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  1. Salttyy

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    They all worked for me. i used the URL entry method https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=STOLENFROMOFFICIALCHANNEL it works faster sometimes the server was having problems and if you already entered a code it says its invalid next, write a script to try every combination or look at the International Code book
  2. thanks for the codes I missed, and the url snipit makes entering so much easier.
  3. the advance pictures show underwater topography, can subs run into undersea mountains?
  4. Salttyy

    Best 404 page ever

    Yea, but I only landed it on it today
  5. Salttyy

    Best 404 page ever

    This is the best 404 page ever, Davy Jones locker should be the tititle
  6. Salttyy

    Anniversary Stream! It's today!

    That red cat with Dasha reminds me of my cousin's cat that only liked my red headed cousin. I like the collar tag, you guys should sell logo items like key chains, coffee mugs, not just T shirts.
  7. Salttyy

    Anniversary Stream! The Third Gift

    from web browser click on your ID down near bottom is Activate wargaming code from WGC, go to your ID
  8. Salttyy

    Unsinkable Sam Box - Nice Goodies

    Unfortunately whoever does the copy doesn't understand US English: a cat box is where the cat goes to the head (toilet). I don't want a cat box, I want an Unsinkable box or a Sam Box or Unsinkable Sam Box. no more scatological stuff here
  9. I am actually more interested in ASW since my dad was a U-boat target
  10. The usual problem of monolithic downloads. The download process should be able to be interrupted and taken up where it left off. How about being able to download while playing on regular?
  11. Recently while playing with someone in a Division, we started enumerating the war ships we had seen or been on. My first was USS Forestall when we kids got a tour, and I asked to see the engine room because dad was Lt Cmndr. Chief Engineer in WWII. Been on some US Fleet boats, U505 in Chicago (you should do an event at U505 once you have submarines, in fact a Submarine Anchors Away, there are many), USS Kitty Hawk. Sailed by USS New Jersey while it was at Long Beach Naval Shipyard during Vietnam War. On USS Iowa, sailed past USS Missouri on way out of Pearl Harbor on DDG73 on way to Sand Diego where went aboard USS Midway. Well the discussion went on and brought back found memories. I would like Mikasa, because I will probably not get to see her at Yokoska
  12. Salttyy

    Revenge of Summer - Sept 9 - 16th

    3 fire was easy, just use a US standard BB with HE and waste the impact of AP as soon as one lights a CL, move to the next one, since I had good teammates we won also. the 4 citadels were after I switched to AP
  13. Salttyy

    Revenge of Summer - Sept 9 - 16th

    It is so much easier to get fire ribbons than flooding. Thanks for a contest I can qualify in. Btw how did some of you get 3 flooding?
  14. I did submit one that I stated was fake and indicated it was fake and for fun. The post was removed