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  1. Salttyy

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    Is this like the real Alaska Class USS Puerto Rico? Not enough time or money to build her. Just buy USS Alaska and be done. It was fun to watch the construction on the Test Server. I am expecting WoW to use the Dockyard for another ship. Maybe not a tier 10, and making it easier to get to. I also like that the supervisor is H J Kaiser, one of the great men of the 20th century who started out in concrete and ended up building more ships than any one.
  2. Salttyy

    Batalla en el Rio Plata - UK vs. GER

    want Graf Spee just thought Bismark looked cool
  3. Salttyy

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Round 1 - The Dockyard

    the building speed has problems. in the image I should be at 643 with all the accelerators in place but am at 298 which only reflects HJKaiser. When I logged on all the prior build was gone but I had all the acceleration speed previously earned even though it didn't show I earned the accelerators. So I bought all that I could as shown in the image, but only got 298:-(
  4. Salttyy

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful for WoW giving me stress relief when I need it. I have fun and have met some new friends on WoW. Now all I have to do is get my dad on WoW so he can have a warship instead of the Liberty Ships he served on.
  5. didn't have good drawing tools
  6. Salttyy

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    It seems I dont always get the snowflake rewards either
  7. Salttyy

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    here is my screen shot with the PR showing as obtained and in Russian
  8. Salttyy

    Aim for Achievements - 18th - 25th

    seemed like I was getting none of the achievement awards until this one
  9. Salttyy

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Round 1 - The Dockyard

    Love that Manager you can buy is Henry J Kaiser, a hero and true leader. The left side of the boast tree has labels and pictures out of sync, paint sign for employee canteen Appears that points only accumulate when in shipbuilding Dock. This is very tedious. Should accumulate points as long as your logged in. On thermometer the pop up shows Russian characters
  10. WoW does not do inter dimensional travel yet. But it might be interesting game idea
  11. Salttyy

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Tip: Use the adaptive site. Learn the lead for each distance and each ship type. Have hit DDs and CLs at long range with BB this way. DDs don't expect BB to be able to gun them. Most of my first blood is CLs from BBs at long to intermediate range. Some CLs are easier targets. Thea for me, best outfit.
  12. If you are interested in that part of History, the Huntington Library and Gardens is celebrating 100 years. The 1919 exhibit focuses on what was going on in 1919 and the beginning of the exhibit is the ending of WWI and its impacts. Some cool pictures of sailors and ships. Should make it a separate day from Iowa. For scholars, the Huntington (as in Huntington Ingalls Ship building, who make war ships) has the best holdings on anything English and Southern California History. I hope I can make it to Iowa, been before with my son who was USN FC on DDG.
  13. Midway was a classic Japanese victory formula: one big battle with divine help wins the war. If USN didn't know it was coming, the IJN may have succeeded in taking Midway and keeping its offensive momentum until the USN Essex CVs outnumbered the IJN's CVs.
  14. Midway was important because it shifted the offensive momentum and eliminated an important part of the IJN cadre. It reduced the the time to defeat Japan.
  15. The USN had the advantage of knowing the IJN was comming. USN put as many aircraft as possible on Midway. What is amazing is the IJN losses. The importance of Midway cannot be diminished. A victory after so many defeats for the USN, my father in law told me they would say "Golden Gate in 48" as an optimistic estimate of when the war would end. Another important result of Midway was the number of experienced IJN who committed suicide.