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  1. CaptRichardManuell

    Update 0.9.1 - Bug Reports

    The only practical thing that can be done is to get another cap. But the community needs to be aware that the missions are flawed and one may have to repeat some tasks occasionally in order to get the objective completed.
  2. CaptRichardManuell

    Update 0.9.1 - Bug Reports

    Actually, it does. The battle screen shows that the mission "Destroyers: Base Invader" as completed. Yet on the mission page the last capture did not register. I needed three captures when I began this morning. As of last night (GMT), I had completed 4 out of 7. I have the screen shots of the three battles where I got a capture this morning. On the last one, the one submitted in this post, the battle screen added the blue checkmark and the word "Completed" underneath. For some reason it was not registered on the main mission sheet as originally posted.
  3. CaptRichardManuell

    Update 0.9.1 - Bug Reports

    Hi, I needed one more Capture/Assisted Cature to complete a mission. Satisfied that I had got it... I checked back at the missions to find that they are not being accepted. Check out the photos and timestamps. I thought that something like this also occurred a few days ago on the EU server but I couldn't find the evidence. But this bug is now as clear as day. The battle screen shows that I completed the mission, buy the mission screens show that I have not.
  4. CaptRichardManuell

    Intentionally getting torped??

    This. I will maneuver to angle against the enemy and to avoid their torps, but apart from attempting to avoid collisions, I won't avoid my own team's torps. It's their responsibility and the team kill system works well. Regards