and I'm running Modstation. If you are not running any mods, WG needs replays and WGcheck information to track this bug down so, send in a ticket to help get this resolved.
  4. Justin_Simpleton

    Another battle mode idea

    Would steel be an incentive to play the fleet commander?
  5. Justin_Simpleton

    JB's Guns not firing?

    When submitting a ticket a player needs to remove the mods and perform a WGcheck. If removing the mods resolves the issue then the problem lies with the mods, correct? How does the mod get fixed?
  6. Justin_Simpleton

    JB's Guns not firing?

    As a mediocre player, I usually assume the problem lies with me. Now, that I know others are seeing an issue, which I have gathered from reading this forum, I will be submitting tickets to help resolve this problem. I do suspect the Modstation is my problem. Other problems with mod has showed up after several days and only towards the end of the battle. Remove the mod, problem solved. Where do we submit tickets to mod developers? Switching in and out of mods and relearning my aiming methods is frustrating.
  7. Justin_Simpleton

    JB's Guns not firing?

    I've seen it happen on occasion. I don't have JB.
  8. Justin_Simpleton

    Another battle mode idea

    I appreciate your bluntness. I think, though, there would be a significant difference. First everyone knows from the start who is in command and that commander is qualified by virtue of vast experience. Second, everyone knows what the plan is. True, there will be hard headed players but I think over time most will learn not to be that way.
  9. Just throwing out a wild idea for others to chew on. 1 Random battle mode 2 Each side has a Fleet commander 3 Fleet commander is in spectator mode i.e. he has no ship 4 Eliminate enemy mgs from chat box 5 Fleet commander gets a full screen mini-map view The idea is for unicum players to fill the role of Fleet commander dispensing orders via the chat box. The potatoes should follow the orders because doing so will put them in the proper position to fire shots and live. Also, the commander can give the player specific advice on aiming, maneuvering, and such. There should be a benefit to the players filling the role of Fleet Commander as well as qualifications.
  10. Justin_Simpleton

    I'm out

    There seems to be an ebb and flow regarding how teammates play. About the time I get used to playing with chickens, roosters show up and leave me hanging in the back. It changes from week to week.
  11. The tight turn of the VU helps put guns on target as you expose broadsides while timing the opponents reload. There might be a better way of saying this, but it works for me.
  12. The Ok and VU are comparable for what these ships provide in battle. They both provide significant obstacles for pushing by enemy ships. The VU gives DDs a whole lot of trouble. OK shoots high arc shells accurately.
  13. I still enjoy the VU. I'm thinking it's better than the Oklahoma.
  14. Justin_Simpleton

    Use of credits.

    You are going to want a whole lot more credits to progress up the tech tree line
  15. Justin_Simpleton

    Is NA server down

    Is the server up?