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  1. I sent a ticket and all they told me was that they don't handle tickets for the PTS so I doubt it will be fixed. Because since I have to stop playing on the live servers to test over on the PTS (and therefore halt my progress on the liver servers) I would at least like to get the meager reward that was promised to me and that I earned, but because of a glitch is not being provided to me.
  2. Like the title said, I completed every single one of the "mission" CMs, all four for carriers, all four for DDs, CCs, and BBs, as well as the missions for completing the whole chain of each and yet I only have 9 out of 10 on the main mission.
  3. I immediately started going for maxing two lines so i could reset, the issue is that because pop is so low, it takes 5-10 minutes just to find a match.
  4. WildSyde

    Axis v Allies Impossible Missions

    The event lasts from reset last Thursday to reset on Monday, so exactly 4 days, that being 96 hours. The absolute fastest I've ever seen a co-op match finish is around 5:00. So that's 12 matches per hour. Meaning that for the most part, if you stayed awake for the entire event, they could get a max of roughly 1,152 victories. That being said, most people start having serious issues after staying awake for only 36 hours so I doubt that's within the realm of possibility.
  5. Yes, but the best way to find bugs is to allow as large a group as possible to test it. When you've got so little people I can count them on my fingers that actually have been able to test the Italian ships, you have a very small chance of actually finding most of the bugs. I can't think of any other game that artificially limits the amount of people who can test their new stuff on their respective PTR, especially to this degree.
  6. Seriously, most of us don't have the ability to play all weekend long nonstop in order to unlock the Italian ships to test them. I would assume that based on the name "public test server", it is designed to allow the public to test the content and provide feedback so the appropriate changes can be made before being released to main. So that being said, why are you making it as hard as possible to actually get the privilege of testing the damn things. I've seen maybe 3 people all weekend who have actually managed to get an Italian ship and all of them only had the cheapest one. I've probably played 10 hours and I'm nowhere near getting even the cheapest Italian ship. When this is the way that you handle public testing, it's no wonder why you get such high levels of complaints from the community whenever something gets launched on live, probably because of the fact that not only does PTS have a absurdly small amount of people playing on it, but you further shrink that number by putting pointless grind requirements on the ability to actually test the new things. Maybe, just maybe if you actually care about releasing good content, allow as many people as physically possible to test the new content, not artificially limit the amount with endless grind.
  7. WildSyde

    Where are my rewards?

    Quick question. How exactly do I link my main Steam account to my PTR account? On the info page for the PTR it says that there should be a "special button in the port" that allows me to link my steam account to my PTR account but I can't seem to find it.
  8. WildSyde

    Please stop wasting our time...

    Not sure where to ask this on the forums, but I'm trying to connect my main Steam account to my PTR account, and on the page about the PTR, it says that there should be a button somewhere in the port that allows me to do this, however I can't seem to find it. Can anyone tell me exactly how I connect my steam account?