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  1. We need napalm shells for cruisers.
  2. First of all mainly play cruiser. Second if the DD is not willing to cap or spot them the team will lose. Yes I understand playing DDs with planes, radar and hydro but at some point they have to help the team. Have fun.
  3. I do. Was playing CL that game. Do u have any further constructive comments or are u a troll trying to argue.
  4. I agree. It's not fun when two of team's DDs hide behind the team's BBs. I don't think some people know how to play DDs.
  5. parkedo

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Thank you. I checked an I did get that commander.
  6. parkedo

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    I had a mission name Yotaroh pop up which required 20000 base xp to complete. I completed it but no ship showed up. Have any of you seen this mission?
  7. parkedo

    Is it worth it?

    Yes, but u paid extra for those. What do u have to show for the money that went for the actual tickets?
  8. parkedo

    Is it worth it?

    Have u ever went to a sporting event and paid for the ticket? What about to the movie theater? You don't gain a physical object with those either. Same with streaming video and music. You pay for the experience and fun.
  9. Let's see. Should I take my squishy cruiser out into the open and be deleted by one BB salvo or hide behind cover and contribute to my team. Mmmmm. Taking cover is part of any fight with projectiles.
  10. parkedo

    Complete the registration

    I had to take my son to basketball practice and when I got back it was removed from the screen. No idea what it was.
  11. parkedo

    Complete the registration

    Has anyone seen this show up. Complete the registration showed up tonight even though I have been playing since July.
  12. And usually have a few parts left over due to crappy assembly instructions
  13. parkedo

    cv's are crapnow

    Yes, I understand that we have to learn to deal with CVs since they are now part of the game, but to say it is no different from how it was before is disingenuous. Planes move faster and cover way more ground than any ship so trying to stay concealed is so much harder than before. Everyone will have an opinion on this so further discussion if fruitless. Good luck to everyone.
  14. parkedo

    cv's are crapnow

    I do try to do all you have said. I have my airplane detection circle up on my minimap and try to avoid them if possible. When there are two CVs this is almost impossible. I also turn off my aa. I have used my smoke, but it seems such a waste, but if it helps me survive... Makes playing DDs frustrating, but more interesting. I just tire of all the CVs have it hard post. They should try playing a Tier 6 DD when each side has two Tier 8 CVs. But each side has their opinion. :)
  15. parkedo

    cv's are crapnow

    So how much damage did you do with those 8 planes. I find having a third of my DDs health taken with one rocket attack frustrating. Weaving and changing speeds doesn't seem to help. Using one of my precious smokes is sometimes the only way. I'm not even counting damage from plane spotting.