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  1. Should super CVs be considered tier 12 and only be in tier 10 matches with no tier 9 ships present?
  2. parkedo

    The so called "matchmaker"

    When I wrote about radars I am coming from the POV of a dd. Trying to cap or spot against a team with multiple radars is crazy. While ur team may win, the dd is crippled when that teams dds have radars to help and ur team doesn't.
  3. parkedo

    The so called "matchmaker"

    I just wish MM would try to equalize radars on both teams
  4. parkedo

    Gibralter Reviews?

    I hear it is rockin'. Sorry couldn't help mysef.
  5. parkedo

    Ship Stuck

    I heard using autopilot can help
  6. parkedo

    Captain Kagero

    Good morning Captain won't you come on out and play
  7. parkedo

    game language problem

    Nah. He has that new United Nations ship.
  8. parkedo


    The OP probably also whines about DDs not rushing into caps and also for not spotting enough.
  9. parkedo

    A the fall of CV since rework

    Just dodge the AA
  10. Do you really want to compare torpedo hit percentages to rocket hit percentages. Torpedoes and DDs cannot be anywhere on the map in seconds and spot for the rest of the team like planes. If I lose a DD while spotting I can't just send out another one that same match.
  11. parkedo

    Killed 2 Leprechauns and got nothing.....

    Did u check to see if they gave u the Markov?
  12. parkedo

    So if you torp a friendly at 9K is it really your fault?

    Your torps, then your fault.
  13. And BBs who don't move at least two rows up from the spawn point, should they be banned as well?
  14. Wow. How did the OP showing how he is resetting his Cpts get so crazy. No need to attack him.