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  1. The lowest tier i'll play is tier 9 and even then i usually play German battleships, they seem to work best in close combat, i feel most tier 8's are giant bullseyes for the higher tiers, sort of a "Meat's back on the menu boys" type of feeling.
  2. I was actually going to bring this up when i read this post, i agree with all of this, it's called Airship ESCORT, in other word escort the damn airship, help push it and hold back the other airship, i often see ships just hanging back near the start area or trolling around the edges of the map meanwhile the rest of the team is getting massacred in the middle and the other team is closing on the finish line, i think the logic is the usual "Someone else will handle it" thinking.
  3. I have a few but i'll name four off the top of my head Alsace F. Der Grosse Lepanto Mogador
  4. Acme1970

    Vote with your wallet

    You better believe i am
  5. Acme1970

    Why is the Ammo set up so badly?

    I hear you and support you on all this, i don't care what kind of game this is or what mechanics it has because i'm playing my own style of game, for instance i refuse to accept smoke camping and i won't do it, i never stop my engines and hide in smoke or even use smoke to cap flags, i only use smoke as an O S**T button to escape trouble, i won't use certain upgrades on ships if they weren't historical, I still have not installed the B hull or engine upgrade on Bismarck because she never got them nor do i use the B hull on Monaghan (I sold that instead), simply put i refuse to play the game that WG has provided and instead i play my own game the way i think it should be played, everyone says this is an arcade shooter but to me it's historical simulation because that's what i want it to be so that's what my head tells me it is, it's honestly the only way i can play it.
  6. I'm being tempted here
  7. For me it's not just a free ship , it's a free ship that i have no intention of grinding for so free is free and as far as the premium cruiser i got from the first BP i don't even play that ship, it's not even on primary status, i pay for the extra rewards like coal and steel, like the Dockyard events i've yet to see a final reward that excites me. Sir you O'fend me, i happen to like Colorado, i even bought camo and got a bonus package on it, i don't get the hate for it.
  8. Every time i see an Azuma in a random it's usually blowing up but Agir does interest me, how is Agir?, i have about 2 millions FXP with really nothing to spend it on anymore and i was thinking about Agir.
  9. I sold all my Submarines and i did with a huge smile on my face, trust me when i say the joy i got from selling them was worth more than all the snowflake rewards i could possibly get.
  10. Acme1970

    Border Humping

    One thing i've never understood about the map border is that WG doesn't want you hanging out there but they make it harder to move away from the border by reducing your speed, what they should do is change it so if your riding the map edge none of your guns will fire not even the AA guns, that will keep people away from it.
  11. Acme1970

    Don't see many Mogs

    I love Mogador, i love it so much that for more than a year i put off getting Kleber and even when i did buy Kleber i kept my 19 point captain in Mogador.
  12. Acme1970

    What to do with the bunny tokens?

    I bought 3 French and 2 Italian Santa commanders and the rest i bought credits (i really love credits).
  13. I did the 28,000,000 potential damage for cruisers in Silver League ranked battles, killed 2 birds, i got the mission done and got all the rewards, however it's frustrating when you need this damage and other people are killing the guys who are actively shooting at you (hey i didn't make the mission, i just need to complete it), that being said i think cruisers are a stupid choice for potential damage missions, you give those missions to battleships not cruisers, who chooses to play a cruiser and then deliberately seeks out people to shoot at him.
  14. Acme1970

    It's nice to have something to spend FXP on...

    But what if there are no RB ships you want, what would you do with all that free XP?
  15. Acme1970

    Really bad behavior in chat.

    If my Blacklist could cook i'd marry it.