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  1. yall are really saying that epicenter on a map like Tears of the Desert was fun...
  2. WillRuggz7


    Kearsarge is arguably the most OP T9 ship that's been released in a long time, you seriously need to re-approach the ship if you can't get results with it.
  3. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/311 "At the request of players, instead of Premium ships VII LENINGRAD, V EXETER, and IV ISHIZUCHI, the Naval Community tab will offer Premium Ship II-IV, Premium Ship V, and Premium Ship VII containers in exchange for Community Tokens."
  4. WillRuggz7

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    But people are in this thread saying that the current version of SD in disrespectful to the irl ship’s history and are demanding that WG change it fundamentally to “match the history.” However, besides the whole “SD had really good AA”, there has been no significant evidence given as to why WG has to change the ship to the T7 version play style. A group of people on the forums simply want San Diego to be a t8 Atlanta. In my opinion, I see no appeal in spending about 45 USD on the tier 8 version of a ship I already own and the San Diego name only brings very small amount of enjoyment, especially when three very similar ships already exist in game (and two of them you can get for free). Right now I prefer San Diego as it is now far more than the proposals presented in this thread. Also, the reason AA is a boring gimmick is because AA is a 1 or 2 button press action that just increases a passive effect. Gimmicks that will boost the effectiveness of the main guns or torpedos will always be more fun than good AA.
  5. In game with consumables like TRB and MBRB this is where you draw the line?
  6. WillRuggz7

    Dockyard boats afterlife

    Why play De7 when Cleveland exists
  7. WillRuggz7

    Fakeblog #1 | New Ships

    I would actually kill for Milwaukee
  8. WillRuggz7

    DevBlog 279 - Submarine Trials Return — 0.11.2 Closed Test

    WG: "Submarine testing will resume in 0.11.2" *releases dev blog saying that subs will resume testing Playerbase: "OMG WARGAMING I CAN'T BELIEVE YOURE BRINGING SUBS BACK" Nevermind the fact that these changes are another net nerfs for submarines, a class which did literally 0 damage in 1/3 of matches. But nevertheless people will still complain about subs and about how OP they are or about how they're not realistic (even though they're playing a game where ships fall off the face of the Earth when you're not in a certain range of them).
  9. WillRuggz7

    Siegfried or Yolo Emilio?

    Paolo Emilio is probably one of the worst ships in the game tier for tier and it's gimmick of torpedo attacks requires stupid people for it to work. Some examples that hard-counter Paolo Emilio are: any ship with a 5km (or more) hydro, any radar ship in the game, CV, enemies who don't leave their spawn, and enemies who have working A and D keys on their keyboard. Not saying you can't fun in the ship (although I believe the gimmick gets rather boring), but what I am saying is that Paolo Emilios often actively sandbag the team they're on. Very rarely in random battles will you be able to pull off the a good play in Paolo. Siegfried is a pretty solid T9 cruiser. Would've guessed that 15inch guns with cruiser accuracy is good. Also secondary guns can still reach to 10km with just the module upgrade + flag, it's not gonna melt anything but it still get a couple fires once in a while. It's not a bad choice even with Sevastopol in the works.
  10. WillRuggz7

    Ugliest ship in wows.

    Am i the only one who likes how Kearsarge looks :(
  11. WillRuggz7

    Honest Update 0.11.0

  12. I would like anything even related to SBY
  13. Simply having more guns doesn't make a ship better than another. What makes Sherman's SAP DPM so notable is that it has 36 mm of pen so it can deal with almost all cruiser plating, dds, and the bow & stern plating of BBs (and sometimes the upper belt). To say that it won't be able to deal with any other ship type except submarines is absurd. Also, torpedo power is not even that relevant. Some of the most powerful dds released recently like Ragnar and Druid have no torpedo power whatsoever and still perform extremely well. Torpedos only really work on players who have no map awareness or are at point blank range, something that doesn't (and shouldn't) happen very often.
  14. You can the website shiptool.st to see shell arcs. Here is Forrest Sherman compared with Harugumo and Daring:
  15. I can't understand how have 324k SAP DPM base is mediocre in any way. The gun angles aren't bad either so it's not like it will be impossible to get all 3 guns firing on a target. The thing that makes the American guns on Harekaze so awful isn't the amount of guns or the gun placement, but the aboridd dpm that they have.