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  1. Uknowwatnvm72

    Modstation won't launch

    Thanks for the advice, and sorry about the lack of information. I am currently running on windows 10 that is updated as of today. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice since updating the OS with no success. I also tried both the links you posted with no success. I honestly have no clue what the problem is, or how to troubleshoot it.
  2. Uknowwatnvm72

    Modstation won't launch

    I'v tried that twice and i still have the same problem. I have no clue what the issue is and cant find any answers online unfortunately.
  3. Hey everyone, im having an issue where modstation won't launch. I click the desktop icon, i get a loading indicator and then nothing. I checked and it isnt running in the background. Has anyone else had this issue and know what i can do to fix it?