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  1. _HoJo_

    [UPD] Server Desync Bug

    Desync is making it impossible to play the game this afternoon. Ping is perfect, 80 frames/sec. Massive amounts of memory, etc. unused. Nothing else running on my machine and excellent connections to every other game/site on the internet. I've sent replays and created tickets for WG support and although the response is quick, the answer is always "there's something wrong with your internet". Doesn't happen with any other game or internet service, so it's not my internet service! This problem has been intermittent for about 3 months and always goes away but it's ruining multiple games every time I play a set of 6-10 games. Wargaming - fix this now or the game will be worthless to me - and doubtless to many others.
  2. _HoJo_

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Buffalo is crippleware. That's all you need to know. If you have the Free XP, just skip her and get to Des Moines, which is a far, far better ship in every possible way. And fun. Go figure, a ship that's fun to play in a game.... why would they make any other kind? Your guess is as good as anyone's.
  3. _HoJo_

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Buffalo is a tricky ship to play, plain and simple. It's also very situational and highly positional. If you can play her consistently well, you are probably an excellent player overall, and probably play almost every ship well. Since it is T9 players are supposed to be good and quite experienced. This is the type of ship that will eat alive unseasoned or less capable players since it requires a mastery of all the skills WoWs requires. It's also a ship that was deliberately crippled by design - and not a direct upgrade from Baltimore which is an excellent and more straightforward cruiser to play. In reality, it's somewhat of a downgrade from Baltimore since it is a bigger, slower target with shorter range guns and slower reload even with "Reload Booster" for the exact same rifles as Baltimore on a "newer" ship. Totally illogical but that's par for the course in WoWsland. If you're an excellent player, you'll do well with her, as you always do. If you're not, you will definitely suffer through the experience although you may eventually learn the lessons she teaches and that will help you at T10 when you get there. Who wants to have fun playing a game, anyway? Russian game designers love to torture us! LoL
  4. I received Hawkins and Devonshire in the British event. Haven't played them yet and not sure I actually will, although I'm a cruiser guy. Any feedback on either capability wise? Devonshire has virtually no armor - it makes Pensacola look like a BB by comparison - even a T5 light cruiser (Konigsberg) can pen its turrets front, top and side with standard HE spam. And with 11 sec rudder shift, you're not going to dodge anything. Doesn't seem like any heavy cruiser I want to play and not worth the investment in Upgrades right now to even try the thing. Seems like the best hope for this ship are its concealment and torpedoes but to balance this out it also has crap for main battery range and no smoke. Is Devonshire an entirely new class of ship? The heavy destroyer?
  5. _HoJo_

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    Buffalo was totally crippled by WG. The stock version of the ship is a serious downgrade from Baltimore. Bigger target to shoot but the same health and armor much slower reload (even with the 3 million credit upgrade) shorter-range guns more easily spotted turns like a semi-trailer truck Even when fully upgraded she is worse than an upgraded Baltimore. For another 3,000,000 credits and 45,000 ship XP, you get the additional health that should have been included with the stock hull. What a bargain. Not!
  6. Newer players need as much help as they can get dealing with CVs. Aside from trial and error experience, there isn't a lot of current, in-depth, practical advice floating around since the CV rework. The advice in this thread is practical and will definitely help neophytes avoid being potatoes/victims of even the worst CV players. I concur that a very good CV player has outsized powers against surface ships of equal ability - a reflection that that power actually existed in WWII. That's reasonable. On the other hand, it's extremely un-fun to be an average or below-average surface ship player facing an excellent CV player, but WG doesn't give a crap about matchmaking fairly, so this is business as usual. in truth, competitive fairness is an ongoing issue with WoWs in virtually every respect. Game balancing is not good in general and WG seems to prefer it that way for reasons that probably stem from the financial returns to the company. Bad experiences motivate players to seek "better ships" - most especially Premiums - or higher tier ships, etc. and helps the game retain players longer while they search for "the silver bullet" ship/ships that will improve their gaming enjoyment/experience. In short, chaos and disappointment fuels the game and builds the player base (and revenues) in a very twisted way. My 2 cents.
  7. _HoJo_


    Hah! Every time I play my T8 ships I'm uptiered to T10. You should hang with me. I've experienced the "anomalies" several times. Once had a game with 7 dds per team and nothing else... LoL
  8. _HoJo_


    There are "normal" limits for MM. These can all be waived for pretty much any reason by manually created matches at WG's discretion. Although it's rare, it happens. They own the game and the process! There are also "anomalies" that occur in the automated MM process due to highly unusual numbers (or the lack thereof) of ship types. These are the official MM limits/specifications https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics_(WoWS)
  9. Sent to Support for review of replay. Thanks.
  10. This is the shot striking the CV in our game. Those tracers don't lie.
  11. Well, of course, I'm familiar with the process myself. I was green once and accidentally torped a couple of teammates. And I've been on the receiving end of accidental torps a couple of times - totally innocent stuff. What I'm talking about is totally different though. It's deliberate and totally intentional. I don't think there's room to tolerate this kind of behavior. I think the policy should be Zero tolerance with evidence. Anyone want to see the replay? WG? Anyone in authority? I've seen this happen several times in the last 6 months alone and have been personally targeted at least 3 times that I can recall. Why would any of you want to put up with this crap?
  12. I've seen deliberate teamkill offenses by teammates. Who hasn't? I've occasionally been the target of some of them. Who knows why people do this?! Bored and acting out, and/or just stupidly angry for some reason I suppose. But the frequency of this behavior is a symptom of something and the frequency isn't negligible. Deliberately spoiling the enjoyment of a complete stranger/teammate is a pretty strong message. What is it? I've also seen players deliberately throw games by suiciding after a teamkill infraction, making me wonder what the player has against his own teammates. It sucks and spoils the game for the majority of us who just want to relax and have a competitive match. The most recent example for me was two days ago. Right out of the spawn a BB behind me aims and fires at my cruiser. Then he reloads and fires at a friendly carrier about 6 klicks away. He gets an instant teamkill penalty of course, but what else happens to a player like this? I reported it in Karma but is WG paying any attention? Are they banned? When it is incredibly obvious it isn't a mistake - not a slip of the mouse button etc. - seems to me permabanning is an appropriate remedy. This dude actually went to the trouble of forming a clan - he's the only member - and has a hidden profile. Pretty malicious stuff IMO. PERMABAN!
  13. No, that's not what happened. I hadn't played any games but I had been in port for a while and then I clicked the Dockyard button. You see the Dockyard screen in the background of the ss I posted.
  14. No, I did nothing. When I clicked on the dialog box to "Learn More" the game hung for roughly a minute so I exited the dialog and restarted Warships. Everything was unchanged included PR. Just a strange bug I guess.