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  1. Acme1970


    They very fact that they had to give subs higher underwater speeds just so they could keep up with the flow of the game proves that subs really don't fit into this game without fudging the stats of the subs. But why keep playing a game that makes you unhappy and makes your blood pressure go up, i've already quit WoT because of those reasons and i spent a lot more money on that disaster than on WoWS.
  2. Acme1970

    What does 6,000 community tokens get you?

    I thought about it but i don't know, it just seems like a waste to me, i already have all the tier VII ships i want, whatever i would get i probably wouldn't play
  3. Acme1970

    Sub Hatred

    I also have nothing against subs in general it's the whole ping ping ping ping homing torpedo mechanic i can't stand, if firing torpedo's normally works for surface ships why can't it work for subs too, the ping/homing torpedo system is nothing but a silly gimmick to make subs feel unique, you take that gimmick away it turns subs into nothing more than destroyers that can hide underwater and in that case you might as well just play destroyers, so in order to pound the square peg into the round hole subs get a gimmicky mechanic that's not going anywhere.
  4. God i hope not The whole ping/homing torpedo thing is just a gimmicky way of making subs viable and your right it is trying to pound the square peg into the round hole It will never go away but it has to change in the least, they could A - make pings a finite resource like engine boost or faster reloads, you get so many and when their gone their gone B - make it so that if the sub keeps pinging over and over again the sub loses more and more concealment until they are eventually spotted C - just increase the time in between pings to maybe 30 or 40 seconds, 6-8 seconds is just ridiculous
  5. You get a slot and you get a slot and you get slot.
  6. Same here, stage 5 was the most tedious for me, tasks 6 through 10 i couldn't do because i didn't have any of the required ships so i got stuck doing tasks 1 through 5 over and over and over again, it felt like it took forever but i finally completed it.
  7. Acme1970


    Ugh i was having a nice day till you brought up EBR's I have 6 of them sitting in my port now, i'm just glad the rental is based on time rather than games played that way they'll just disappear on their own because i ain't gunna play dem WG knows subs don't really fit into this game so they fiddle with the stats, it's their way of pounding the square peg into the round hole
  8. I can't stand the constant pinging, over and over again, the other day i think it was a U-69 kept pinging me and it seemed like every 5 seconds just ping ping ping ping, i yelled so loud my dog ran out of the room, i just screamed out "STFU with the damn pinging already, go away you annoying little bug" and that's what subs are to me, it's like someone constantly ringing your doorbell when your watching TV, leave me alone i'm busy now and your not part of this equation.
  9. Acme1970

    Personal Challenges

    Frankly i'm never ever going to max out my tokens, i have no CV's or subs, i only have 1 German and 1 French DD and there's no way i'm ever going to get more than maybe 600 base XP in a random with a cruiser, if this is WG's attempt to get me to grind more lines then it failed because i'm just not interested
  10. They can replace ships like Grosser Kurfurst all they want, i'm still gonna play mine and ignore any new ships they add. There is nothing, zero, zip, nada that they could tempt me with that would make me play CV's or subs.
  11. Exactly, i'm not bothering, i already have the GK and i like it so why would i wanna waste my time grinding out another tier X when i already have one, people act like it's their duty to grind out these things
  12. Acme1970

    Grosser Kurfürst being replaced

    Well i'm not falling for it, after all i already have Bismarck, Pommern, Friedrich Der Grosse and Grosser Kurfurst, what do i need another high tier German BB for?, granted a lot of players will grind it simply because it's a new toy to play with but i'll pass.
  13. Acme1970

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    Agreed, players act this is just a random, most of the defending teams just leave the convoy ships to their own devices and go right for the damage and kill farming, WG needs to change the XP rewards for wins, attacking teams get a massive bonus if they sink all the convoy ships and the defending team gets a huge bonus for every ship that survives.
  14. Acme1970

    More subs (hybrids) in wows?

    Exactly, why would you wanna surface and fire two guns at something that could potentially fire four or five guns back at you, if you wanna shoot guns at something play a destroyer or a cruiser, if your playing a sub then play it like a sub, stay under the water for as long as possible.
  15. Acme1970

    why doesn't hood have torpedoes?

    And that's the problem. I really miss games like that.