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  1. Yes, and newer players are happy about it. It's needed in order to fill the upper ranks but the cost in quality of games is high in upper tiers. My youngest son had several t8 games over the weekend with tier 8 players in ships with actual 0 PR (with 10 or 15 games in those ships). Not great fun although pretty humorous in its own way.
  2. Just to update this for the month of July, here's the completed survey of July 2020 games. As a reminder, these are all tier 7 & 8 games being used as a baseline. This is provided as simple anecdotal information as is. It reflects the actual game experience of WoWs players. Draw your own conclusions, but it's clear to me that some players are being treated like cannon fodder while others are enjoying preferred matchmaking within this specific demographic. The charts show a dramatic acceleration in the number of uptier games over the last 10 days of July. The data sample includes thousands of random games logged by my survey team. Cheers!
  3. You should definitely play Yoshino more.  You clearly need practice according to a couple of my clanmates who've seen you in action.  Here's some plain advice.  Don't talk trash to me because I know a lot more people in this game that are better than you and will make your life miserable.  I should actually have you apologize.

    1. Kuckoo


      Why are you talking?  Your entire account is sh*t.

      Oh, I'm sorry, your "son's" account.  :Smile_smile:

      Get lost.


  4. Quote

    The biggest thing that is missing from your data is, “What Tier is this?”  The data for tier 7 is going to look different than the data for tier 9.  Without knowing that, your graphs don’t really tell us a lot.

    If you’re really making $300,000 a year as a CC/Youtuber/streamer, why aren’t you posting this there?  Sorry, if you were trying to sell me something, I’d hang up on you, thinking it was a scam.

    Yes,  quite right.  Obviously I know that.  The data has been normalized for each tier and the results are essentially the same.  Here's what I recommend - simply.  Keep a pad and pen/pencil handy and just keep track of the tiers in your games.  If you keep track long enough, you'll see the same thing.  What average player wants to be playing uptiered 50% of the time while still learning the game?  Cheers.

    BTW, I am NOT selling anything.  I am simply interested in transparency for people playing the game.  End of story.  Do with it what you will - be happy or don't be, that's up to you.

    1. _HoJo_


      Oh, and obviously, I'm not going to crapwhere I eat.  Therefore, not posting on my stream, not  giving my actual account to anyone.  I'm not stupid, WG doesn't like transparency where their money is concerned.  Also why I responding directly since this would guarantee the thread will be closed/deleted by a mod.

  5. No, they don't. But asking about my personal ships account is very probing and it required a clear and honest answer. You have it. I'm not interested in discussing this with naysayers, just clarifying what the record is. You can think what you want. As I said initially, this topic is for "average players only" and for information only. My job here is done, goodbye. I frankly don't need any further aggravation as I've got a team strategy session and practice to run for CB tonight. Adieu.
  6. Statistics is one part of this, the other is probability. The sample is over 10000 games. It's statistically valid, and rules of probability rule out the chance that there is some "anomaly" that has caused this outcome. You can read. See what I do for a part of my living? You think I'm going to expose that? No. I have 3 sons who all play ships. So what?
  7. Since I personally make a good part of my living as a WoWs CC, I can't tell you. I"m not giving up $300,000 a year to satisfy your curiosity.
  8. I'll match my PhD from MIT with any intellectual challenge you may think you're making.
  9. Ok, be a d--k. This isn't even my account. It's my son's. He's 11.
  10. If that is directed at me, I'm not suggesting a "solution". WG probably doesn't need or want one. It's just an FYI - factual information for WoWs players/consumers. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.
  11. I have the data, and I'm professionally a data scientist and an IT professional. What I'm presenting is not only not absurd, it's provably and actually true. You have never done a study on the matchmaker system as I have. If you were trained (as I am) you could do a study that would find the same results with a huge sample of games, as I have done. You are free to believe that "everyone gets the same exact treatment". You are free to believe Santa Clause is God. That's up to you. Information that's easy to digest is presented here in pie graph form simply because it's easy. I've got thousands of lines of data in a database that would not be worth looking at. Would you rather I had posted these? Give me a break and don't be a d--k.
  12. I was merely suggesting that this wouldn't be of much interest. You may very well be benefitting from the current system, so why should you even care?
  13. That's humorous, but your assertion isn't true. Statistics and probability are both carefully managed in this large sample size over the last 6 months and broad enough so far in July to show a very clear trend in both uptiered games and double uptiered games, which have even greater consequences. so far in July, the double uptiered games are nearly a full 1/3+ of total games played - and nearly 3/4 are uptiered games vs downtiered with the others (same tier) being a small fraction thereof. The net effect is that "the average game" we're playing is always well above the one we're playing.
  14. Yes, of course, we know there is an incentive system. WG is a business whose primary goal is to make money, which is perfectly fine with me. Being the competitive person that I am, I don't take a more relaxed approach to matches where I am bottom tier, and that makes me a good teammate for those competing with me. I actually focus a bit more since I know the competition is that much more challenging. You can play any way you want to - I will play as I do, fair enough?
  15. Yes, you are a unicum player, so matchmaking is almost irrelevant. As I said, this doesn't apply to you.