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  1. Justin_Simpleton

    Like A Bat Out Of Hell

    Remember Meatloaf in Fight Club?
  2. Justin_Simpleton

    What is this I see on New Patch Day?

    Maybe that big orange warning in Game Center about the server being down had something to do with it?
  3. Justin_Simpleton

    Question about archiving old replay versions

    I guess the choice is record a video while playing or replay while recording In replay you can have camera controls and replay speed. Obsolete with version changes. Can be videod at the cost of extra time (the battle is played twice) In video it's what you see but not affected by version updates from wows.
  4. It's a new year and new strategy. I'm going to archive replays and screenshots and additionally add movie recordings and text notes using the following file struture. I what to know if saving WorldOfWarships.exe file separately, not updated, will allow me to use replay files even after subsequent updates. Are there other files I need to save?
  5. Justin_Simpleton

    losing streak

    Ever since the XP bonus went up to 100 and 200% I've had really crappy games and most were losses. The wins were low bxp. Mostly bad spawn locations for the ship I was playing.
  6. Justin_Simpleton

    PSA: Ship Currencies Announced & GK Khabarovsk Info

    I have finished the second grind of FdG and I still don't like that ship. Still need to earn a few more million credits for upgrades and modules and the Preussen of course. I wonder if I'll have to retrain my 17pt cpt.?
  7. Justin_Simpleton

    Noob questions

    The thumb rules I use: Keep commander researve slots filled with no skill commanders. Keep port slots filled with tier 1 ships. These are placeholders. There are ships given to you for short periods of time, sometimes with commanders. When these ships are added, slots are added but not removed when the ships and commanders go away. You can get 0 skill cpts. and tier 1 ships for nothing and get nothing for getting rid of them. Advance your commanders on even tier ships. Example: Move your commander from tier 4 to tier 6 then to tier 8 and so on. Put newer commanders on the odd tiers. Coal is useful for buying 10pt. commanders. Free XP is useful for adding skills to commanders. Also handy to top off a thousand or so xp to finish off a grind of a miserable ship. Credits buy ships, upgrades, modules, flags, cammo. I get just as many supercontainers when choosing resource containers as try your luck. In the beginning more credits containers help build up economic flag inventory which is handy for getting you to tier 5 where you start getting lots of flags, coal, credits and so on. At that level you can switch to resource containers.
  8. Justin_Simpleton

    How long do they take to handle tickets?

    Typically, responses come within 24 hrs. during a weekday. This is a holiday weekend so, give them another day or two.
  9. Justin_Simpleton

    losing streaks

    Losing streaks will make a person feel bad about all those flags and camo invested and makes it darn hard to finish missions such as the daily trial. What helps me is to ask myself WHY do I need to win. Even in losing matches, I have good games and earn bxp, fxp, cxp and credits. I sure would like those matches to be wins but it must be my turn to lose. If I really need to win I play co-op even though I don't like to. I had a 10 game winning streak the other day so I know it does work the other way. I may have had other winning streaks but I rarely remember those. The advice of taking a break is good advice. Take time to regain your perspective.
  10. Justin_Simpleton

    GK and Khabarovsk replacements

    You will also wake up to the fact that you may not be eligible for research points since you no longer have 5 tier X ships researched.
  11. Justin_Simpleton

    How is this a win? And how does this happen? Perplexed.

    Nope. If two remaing ships fire at one another the one that sinks first ends the game immediately before the salvos hit the other. If two ships collide, the one with the greater health will win.
  12. Yes! Occasionally there are win streaks. Got my daily trials done.
  13. Justin_Simpleton

    Damn, dude, soldier much?

    Maybe. The key thing is that it is now yearly and the results of effectiveness is not well reported. I've never gotten a flu shot since then and lived through a two day flu once. I haven't yet seen any reports how many who have gotten the flu had previously gotten the vaccine.
  14. Justin_Simpleton

    Restore HMS Nelson to the armory

    Crap. I thought I looked. My, this crow tastes funny.
  15. Justin_Simpleton

    Damn, dude, soldier much?

    This statement has peaked my interest because I remember having to stand in line for a swine flu vaccine as a condition of getting my paycheck in 1976. I looked in every major paper which the local library had to learn about this swine flu epidemic and found nothing. The mandatory shots were suspended after some soldiers in Ft. Hood died from them. Curiously, half of each division in my duty station were unfit to perform their duty after the vaccination, yet not a peep about the comprimise of national defense. I wonder if you experienced the swine flu.