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  1. Cutter_AR

    Missouri Bonus

    Don't expect pitchforks and torches just wallets closing.
  2. Cutter_AR

    Missouri Bonus

    My wallet is permanetly close until this is fix (if ever)
  3. Cutter_AR

    Armada: Nueve de Julio

    How can i get the argentina flag?
  4. Cutter_AR

    Marco Polo Legion Camo Bug

    Same bug here.
  5. Cutter_AR

    No sound

    Uninstalling, erasening the directory and installing again did not solve the problem. I'm looking for a way to force the game to use my sound card. Is there a launch option or some change in the preferences.xml that can do this?
  6. Cutter_AR

    No sound

    WOWS have lost sound. When i change sound default during game to USB headphones the sound returns. When i switch back to speakers i have no sound. Other games and windows works normaly. It was working fine, i made no change to my pc and the next time i load the game this problem appear.I have try uninstalling the sound drivers and re installing.Also i erase preferences.xml and the sound did not return.