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  1. Best way I can sum up the disconnect with San Diego: WG: "Hey guys, I see you like Atlanta. It's a great sports car, isn't it?" Players: "Yeah, it's fun!" Wg: "Great news! We're working San Diego, which looks just like Atlanta. Except this time, it's a crossover!" Players: "...." moves to grab pitchfork and torch WG: "What?"
  2. All of the points are pretty well covered at this point, so I won't repeat it all. But I definitely lean toward option 1 over option 2 when it comes to historical ships. The lure of the ship is already there, no need to saddle a ship with a gimmick that may or may not work out. See: the several ships that came out the same time as deadeye, which was later (rightly) removed. In the case of San Diego, gutting the main battery reload in order to shoehorn in a very situational gimmick is the wrong way to go. I agree with the other posts pointing to it's AA as the aspect to lean on.
  3. Nolo_00

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    This part bears repeating.
  4. If you want the fastest way to skip all of that, look for the Banner switcher / Campains in port mod in the modstation or Aslain's. Removes the animation entirely, and you can select which crate type your want from the port screen. Also shows you what campaign tasks you have active.
  5. Nolo_00

    0.11 Bots

    Played several battles this morning, and at least as far as I can tell, they're certainly not any better. Maybe even worse, if that's possible. Same inability to aim, blindly running into islands, etc. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  6. Nolo_00

    Professional E-sport???

    That's actually fairly easy. The concern I'd have (based on WG's past actions) is that the "competitive" components of the game would take priority over everything else. i.e. something like this, "Sorry, but operations are still not a priority. We've had to remove the current operations, as the most recent changes to ballistics have made them too easy." "Next up, we get a sneak peak at our new competition mode, complete with mode-specific maps and, in a first, a 'caster view' for future events. We'll also take a look at the new T10 Soviet Cruiser Khrushchev, which will be the top prize in our next tournament... "
  7. Nolo_00

    CO-OP changes

    Only change I've seen is that the bots are back to ramming each other again. Might have something to do with the "sail directly at your target" pathing they've got. Aim is still as bad at 10.10, and they beach just as often. If there were any improvements, I haven't noticed any.
  8. Nolo_00

    Des Moines freedom camo

    If they do bring it back, these guys need to be Captain options. I could use one on my Cleveland.
  9. Nolo_00

    Game crashes

    It's happened to me several times now. Try to reload back in, and I get the same "restart/terminate" error message. If/when I do get back in, I'm pink and lost any camo/flags I tried to use. Fun times.
  10. Nolo_00

    Server instability issue

    Got booted as soon as I clicked battle, game failed with a "a critical error has occurred" error message. Tried to login again, on the third attempt, I get back to the port screen, and I'm pink.
  11. Nolo_00

    Server ist kaput?

    I was able to login, click battle....and I get kicked. Log back in, and I'm pink. It's clearly amateur hour at the server farm....
  12. Nolo_00

    New Map: Voting Results

    I wasn't sure if it'd let me, but voted for all of them. We need all three!
  13. Nolo_00

    COOP ain't broke

    Coop isn't broken. It's been pulverized and ground into a fine powder. 1. The bots' pathfinding hasn't been this bad in a long time. At least one bot will get hung up on the back side of an island every match, guaranteed. 2. If they don't manage to ground themselves, they can't aim. Especially at close range, bots will too often fire too short or over my ship. I actually have to try to get hit while playing a DD, and I typically have more to fear from secondaries or getting detonated. 3. Bots will only dodge one set of torps launched in their direction. It is currently ridiculously easy to torp bots now. Add the constant minimum 4 DD/sub games combined with point #2, it's just torpedo soup. 4. They occasionally will rush to the other side of the map, for no reason. Unless things improve at all, there's almost no point in trying to take a BB into coop. You're almost guaranteed to lose credits on account there won't be anything left to shoot by your 3rd salvo.
  14. Nolo_00

    If WOWS and wargming are so bad.....

    Microprose and Larian come to mind.