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  1. Petro is absolutly OP no question about it... it needs several nerfs

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    play coops one day to gain all of the daily missions see how long it takes lol.. i wont even try the naval battles in coops anymore..(BTW so the way naval is now is not really very good for small clans anymore..how the heck is a little clan going to compeat with 50 member clans... big clans can do ahh and have way more stars then a 2 or 5 or 8 member clan that does great this week not to mention there is no congratulations to ur clan mates if u win... or no we will get them next week if u lose.. its just plop plop fizz fizz ok its over we got 2 points and less oil) i dont see this mode of navals any good why did they even change it at all. ok im off here tc

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    well that would explain why they come off with less...

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    it says 300 for the snowflakes but those come off with way less then 300 even though it says 300 base before modifiers.

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    here comes the get gud bunch... I been playing the same way of getting my dailys done since i started and it now seems harder and harder to get them done... something must have been nerfed or adding subs with no HP takes away maybe? i almost never missed the first 250 in one battle, but sure enough not these past few days. all decent games in coops but failed to make 250, the highest person on the team didnt even have 325. i guess ill have to play higher tiers in random the first 2 missions to get the 250... i never had to do this.. so something sure seems to have changed.
  6. Sure seems like i am getting peanuts for XP... Has it been nerfed? 3 games to make the first leg of daily thats a lousy 250xp Just played another in what i felt was a good game and got 222... how long are u supposed to play to finish the daily mission they can shove it if they think im playing all day to finish the missions. There is only one or two modes that are worth playing, random is destroyed in my opinion coops are really a waste of time with no XP all it is is a mad rush or ur ship is chased.. just another day on this game with a rotton start... seems to be the norm for my game.... ya ya i know get gud or all the other neg comments... anyways


    worked... got some flags maybe a camo and a HP container nothing special but a gift is a gift and I like to open boxes.. thank u
  8. ha, hate to say it but good... i was getting creamed by a GK secondary's at over 13k in my Wooster, he said no only 12.5 but my range finder was over 13k i know i was shooting fast as i can.. absolutly creamed by it so when i see you were gone in 3 min.. nothing personal but good for that OP ship.. haha i might have even been the one shooting over the mountains to hit u. I prey on doing it.. (-: have fun

    How soon everyone forgets.

    I grabbed a cheap black ship with doubloons earned or won in creates only. Made sense with the discount and.. credit where credit is due... The ships all look great.

    Something Rotten in Naval Battles?

    im not going to complain but it sure seems sombody in wow has some pretty bad ideas and need to be canned. NB went from a good no gimmics weekend thing to a all week gain more more more then gamble to get more stars then play more to gain more trys then they even change the play against other clans of the same-ish size to playing against a group of 50.. really? who was the brain i really like to know is making these such wonderfull decisions. anyways the whole game is a mess its to buzy and i dont mean peoplewize... but it is what it is they dont seem to care much just look what they did with subs a compleat mess... look at navals a mess... randoms a joke... and now i see people are not liking coops all that is rush up as fast as u can and sink all the ships... you dont even have time to adjust ur mini map settings before the game is over. Playing ranked is not bad but the people are throwing games left and right i guess to get their buddies ranked out.. hagd lol

    Something Rotten in Naval Battles?

    well nevermind because now i look and those seemingly mistakes are gone no more 2 men clans with 130 and 80 ect.. Dont ask me I dont know.. lol

    Something Rotten in Naval Battles?

    I just was looking threw results and I see three 2 men clans with very odd results... OK if ur a 2 man clan you can get 20 possable trys the most? is that correct?? so how can we see a 2 man clan with 130 points? even if both players got all double stars it would never reach up to 130... Am I missing something? i see it on 2 other 2 man clan one with 80ish and one with high 60's which that one i can maybe see that high but 130? any thoughts??

    Ranked Question

    ya i figured.. it was just a odd thing to read and his clan color was green so i thought really...? haha thanks

    Ranked Question

    some guy wrote in a rant in it he wrote "no need for a 2 man clan since ranked is being removed". Is ranked being removed or ? maybe a dumb question but... im not sure if he was serious or screw ing around

    sub torps... PROBLEM?

    im not proud of this replay but i could not chance going to C needing 250 first but either way during the match and relooking at the replay 5 times regardless of sync i feel the ship was left of that torp no matter when u look at it. well anyway try to have fun