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  1. Admiral_Lawrenson

    Best Free XP ship?

    Hi guys, At long last I've saved up 1 million free XP. Been thinking of the Alaska for some time, but want to make sure it's a good decision. Would you buy the Alaska? Another ship? Would you save the free xp for something else to come out soon? Note that I do have a few Tier 9 and 10 ships, but my highest heavy cruiser is the New Orleans at T7. Otherwise most my experience is in the RN tree, a few different BB and dd lines, and a few other premiums on the side. Thanks in advance your advice.
  2. Admiral_Lawrenson

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    Damn. Judging from the replies in this thread it's a really good thing I asked, as I was very close to just going for the Tirpitz. I'm a little surprised how much better the Massa sounds, but I'm sure you guys know your stuff. I don't think I mind having a dedicated captain on her either. I've heard you can use a Mass captain as an Atlanta one too because the builds will be very similar. Well, I think you guys convinced me. It sounds like I might end up going for Massa.
  3. Admiral_Lawrenson

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    Hi there, So I'm interested in a full secondary build. I have the Scharnhorst and really enjoy when those secondaries open up, but it's not specialised in secondaries. I always thought I would get Tirp when a sale came on, but then they updated the armory with the Massa and made my decision a lot harder. I think I tend to enjoy the more mobile style of gameplay overall, which is why I have a couple T8-9 cruisers, a bunch of T7 destroyers, but only a few BB lines up to 6 (almost 7 on a couple of them). I'm having difficulty getting through the slowass American BBs for that reason. My concern is has Tirp been power crept over the last couple years since its release? The Massa is newer so maybe it's a better performer? Which is more fun for random, but also which may be more viable in ranked? I've checked out a couple reviews for each, but still don't know which way to go. The community will usually steer you right though. Thanks for your insights and suggestions.
  4. Admiral_Lawrenson

    Purchase advice for newb - 200% doubloon return coupon

    That's a decent suggestion. I'm considering it, thank you.
  5. Admiral_Lawrenson

    Purchase advice for newb - 200% doubloon return coupon

    I wondered about that. They seem to have fewer hitpoints and also only come equipped with the AP shells, but I'm guessing they make up for it with their speed and concealment? I definitely had a hard time to begin with. I might try out the IJN if I can pick up some port slots, lol.
  6. Admiral_Lawrenson

    Purchase advice for newb - 200% doubloon return coupon

    Hey Taylor, thanks for this, but I actually did this already. Wished I had done it to begin with, but better sooner than later! Initially I rolled a steam account and put about 5-7 hrs into the game before learning about the invite code. I rolled a new account that comes with the Diana II and Warspite VI, and I'm a little past where I was initially.
  7. Admiral_Lawrenson

    Purchase advice for newb - 200% doubloon return coupon

    Hey guys, thanks for all of the helpful and insightful responses so far. I have tried all the ship types except for aircraft carriers. I think I enjoy them all pretty equally so far, but perhaps I enjoy cruisers the most because of their 'jack of all trades' feel. I think that's why I might like the scharnhorst - I've read it's a battleship that plays kind of like a heavy cruiser and also has torpedoes. But I do also enjoy the fast and fluid gameplay of the destroyers. I've heard the T-61 is another good option, as well as another Russian one that starts with an O or something (can't remember the exact name). I've been sticking mostly to British ships so far because of my limited ship slots, and I wanted to try out the higher tiers. I've been having a little bit of a hard time with the T3 and 4 British cruisers (Caledon and Danae) because it seems like they go boom boom very easily. At least a couple times I got wrecked by a single salvo. But I've learned a few things and have been steadily improving. The coupon actually does work with the Scharnhorst package - the Scharnhorst and 2 random T7 ships for $62 Canadian (equivalent is around $42 American). Does that seem like a pretty good deal? I'm hesitant to buy the year of premium time because that seems like a huge commitment and there will sometimes be stretches where I can't play much. Investing in doubloons or a ship would allow me to come and go as I please - it fits my current lifestyle a little better. That being the case, what are the best T5-6-7 ships I could buy? Or what is the highest value doubloons package I could buy? Still not sure which direction to go - thanks guys!
  8. Hey guys, So I'm quite new to the game (about 150 battles I think), but I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Because of what it uniquely offers in terms of gameplay, I could see myself playing it (somewhat casually) for quite a few years. Well, I just got this 200% coupon, and I'm big on value, so I'd definitely like to put it to good use. I think my limit in spending would be about ~$60 Canadian, but I'd be willing to go higher if the value was there. Also for the record, I don't see myself spending a lot in the future (unless there are similar very high-value options), so I'd like to maximize my value with this purchase and just get the most out of it over time. Note, the coupon only lasts 5 days. Problem is, the game seems quite deep and I know/understand very little about it. I could really use some help/recommendations about how to put it to good use. I read a few other posts on the topic but am really not sure what to do. So far I'm considering the following: -I've heard really good things about the Scharnhorst, and it's even on the summer sale today. However it comes with random ship containers, which I've heard may not be so great? -I'm Canadian, so consider Canadian options (I think the Haida is the only one currently?) a little bit extra appealing to me. -Perhaps I should purchase doubloons straight up instead? Please help this desperate noob to make a smart purchase decision! Thanks guys!