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  1. if one can predict the lottery that brag all about it. exactly what did you got again for this prediction?
  2. airborne410_

    Yoshi impressions

    That's my understanding and impression of Yoshi from Google!
  3. airborne410_

    Stalin is stronk my new dmg record !

    and hogged all those kills while others walk away empty handed? blah blah blah!
  4. airborne410_

    Azuma or Friesland

    seriously u need a life ! Do something else IRL that is actually productive with all that time!
  5. airborne410_

    8.6s "Random bundle" - 1,000 doubs!?!?

    no, it's call freaking inflation with rapid lost of player base. developers has family to feed too!
  6. airborne410_

    Bored with game

    wows is a shoot em up in 20 min max [edited]. what do u expect?
  7. airborne410_

    So what is happening with submarines?

    only when you are high then you see sub in this game! just get a bowl and light it up man!
  8. airborne410_

    Done complaining......just done

    Wows is not chess, most people just come to shoot each other's things and go rage in chat box. Go tell the same to the cage fighter and have them try STRATEGY GAME, hey it's your A$SE or their then!
  9. airborne410_

    Done complaining......just done

    NO crap!!...they are controlled.....Ive realized this game is just gonna take money and not allow for true experience That's how it works in capitalism. Know the rules of the game and learn not to be f*cked in the behind next time around!
  10. airborne410_

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    They just want to suck you in an play 24/7, or paid up real $$$ for [edited] ships. Get the suckers hooked and they will spend $$$, it's a simple model and it just freaking works! Hay, no one tell you that you need all those ships suckers!
  11. the answers, because they are American! seriously they don't really freaking care. [edited] all we want but they only care about how to make more money. steam has larger competitions so they have to lower prices, and obviously they don't care about how we feels about unequal treatment. It is a business after all
  12. airborne410_

    More and More Passive...

    develop need to follow fortnite, have an enclosing storm and bunch the pus together for a nice shootout before time end!
  13. airborne410_

    More and More Passive...

    people are just pu$$y in general. I call them out all the time. that would do the trick!
  14. airborne410_


    come to think of it I do that sh*t all the time and nothing ever really bad happens! I call people names and say whatever I like! I am still here. It's the same old sh*t here over and over. get my drift?
  15. airborne410_


    people rage in game chat because they can do so without and real or serious consequences. when i play EVE online and fallout 76 rage is never an issue. but wows with old chat box people can do and say whatever they like, and become an [edited].