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  1. This, And also this. Can't really add more than what was already said. T10 isn't elite, or exclusive. It's just a matter of the time you sink in.
  2. Nolo_00

    Cartoonish game

    Just above the carousel in the lower right section of your screen. You can turn off any camos you don't want to see, and it will display the standard permacamo in it's place.
  3. I think at that point, it might just be cheaper to buy Lesta.
  4. I have the client in steam, and I have two of the follower reward crates available until tomorrow. 1) I'm thinking it should only be 1 crate, and 2) I can't seem to redeem either one. Anyone else having the same problem?
  5. Nolo_00

    Kitakami what resource will it be?

    I'm going to guess an all new currency: pink ribbons.
  6. Nolo_00

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    LittleWhiteMouse for the reviews, of course. That's a given. As for streaming and youtube, I tend to stick with Searaptor and LordZath. They both try to stay away from the clickbaity trend you see with a lot of others. Searaptor's streams are great, as he explains what and why he's doing a thing, even if it doesn't work out. Zath does frequent replay analysis, going over games people send in to point out mistakes or points when it could've been done better. Both are nearly salt free (everyone is gonna have a little). The catch with Flamuu and the like is that they are in fact good players, and can (and do) adjust their gameplay to fit a narrative. This makes it harder for me to take them seriously, even if it makes for entertaining videos from time to time.
  7. Nolo_00

    Odin & the Dockyard Grind - Worth it?

    The directives are pretty reasonable, and if you're looking to spend a minimum, 3500 for a T8 isn't a bad deal. If this is how they handle the dockyard from now on, I'd say it was worth it. Definitely not PR 2.0.
  8. Nolo_00

    California in Premium shop (edited)

    My thoughts exactly. If they end up giving this ship something to make it interesting, I'll consider it then. But not as it is now.
  9. Nolo_00

    Armada: California

    Linking this here for any unsuspecting whales. You've been warned.
  10. Nolo_00

    Premium Ship Review: California

    A little more thought, and I came up with this:
  11. Nolo_00

    USS California Final Review - Shes here!

    All I can add is that his rose tinted glasses might be some serious beer goggles.
  12. Nolo_00

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Between this, and the recent Champange, it seems like WG is pushing the "BB back line camper" as a thing. Which is unfortunate, as that's also the most boring and least team friendly way to play a BB (in my my opinion). Without revealing too much, is this the direction you see as well, or is it just me? (and if you can't say, just have your avatar blink twice)
  13. Nolo_00

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Same. I'm a CA native/history nerd, and if this had been released with any redeeming factors, I'd be in line for it. But as it stands, this is the 4th new ship in a row I'm passing on. If I wanted just another run of the mill standard at T7, I'll just play Colorado.
  14. Nolo_00

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Thank you for the preemptive warning, I mean review on this one. This picture is the best thing I could think of to illustrate CA's introduction to WoWs.