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  1. so, im sure i sunk u too... but the dif is u remember me and i dont know or care who u are. i mean really who would save what he or she just posted hahahaha who would save a time when u sunk someone and remember it... omg a stalker hahahaha thanks for the compliment
  2. ya ok what a joke do u even play the game or just post all day supporting wow? no matter the post this idk what will come in support of wow, dont matter the subject this idk what got the answer to everything hahaha
  3. BTW about karma besides the simple votes. if u search online "wows karma" i guess wow hosts the sight it allows players to post really bad trashy things about u or whoever they feel like.. ur name/acct is also shown ur name and i think vids stats all behind our backs so if someone starts trashing u the wow karma web sight allows them to do it and if u look threw the pages you see certine names/clans who u see on the water and thought troublemaker... all i have to says is i can not believe this is allowed

    New Code from HP

    ty - still working
  5. 35 to 0 in 2 weeks, ya one of the "incrowd" got on discord prob and trashed u now all the followers -karma u. Hell there is normally several in a match on both teams so they gang -karma u too. unless u was in subs and carriers then well ya i prob gave u -karma too if i had any left... lol just had 8 in 1 game 2 carriers 2 subs PER TEAM. the game 100% sucked... u cant counter either dispite the bozos saying dodge or posting vids on how to avoid or just hit ur repair it shakes the ping <--- is that a joke? they just ping u again... its all bull

    If True This Is Concerning

    so much dishonesty on a mass scale in many ways on all servers... Q... did they fire the managment also with all these bans talked about? They should as these types promote cheating and they need to be removed or the problem will not stop. Same in this country. They know every big and little cheat and trick and use them... they also feel its OK to be on same coms both teams and this leads to their followers thinking its all OK

    A. NEVSKY needs a nerf

    The ones who use it and the wow crew will say no not op but that is them protecting a OP ship they use in ranked and clan so it dont get nerfed. This post is for the newer people if ur wondering which ship to go for.. out of all the t10 cruiser light and heavy imo it is one of the most OP t10 cruisers. Think, it has excellent torps, it has excellent AA, it has excellent guns (1000fps) that do big damage to everything not just DD's and they fire ridiculliosly fast, it also has radar 12k, it takes no damage unless ur side shows even then somehow it escapes huge damage most of the time, its has Hydro also and it has a very good healDid i mention very good secondarys. If ur a newer player wondering which ship and want a OP t10 the Nevsky is ur ship. im out

    A. NEVSKY needs a nerf

    Everyone has a opinion i listen to none but mine own and i been playing against them nonstop in clan and in ranked all last season. I am telling u newer people if u want a seriously OP t10 cruiser grind nothing but the Russian light cruiser line. it is OP in many ways.

    A. NEVSKY needs a nerf

    You see the title it needs a nerf in more ways then 1. It needs to be looked into. U want the seriously OP t10 cruiser? grind nothing else but the russian light cruiser line for the A. Nevsky


    ya i know very few who got it and see very few in the game so ya whatever u 3 say... but watch now. so u all can stick up for the lousy management if u like why dont u cheer for more subs and planes... u know fix the game some more


    here come the cheerleaders

    Name 1 thing you'd change

    if i can change 1 thing... simple answer really... hell i can do it in 1 word - MANAGEMENT


    So I see all of our hard work saving and saving and saving and saving up for a expensive prize free XP ship to feel proud to have earned. What does WOW do? they crap all over us who saved and remove it from free xp but not to remove it to make it more special.... no they add it to be picked up for coal... what a slap in the face once again it wont be so special anymore.

    Premiums that are so bad that is funny?

    I call the Shinonome a premium blooper. why would u want to use it, Fubuki a tech tree ship virtually same ship.. same supposed guns except the mount yet Fubuki's range is 11.5 and a 8 second reload vrs Shinonome ONLY 9k range and 9 second reload yea it gives 1 extra gun but imo just this is a epic fail for the ship and the other main thing is torps now this is funny 2k EXTRA range on the Fubuki the speed is virtually the same with a .1k less torp detection and reload gives Shinonome about 3 seconds less.. big whoop and slightly faster rudder but speed same. the rest is nearly the same why would you use the Shinonme except for being able to swap captains,, even the perm camo can be had with Fubuki. IMO the Shinonome is a Priemium DD blooper *how can I forget the AA Fubuki's AA is much better then Shinonome with continuios damage of ONLY 7 and 1.5 range total joke peeps say Oklahoma which ya its painfully slow speed and the gun reload is to way to slow for such crappy inaccurate guns but i dont think the ship is bad its just SLOW in most catagories

    Subs are broken.

    the whole idea of subs in this game is bad. KISS keep it simple stupid... adding this garbage to a game like this is just hurting there company imo. people like to shoot, love the ships, or love to be able to meet people. hell i smile and congratulate another ship if its a good one on one battle regardless of who got sunk but sink me hiding in a CV or a sub i cant touch getting pinged every 3 seconds then i and lots of others have a problem. Why wont they give us all a option to opt out of subs and CV's.. why? its because they know nobody will play with subs and cv's... ok so then they say we will go to a monthly fee.. ya i would guess each player has several accounts ok so if they make a fee to play how many of those accounts do u think someone will pay for..? not many and wow active membership will plummit.. subs and cv's ruining the enjoyment of the game imo