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  1. CapnCazuul

    Me and My Ineptune: An Exercise in Futility

    Surprisingly I am enjoying Neptune so far, however I'm having no luck when trying to use radar instead of smoke. Anyone have any tips for using radar on this ship... other than "don't" ? Seems that short of lagging back from the caps (DDs) early on there is no way to survive in this ship without the smoke screen.
  2. CapnCazuul

    Dear WOWS I am finally out

    OP let me join those who are saying to take a break and/or switch to a different type of ship. A few days or weeks away and giving another type of ship a try may restore your sense of having fun with the game.
  3. I like the warning message idea; why not? And as someone above said, it's more useful than "Neptune's beard."
  4. CapnCazuul

    Haragumo or Minotaur?

    I'm on Neptune working toward Mino. Stuck at work a lot lately for long hours. What is being referred to re: "only a few more days" to grind? Is some dread change being introduced? I'm out of the loop here lately.
  5. CapnCazuul

    Disappointment in SC prizes

    Kinda confused re: SC for victory w a T10. Won my first T10 random last night w Thunderer and didn't see anything more than the usual daily containers. Oh well
  6. CapnCazuul

    fun and engaging

    Interesting list. Compared to you I'm a noob, so may I ask your opinion: I have pretty limited playing time and am working both the Brit CL and USN CA lines. I have really only enjoyed the Baltimore on my way to DM but I do enjoy the Leander and Fiji quite a bit. Do you find the DM or the Mino better? I know it's kinda apples/oranges but in my case I need to pick one now bc it will be a while before I can get the other at my current rate of playing time, so I'd be glad of your opinion. Cheers
  7. I wouldn't say I'm excited or unhappy either way - we don't yet know exactly what WG is actually going to serve up. I will say that based on history, this feels less the night before shore leave and more the night before the cruise starts.
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  9. CapnCazuul

    Fubuki — Japanese Tier VI destroyer.

    Recently got Fubuki and a bit puzzled how to play her. Thanks for the suggestions. Cheers
  10. CapnCazuul


  11. CapnCazuul

    WW2 Japanese Destroyers

    OP you are correct however I don't advise attempting to persuade WG to start making the game more realistic - that way lies madness. Cheers!
  12. CapnCazuul

    Fiji Torp Range

    Thanks. Was thinking they were 10 for some reason.
  13. CapnCazuul

    Fiji Torp Range

    Were they always 8 km?
  14. CapnCazuul

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    Thanks for the write-up Mouse. Interesting to see what may be coming down the pipe. I think my takeaway is, spend no more money on this game anytime soon. I'll keep playing though and see how things go. Cheers
  15. CapnCazuul

    Do you like Epicenter or Not?

    Not really a fan. Seems like most of the time people either hide outside the outer ring, or it's Yolocenter time. I have been guilty of the latter just to get it over with at times.