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  1. Salttyy

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Here in the Iron Pyrite State (that's fools gold for those not into rocks) Our Governor does not want us to go out except for food. The crazies here are buying up all the bottled water, when our tap water is perfectly good. Stop hording, there is enough of everything for all if we don't hoard. Also if you can take an online class in food safety you will learn a lot about how to stay safe.
  2. Salttyy

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thanks, I turn to WOW for stress relief
  3. Salttyy

    Another ship setting sail...

    Will you be my Valentine?
  4. the building speed has problems. in the image I should be at 643 with all the accelerators in place but am at 298 which only reflects HJKaiser. When I logged on all the prior build was gone but I had all the acceleration speed previously earned even though it didn't show I earned the accelerators. So I bought all that I could as shown in the image, but only got 298:-(
  5. Love that Manager you can buy is Henry J Kaiser, a hero and true leader. The left side of the boast tree has labels and pictures out of sync, paint sign for employee canteen Appears that points only accumulate when in shipbuilding Dock. This is very tedious. Should accumulate points as long as your logged in. On thermometer the pop up shows Russian characters
  6. fasces are used by the USA. It is a symbol of US Congress and used to be on back of the dime. Of course the US doesn't ban symbols, it is in Europe that WoW has to watch out. swastikas appear in native American art and south asian art. The IJN ensign is another one that is interesting because it is still used. It is banned in some countries. The US military uses it in some unit symbols. It is a pre fascist symbol.
  7. Salttyy

    Jet planes on carriers

    If USSR gets carriers than Us should have nuclear powered USS Long Beach CGN
  8. Salttyy

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    They all worked for me. i used the URL entry method https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=STOLENFROMOFFICIALCHANNEL it works faster sometimes the server was having problems and if you already entered a code it says its invalid next, write a script to try every combination or look at the International Code book
  9. thanks for the codes I missed, and the url snipit makes entering so much easier.
  10. Salttyy

    Best 404 page ever

    Yea, but I only landed it on it today
  11. Salttyy

    Best 404 page ever

    This is the best 404 page ever, Davy Jones locker should be the tititle
  12. Salttyy

    Unsinkable Sam Box - Nice Goodies

    Unfortunately whoever does the copy doesn't understand US English: a cat box is where the cat goes to the head (toilet). I don't want a cat box, I want an Unsinkable box or a Sam Box or Unsinkable Sam Box. no more scatological stuff here
  13. The flooding sound is very grating, should be a bit more base
  14. Salttyy

    CV Win Rate and Latest AA Buffs

    Just played Lexington and Midway in 0.8.8, my planes did not stand a chance. Few torpedo bombers got through (reality), but the other types did so poorly that I would never own Lady Lex or Midway..... just no fun.
  15. Salttyy

    CV Win Rate and Latest AA Buffs

    I just realized that the Lexington in real life was 80% the length of USS Midway, but the game has them the same size!!!! She was built on the hull design of Montana which gave her double hauls and very good torpedo and mine protection. She was the first "super Carrier"