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  1. Vasteras has kinda workable AA I guess. Furious and Ark Royal can carpet bomb smoke screens, so it's a good cap control cv, just like enty's rockets in t8 ranked.
  2. SK66_2019

    CV-DD interaction

    Ya I'm almost at t6 for the sweedish DD's. Been a blast so far.
  3. SK66_2019

    CV-DD interaction

    Yes I recently began using pan eu DD's, fun to smash cv planes!
  4. SK66_2019

    Removing Rocket Planes on CV's

    I also made a topic on cv-dd interaction
  5. SK66_2019

    CV-DD interaction

    i'm just really sad at wg's response to the DD-CV interaction issue (rocket planes, getting half healthed by one salvo Etc.), they just say "get good. " Now I'm a big fan of Zoup, and i saw his video on the topic, but when i had this one match where i was getting constantly harassed by rockets, and almost died without even getting to the enemy fleet, that just made me sad about the current state of the game. With RU bias, and the Nerf that killed Italian cruisers, it's just hard to play without getting angry. - a rant from a very angry player.
  6. SK66_2019

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    for some reason i cant enter a battle. when i click button it shows the loading sign for a few seconds and then puts me back to port, no penalty or anything, just a bug i think. tried closing game and disconnecting server multiple times but no luck. please help. have windows 10 if that helps, thanks.