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  1. Makes no sense. Further the pact they signed was a non aggression pact with concessions to allow Russia and Germany to split Central Europe like it was prior to WW1, that was always the goal. ever played Civilization? Non aggression treatys are useful for doing similar activities in that game. All it does is remove a potential enemy from the board and allow your country to do what you want and thats exactly what Germany and Russia used it for. Suggesting they were allies? Certainly they were not. This can be seen when Russia tried to take the territories that the treaty said they could have. To have Russia on the side of the Gerrmans would make the game mode anything but "Axis and Allies" I know this game isnt truly historical or realistic, but its also -not- in an alternate universe and a mode with Axis and Allies as the name would have to be exactly that or people would be upset(I know i would be.). Perhaps however their could be an incentive to play Axis ships with such a massive balance issue.
  2. Princess_Daystar

    Obtaining Oklahoma - How these things should be.

    The missions where easy. The RNG is what got me. Without the containers id purchased i wouldnt have gotten it unless every single container from this week dropped a unique collection item. Thankfully i wanted bought them for coal over the ship and i walked out with enough to also get my Thunderer on saturday.
  3. Princess_Daystar


    Thats all true to a point. A single player in the right ship can make a difference if that ship is strong in ways they cant counter due to whatever reasons. But i digress. another thing, outsiders are pretty much always exposed to clan battles. If wargaming didnt shove clan battles down my throat to the point i thought about doing them again(yes ive done them in the past, in another wargaming title.) any thought i would have on Clan battles would be irrelevant. With them allowing mercs in clan battles though, now when i see a clans name in the loading screen ill be wondering if they are really good or if they paid someone to help them. *shrug*
  4. Princess_Daystar


    I dont participate in Clan Wars in this game so consider this an outside perspective. I can see their side and it makes sense to me. You arent part of the clan, you shouldnt be allowed to represent or help their clan win in clan wars. Does it suck when you cant field a full team due to RL? Sure does, but RL happens. You want to show a clan how to play? Training rooms exist for that. Want to play with friends, join their clan or make a division to do so. Again this is an outside perspective.
  5. Princess_Daystar

    It's been a month and the buggs are still here

    You know they cant work magic fixes overnight right? I get wanting things fixed, but if it takes them forever to track down bugs thats what it takes. Theres other MMOs that have been out far longer that have bugs dating back to release that still arent fixed. Some things take time. Insulting the devs gets you nowhere. Further they have commented on a few of the bugs to pop up like the Torpedo Bug(which has a fix in the works), Dont expect any fixes at all before 9.11 drops if they figure out what causes them by then. They have to test the fixes also and make sure they actually fix the issue without causing others.
  6. Princess_Daystar

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Dont forget the drydock has to sink with the carrier in it. Also for planes to regenerate the ship has to sit perfectly still and cant be spotted, because resupplying takes forever and nobody would do that under fire and not moving.
  7. Princess_Daystar

    Obtaining Oklahoma - How these things should be.

    For randoms and those who RNG smiled on maybe. For those like myself who play COOP it required being very lucky with the drops. I got mine only because i purchased some of the premium boxes(I wanted the coal). Had i not done that i would have ended up waiting till the boxes got added to the armory later on.
  8. Played a few times after they added the exp mission, never got killed by anyone i divisioned up with. One even helped me get a key and let me escape. I doubt ill be able to get enough points to get anything though.
  9. It only like.. 230$ for the required doubloons to get the ARP yamato, . if the PR cost more than no wonder it was a disaster.
  10. Princess_Daystar

    How Do You Lose A Co-op Game? (PVE Thread)

    Poor positioning or rushing in on my part leads to most of mine. I dont enjoy kiting to much so playing shipd where i have to is a challenge.
  11. So much this..prefer the damage/ribbon ones over BXP. went 10/10 this weekend, was nice.
  12. Sidegrades should still be useful though right? LIke if the goal was to change the playstyle of the ship shouldnt they do that?
  13. Princess_Daystar

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Good Ol Anchorage!
  14. Im a COOP main..so..why would i touch randoms? The UUs -need- something to make them worth the RB points, as it is? They really arent.
  15. With me playing in COOP i doubt ill use the UU regardless. Im a long way from the Yamato still(Only at tier 5) and its taken me almost a month to get to tier 8 on the french tree in COOP so not really worried about it either way for the time being!