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  1. parkedo

    Nerf the Holland AA now!

    Yeah and after that they should nerf cruiser and bb guns not to hit dds so I can motor right up to them and torpedo them at will. Seriously if u r afraid of Halland AA just find other targets. DDs have to work around radar ships and not just sail right up to them, unless they r suicidal.
  2. parkedo

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    If CVs are good for competitive play why were they not allowed in the most recent King of the Sea tournaments?
  3. parkedo

    Kurfurst, a Lesson in Futility

    I agree it isn't as common, but u had to know pushing a BB into a cap would result in getting spammed. It stinks when the DDs and cruisers don't move up, but that means u will be the target for sure.
  4. parkedo

    Kurfurst, a Lesson in Futility

    Could be worse. You could be one of those cruisers and you get slapped from full health to being back at port with one salvo. Doesn't take 10 min. To do that only 10 sec. Even angled you get taken out quickly.
  5. Try playing a light cruiser and even though you angle you get slapped by one salvo from a bb. It takes a while to burn a bb and you have the chance to get away. One salvo from a bb doesnt give that opportunity, but that is how the game is played.
  6. parkedo

    Coming back after three years....

    Welcome back Glock_. Hope u keep on enjoying the game. As u can see some people lose their minds when you post anything they disagree with. Just ignore the trolls and enjoy the game.
  7. parkedo

    Coming back after three years....

    You still just don't get it. When u say someone's idea is stupid u r calling them stupid. I'm not being thin skinned. Believe me, the are a few choice words I would like to use back to u, but I know how to restrain myself. Also my comment was pertinent to the topic. You sound like one if those that tries to silence dissenting opinion hence the "stay off the forum" comment. Sorry, but we all have a say here. You don't have to read it, but at least be civil about it. This will be my last reply back to u.
  8. parkedo

    Coming back after three years....

    It is toxic post like yours that turn people off. I didn't post anything personal against anybody, but you just couldn't help yourself. If u don't have anything constructive to say you should stay silent.
  9. parkedo

    Coming back after three years....

    The solution is simple. If they are going to allow players to opt out of matches with subs, they should also allow players to opt out of matches with CVs. That way if you get smacked by a CV you are the one that chooses to play against them. It probably will not happen because CV players would start complaining about the wait times.
  10. parkedo

    A Returning Player's Perspective

    Better yet be like Anakin Skywalker and leave the darkside. Fear leads to hate, hate leads to the darkside, the darkside leads to CVs.
  11. parkedo

    Your next coveted ship?

    I'm looking at the Thunderer for coal.
  12. parkedo

    Suggestions for CV Changes

    One of the best things to do would be to treat CV spotting like spotting in a cyclone. The CV could see the ship but others would only get an estimate of the ships location.