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  1. badbunnie

    STOP the "game balancing" of ships

    not always—silence and choosing when/if to nerf-well even mention it or [edited] - is important. ppl can move forward and forgive to eval their strategies or tactical actions from previous rounds and make ship and artillery adjustments for the better. maybe we are all bias CV vs DD vs BB VS WG/everyone due to individual preferences. but we have all been there, and that’s what we should remember. be a team, support each other, talk bout crap, compromise, advise,teach, aid and w/e else da chuck….2 or 3 with proper knowledge learned/taught to ppl doesn’t mean the ‹ enemy › did anything intentional what-so-ever. some mods don’t work on one ship as they do the other…same for cptn its. I’ve been telling my clan that testing out diff configs after coop at least once to see how sh drive before adding them has made a difference. b bottom line you are wanting to be the catapult diver to just complain about it all , yet kinda seems like the odds are not in the opposing WG favor. cornered like a wild animal after, what ive heard so far was a game team lineup they didn’t/dont know so already the outsider jersey and too shy to charge and fire back as a DD…or the fact that we all still lie and not respond or offer true knowledge guidance and just decide, hello there sucks!………….. its all your fault we lost but us teammates decided to insult and essentially shunnnnn shame the noobie to what— fetal optioned captain doing typical fight or flight mode? come on, we dont like their way of things on strategies while in devising or how they set up the ship…either we should be honest and loyal to our teammates, especially in these war zones/maps, or us as a team fails but without much respect/dignity per say/…idk either way we hold preconceived grudges with bitterness which always makes it worse. amicably split and save friendships or continue the deceits and ‹ highscvhool girl gossip [edited]> and who know maybe you step out. of your very smart , obviously, and talents gaming minds that are seeing a :: donnie Darko ::: warp tunnel you stick to always and classmate may surprise you all.. either way you choose to go. but need to go left or right….enough playing revenge of the con-nerds unleashed on them by now. me included. we r human all fails get a fish or beer, get laid something to help u choose a side already lol— see perks!
  2. saved deb looms from previous update, won some in crates, and guilty 2 fri ago did 25$ abloom…I have first 3 and almost 4thdef worth it