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  1. Princess_Daystar

    Merry Christmas folks!

    Merry Christmas everyone, and to you Hapa! Coming from both myself and the MUDD clan(they asked me too) :)
  2. Princess_Daystar

    Is This For Real

    Does it come with a judge dredd captain? Im down, lets do it! "I AM THE LAW" love silly crossover events.
  3. Princess_Daystar


    im offended that your offended by him being offended for you taking offense
  4. Princess_Daystar

    Is This For Real

    I want that camo though :(
  5. Princess_Daystar

    Bots new AI

    Returning the bots to pre 10.6 levels is the very least they need to do. Nobody had issues with the difficulty or the payout back then. If they go harder than that. Yes they need to increase it. I long for the day i can take my sub 30 knot ships out again in coop and have fun. As is, impossible. Pretty much this. The random bots are the same bots(maybe a tad better) that we had in coop before 10.6 Also. Look. "A pve players suck and cant handle things, or know how to play" thread. Gross. Just gross.
  6. Princess_Daystar

    The Christmas Tree Event isn't Co-Op Friendly

    No grrr in my responses, and none below. I know wargamings overall stance on COOP, yall are doing a waaaaaay better job than i ever expected! To your questions. 1.) Not really, but! The other pve mode(operations) doesnt count for some(alot, will explain at the end), of the missions presented either, and i think thats a shame. 2.) I think yes? And operations too. Wargaming has the technology and the coding set up already to DO SPLIT MODE REQUIREMENTS for missions. BUT they dont use it often. Use that for every mission, have a version for Random/Ranked/Special mode, and have an alternate for COOP/operations. If its meant to be hard, make it hard for coop and operations. 3.) I think i merged this into number 2? Woops! 4.) Aboslutely is, fair is fair, and if a mission is meant to be hard, then make it hard for us too, but at least in the realm of the achievable. Even before the bots got lobotmized a 1000 base exp+ match was rare, and its more so now. Sidenote, but its related: Currently there are campaigns and campaign missions that pve players cannot do because they are locked to randoms/ranked. Can we get those opened up? The missions requiring achievements can be done in operations(ecspecially if wg adds in a tier 8 operation). Most of the campaign missions though are doable in coop/ops and they really should be open to be done. In fact for awhile there the missions where being opened up, slowly, but it seems to have stopped entirely.
  7. Princess_Daystar

    Premium Ship Review - Repulse

    All i needed <3 But shes not going to be a ship for everyone and like our resident tiger 59 owner, i find myself liking Marl more and more!
  8. Princess_Daystar

    my 40 Mega Crate Haul

    Who cares how folks spend their money as long as they do so within their means? just saying. Its ultimately their choice to do so, pooping all over people being happy with what they got is a sad choice to make IMO.
  9. Princess_Daystar

    Do the Unique Commanders ever go on sale????

    "on sale" =/= "Go on sale." Some could have been gotten for free from playing for a very limited time, But they werent ever "On sale" like the OP is asking about.
  10. Princess_Daystar

    Why tracking your stats will make you crazy

    most unicums love seeing players on the enemy team who arent anywhere near as good they are, not sure why you went that route. In all the time i used XVM in WOT, for -years-, the folks who used it and called out loss chances, and those who give up on matches where usually on an average or below that level of skill. Think what you may about El on the forums, they didnt get the win rate they do by giving up on matches. No unicum does, and id wager most of the players who sit higher than 54% dont either.
  11. Princess_Daystar

    OOPS! I know this has happened to you too!

    Literally what overextending is: " To expand or disperse beyond a safe or reasonable limit. " You went out far ahead of your team, and due to that, you got killed. Regardless of how they play, you overextended from them. Being ultra aggressive is fun, its fine, but you cant be ultra aggressive and at the same time get upset when you get killed, or you are left alone against multiple foes. Im aggressive and i often find myself in such situations, but, i put myself in them in the first place. Nobody to blame but myself.
  12. Princess_Daystar

    Secret Santa 2021!

    Awwwww, thank you <3 These two folks have been skipped so far, AS THE THREAD SITS NOW, if you do get them something, please comment and "@" them!! Coolkid_198 Viva_Palestine latest poster: _Greybeard_
  13. Princess_Daystar

    CO-OP changes

    Patiently waiting so i can actually enjoy Shikashima..Loved taking ARP Yamato out, but in the current state? HAH. No.
  14. Princess_Daystar

    Secret Santa 2021!

    Iduckman and Destroyer have gotten gifts. since you havent the list is then: Coolkid_198 Princess_Daystar and Viva_Palestine Edit: I know its supposed to be secret santa, but..with people being skipped, if you buy a gift can you post for whom you got the gift? Makes it easier to keep the thread in order and stops folks from being skipped over.
  15. Princess_Daystar

    WW1 German Battlethips

    Perhaps. At the least to figure out why people want them!