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  1. DesslockVonKraken

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    I found the update very ... boring. No really memorable or exciting changes, just a few fix packs that could have been made before (More of the same). I can say that I was looking forward to the Italian line, but all the news about the ships comes down to nerfs and more nerfs. Besides, when will this embargo on information about the Italian Tier X stop? It doesn't make much sense to invest in a line where you don't know what the end result will be, and considering the amount of nerfs, the expectation for Tier X doesn't look good.
  2. This is one of the most beautiful camouflages in the game, and it would definitely be great to be able to buy it by doubloon.
  3. DesslockVonKraken

    Battleships are a disappointment

    (I am not fluent in English, so forgive me for the typos) I'm playing for only three months I think and honestly I thought this game would be a dream come true because I'm a big fan of naval themes but the reality is this is a nightmare. My biggest disappointment is the battleships, historically they were absurdly resilient ships, and well-armed, the biggest nightmares of a battleship was an Aircraft Carrier and Torpedoes (the issue of torpedoes may vary), but in this game a Yamato, for example, can easily be destroyed by a Light Cruiser, turned giant steel and iron-reinforced ships into a walking barbecue, is simply ridiculous. Ships like Montana are a joke in this game, but in real life they were real monsters, that makes no sense, it's pathetic. The irony is that battleships are the main propaganda of this game, but it's the most abandoned class, it's basically a misleading advertisement. I am a former World of Tanks player, I have played that game since 2011 and honestly, I am well aware that Wargaming is a company that never listens to players, and I am well aware that Wargaming has a bad concept of "balancing" which in general simply make players waste time. Considering these facts, I understand why World of Warships is not a popular game, the game has simply become bland, and there is no prospect of change. No update makes the game more interesting, just "bug fixes" or make ridiculous nerfs (Conqueror nerf for example). I am really disappointed. Of course there will be players who will find it a "blasphemy" to criticize the game but I will do the same thing that Wargaming does: say [edited] you.