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  1. The decision to have 3 planes instead of 1 is a game design choice, not a historical one. WG just gave a 'plausible' explanation as to how it works and, while maybe a little forced, is far from the most ridiculous thing in WoWs. As for 42 knots on a WW1 DD hull, this complaint is one of the most obvious drama baits Flamu has made. Flamu looks up and sees the fastest WW1 ship was HMS Mastiff at 37.5 knots and compares it to Jager's absolute top speed in game of 42 knots. What Flamu conveniently ignores is the fact that every ship in the game with a speed boost goes way over their historical speeds and reaches complete fantasy levels. Jager has a base speed of 37 knots which is slower than HMS Mastiff's top speed of 37.5 knots. Trying to tell people Jager is completely ridiculous because of its speed is a sorry attempt to stir up controversy.
  2. Not anymore ludicrous than stuff like Main Battery Reload Booster or Torpedo Reload Booster, but those things have been in the game for years so there's no point in making drama over it.
  3. WillRuggz7

    Will Sun Yat-Sen be available for coal?

    Sun-Yat-Sen is already in the doubloon section of the armory
  4. WillRuggz7

    Listening to the Player base

    remember that historical battle gamemode where one team was Axis and the other was Allies and it was unbalanced af because 99% of the time allied ships are just straight up better.
  5. Yeah it will, probably when next month's update happens if i had to guess.
  6. How is Sun Yat Sen in any way like ARP Yamato? That ship was part of collaboration with an anime and hasn't come back because there hasn't been another collab with them since.
  7. WillRuggz7

    San Deigo Question

    San Diego is like Austin if the gimmick was toned down a notch and was actually good.
  8. WillRuggz7

    Why is the Ammo set up so badly?

    Unfortunately, because naval warfare is not designed to be fun or intuitive, I doubt any changes like the ones you mentioned would ever be implemented. It is interesting, however, how often people forget how unrealistic WoWs is as a naval combat game. Being unrealistic isn't a bad thing, but something I think is important to remember when talking about what should and shouldn't be added to the game.
  9. An excellent unique Pan asian commander you can get for free
  10. For me, someone who avoids CB like the plague, the premium battlepass has allowed me to accumulate steel and other materials at a much faster rate than ever before and it is the reason why I buy the battlepass. But yeah, a tier 8 techtree ship as the final reward of the premium pass is a little wack.
  11. WillRuggz7

    Help! Mecklenburg or Incomparable?

    mfw I'm in a bad takes competition and my opponent is PQ:
  12. WillRuggz7

    Santa's Gifts

    certificate crates; 20 small Hyuga is definitely a ship I'll take for free
  13. WillRuggz7

    Santa's Gifts

    23 Not bad for 18 bucks!
  14. Aye. Considering BB-66 Kentucky was meant to missile ship...who knows what could be added in the future.