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  1. Playing on NA, random battles, has happened several times at random over the last couple of weeks although it hasn't held me up for more than 5 minutes on any occurrence. Annoying but not game-breaking, for me anyway.
  2. PvE or whatever the name of it is... yes FF definitely needed to go bc the bots are so awful, but IMO, Randoms was where FF was the worst. Lots of players just there for the laughs, no matter to them if they kill green or red. Also plenty of inexperienced players and dedicated griefers. I think FF being removed was great for Randoms. For those who want FF back, ask for it to be restored for Ranked and other competitive modes only. At least there, the vast majority of players are not actively griefing. Personally, I think FF having been removed altogether is great.
  3. CapnCazuul

    Homing mechanic theory. Why?

    OP it's a well-written and interesting post. It also proves that homing torpedoes are even more OP than many are already saying. Cheers
  4. CapnCazuul

    i think im a germany main now

    ^This. Once I got Pommern, I sold FdG after a couple of battles. No comparison nor any reason to ever play Freddie again.
  5. CapnCazuul

    Carnot is in the Armory

    Tempted to buy it. But WG didn't give me a coupon. I just bought Mainz for dubs a few days ago and used a 25% coupon. Maybe they just don't want me to buy again too soon. LOL. Also, the reload time seems too long, which I wouldn't have known if I hadn't read this thread, so thanks fellow Forumites.
  6. CapnCazuul

    New German BB line?

    So what does anyone know about it? And failing actual knowledge, what are the rumors? heh.
  7. CapnCazuul

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    Can I change my original answer (Pommern) ? Actually Agincourt is maybe my most fun come to think of it.
  8. CapnCazuul

    Abuse of Reporting

    To the OP: Ignore them all. Enjoy the occasional compliment. More importantly, enjoy the game, this is a video game not a character evaluation. Cheers
  9. CapnCazuul

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    Pommern is my favorite.
  10. As far as full screen and wired/wireless mouse, I'm using a Corsair wired mouse that is less than 3 months old and has zero issues other than when playing this game, which I play on full screen. I don't have replays bc I am at work but come to think of it I wonder if replays would even be useful?* Do replays somehow record actual inputs from keyboard and mouse? Very surprising and interesting if so. Just writing this by way of reporting on the issue as I have experienced it. No insults intended or implied. *Edit: I'm not taking about the torp aiming issue here.
  11. Yeah had this a lot over the weekend. Only solution is to click at 60 Hz every "crucial" shot in case it happens. Same for torps, was having to multi click sometimes 5-6 times to shoot. I was not having connection issues. Idk what's going on but it's annoying.
  12. Used it about an hour ago, no issues.
  13. CapnCazuul

    Max FPS setting

    In case anyone sees this and is having this same trouble: preferences.xml Go down to the bottom and find "renderer", then change the number from "75" to whatever you need. Thanks to redditor Noshiro_. Note: I had already changed the engine_config value from 75 to 144. Idk if that was actually required, but since everything is working for me now, I'm not changing anything back, heh
  14. How to adjust it? I'm a Steam user. I used to go into the steam folder, bin, then engine_config and change the value from 75 to 144. Now that isn't working. I saw a thread on Reddit yesterday saying it could be adjusted in "properties" now within the game itself but I can't find that to save my life. Any suggestions on this? Thanks.