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  1. Princess_Daystar

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    Base exp, and Tiers 5-10. My Omaha has been posting truly massive games the last few weeks. The only tier 4 i really play is Sveltana and i was coming close to 500 bxp most games, thought most sat at 350-400. Havent played her in awhile though. Part of my exp being so high is -always- trying to get either a capture, or a large "assist" capture. I do this both for the exp bonus, but also so that in the event im in match with less than 4 players im guranteed to win.
  2. Princess_Daystar

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    Le Terrible is my daily opener now, i usually close with New Orleans or Atlanta :3
  3. Princess_Daystar

    WG - 3 Quick changes to make Co-op fun again

    I have found if you launch the torpedoes without targeting them(use the torpedoe guide to get them positioned, press "t" and then drop torpedoes), they dont attempt to dodge them until the torpedoes are spotted. Been using the above to bait bots into torpedoes with a high degree of success to date. Only bad thing is, they will dodge other players who dont do that, and it can reduce your own hits, but only rarely does it complete negate them.
  4. Princess_Daystar

    WoW CVs vs WoW Mobile CV no middle ground?

    To be fair, cvs are the black sheep due to...well. how they exist. Both RTS and Current. There are farrrrrr easier ways to have cvs lose that "black sheep" status, than bringing RTS back, and while some did prefer RTS style, not all did. The consumable idea is interesting i will say. Would they function like the current hybrids?? That may be a good thing, becuse they could finally fix AA, and make it effective for the first time in years AND also buff individual squad damage to make up for possibly loosing entire squads to AA for once.
  5. Princess_Daystar

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    300 is fairly low in coop honestly. I usually average 450-700, with games higher than that being extremely rare due to the current state of coop. Though for awhile i was averaging 500-800 before 10.6. And thats in all ship types, with two exceptions. 1.) Carriers. Due to the fast nature of coop i rarely break 350 in them, leaving me smack dab in the middle of the board most of the time. 2.) SLOW battleships, and i mean anything less than 25 knots. Very rarely in other ship types do i get below 300, and the sole reason for that is misplays on my part. Either going yhe wrong way on certain maps and ending up with no targets, or failing to dodge DD torpedoes in a DD.
  6. Princess_Daystar

    WG - 3 Quick changes to make Co-op fun again

    That has nothing to do with making up blatant lies however. One can not want changes to any mode but their own, without spreading falcities and lies.
  7. Princess_Daystar

    Is Loyang B worth the dubs?

    Tbh i seldom use any of them. Taking them over something else just isnt worth it in most cases. I think ive got one ship that has a coal upgrade.
  8. Princess_Daystar


    I never seem to do well in it, in part due to no HE. but it is fun to play at least
  9. Princess_Daystar

    WG - 3 Quick changes to make Co-op fun again

    The issue is, you make things up. If you just posted what you put in blue NOBODY would have an issue with you >.>. But you dont. You come into pve threads AND ONLY PVE THREADS I MIGHT ADD, claim we are toxic, and then make up changes to the mode THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
  10. Princess_Daystar


    Thats the one ship i never see unless im driving it xD I think since its release ive seen ONE.
  11. Princess_Daystar

    2021 Snowflake Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Time to sleep!!
  12. Princess_Daystar

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    I have an 850 in mine, but its really odd that he can run other games without issues.
  13. Princess_Daystar

    WG - 3 Quick changes to make Co-op fun again

    Btw, Naval has it in his head that they touched COOP Ai twice before 10.5. One update that made coop so hard win rates dropped by 30% for everyone in the mode. And the chicken bot update. The first never happened, at least per their patch notes, and i can find no evidence of it on the forums either, and there would be evidence of that. Contrary to another belief of his, locked threads are still visible when searched for. The second was the chicken bot update, and well, it didnt really make them harder from what i understand, just made them run at the slighest hint of an enemy. As to coop team sizes, it was 8 players from closed beta(yes i went back that far) all the way up until the patch that updated it to 9 players. Here you go, i posted all the official major changes to coop here, i even added the note number. This excludes things like the 2/7 teams and the full human teams. Unofficial, Ummentioned changes deserve to be called out, no matter if they are good or bad.
  14. Princess_Daystar

    [ALL] WOWS Unpack Tool: unpack game client resources

    One can gain access to the contents of the games files, and its fast. For example: Im taking over Major Renegades crew icon mod(yes the mlp one) and i needed access to all the new commander icons since they have been rezised and theres a bunch thst have been added his mod didnt cover. Using this i got those files. I didnt bother to see if you can do it without this tool. world of tanks for example you could access the files easily, no tools required(years ago) not so sure with this game.
  15. Princess_Daystar

    WG - 3 Quick changes to make Co-op fun again

    Not to mention the same lies, disproven with actual facts. Its the only reason i even bother to respond. So newer folks not aware of who he is dont believe the lies he spreads about COOP.