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    How to delete off forums?

    ok thanks ill change my email and not reactivate..see if that works TC peeps btw the Ranked sprint... what is going on is a disgrace. OUT
  2. How would u delete a account from forums?

    If our commanders could talk...

    All mine want is Taco Bell and McDonald's 😋

    Fire, does it need a overhaul?

    Yup.. would be good if they gave at least the 5% pen back

    Peeps really want to play BB. LOL

    Ya and when there was just one the BB's actually protected the DD we were making up with the little guys lol... it just brought some coolness to the games and the games felt even. well it was fun now its more like a smaller random

    Fire, does it need a overhaul?

    IDK where this is from but some numbers are not right... for instance the Cleveland is 30mm pen without IFHE so who knows if the other numbers are correct.. plus what i was pointing out is ships like Helena with IFHE the pen was reduced 5% to 31mm.. and fire decreased by 1/2. The fire reduction is fine but that 5% reduction in pen now your ships ability to pen any BB's is extreamly reduced bc there is hardly anyplace to pen and same goes for cruzers they have 32mm armor at least most everyplace and that 1mm or 5% compleatly killed Helena.... I cant speak for other ships but I do know Helena and it was a strong ship that was played and enjoyed but now you hardly see them on the water and its bc of what they did with IFHE pen and fire reductions and the armor upgrades it just isnt a good ship anymore.. dont have torps, no radar which the real ship had great radar and its armor is bad... no worries ill take my first 19pt capt out of Helena soon as I figure where to put him and the ship can be sold or something. but whatever it is what it is I guess they have a reason to do it.

    Fire, does it need a overhaul?

    Certain ships needed a nerf the ones with machine gun speed rate of fireing not the entire game. And not to pen to the point ur shells don't pen hardly nothing in the case of Helena. Take IFHE off and it's HE pen is 25mm... 25 in t7 is a joke and in t8 and t9 u might as well leave the match. No Helena and others didn't need a nerf at all

    Peeps really want to play BB. LOL

    Makes no sense.. if 100 bb's are waiting and 2 carriers then most games are carrier free. I don't get ur post but ok. Rem this is ranked sprint a quick specialty not random

    Peeps really want to play BB. LOL

    actually between the t8's i got i think ill take the Cleveland over the Roma if cv's are in the match... the poor Roma isnt that good with AA and they pick on it. The Cleveland is better. lol

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    They should ALL be nerfed... there ok to have in the game but all carriers, all tiers all all all should be less powerfull in torps, bombs, rockets and IMO the biggest slowest ship on the map should not be allowed to never be spotted once the whole game.. the concealment also needs a nerf.

    Fire, does it need a overhaul?

    This is why i posted what I did about using capt skills and upgrades.. because the IFHE nerf killed my Helena.. I hardly take it out anymore. All because the ones who dont like to be lite up on fire dont take the correct skills, Ya they want 12k secondarys and to have concealment expert so they can destroy everyone but not be touched.. TAKE the fire prevention and reduced time for control party and drop some gravy upgrades and take the 15% less fire damage time and use a flag... Dont totally nerf the hell out of my Helena for no reason... Mind u I hate fires but i use the correct choices to curb them on the ships i dont want to burn down and I give up the gravy of secondarys and concealment ect ect

    Fire, does it need a overhaul?

    Give up some of ur capt skills and add fire prev and all those things that help putting out fires and use a flag every time. it helps. i hate fires but id rather take the things that curb fires with my captains and ship upgrades and give up things that everyone seems to think they are entitled to. its one or the other not both

    Peeps really want to play BB. LOL

    I feel like they should have left the MM alone and allowed 4 or 5 or 6 Battleships... its what the people want to use so what if its a field of mostly BB's.. it is what it is.. why did they limit them.. sort of like dont fix what isnt broken

    Ranked Sprint got very uneven

    Ya its not the same as yesterday... yesterday I played 10 games was sitting at level 4 need 1 more. I played 12 today and im all the way back to level 5 only 1 star.. screw it i wont play.. ill sneak a game in here and there bc I honestly feel the discord crew plays games and I didnt feel this yesterday. so let them have it im good at level 5

    Tier 8 ranked sprint favourites

    I dont think it matters what u bring today... the teams suddenly got very uneven.