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  1. WTF_GuNNy

    People quitting the game

    Thank you for the reply but again... your matchmaking is BROKEN. Even being on the winning team is not enjoyable as the winning team has a bunch of ships that have power crept the opposing side to the point they just push W and let the rout begin and mercifully or not it is over in 6 to 8 minutes. Never mind all the other bugs like active players showing inactive in friends list etc... the game has taken some monumental steps backwards. AA is broken as well, tier 10 and 11 cv's can fly at anyone with impunity. It is neither fun nor engaging short of playing clan battles or ranked. I've played this game for years (which I typically do not do) but maybe it is time to spend money and time on something else. It's frustrating watching clans that were extremely active have their discords turn into ghost towns. I'm fairly certain I'm not alone in seeing this.
  2. WTF_GuNNy

    People quitting the game

    Let's be honest here... the devs can ban me for what I am about to say I no longer care.... the matchmaking algorithm is BROKEN so badly you wonder if there even is one or if we've just run so many players off we're just throwing 2 teams together who happen to fall in the same 3 tiers to each other.. You are either the bug or the windshield nearly every game, RARELY does a game last more than 10 minutes. The HE spam and fire damage has reached proportions that even an arsonist serving life in prison for burning down an entire city is like... whoa that seems a bit excessive. Cruiser play is a dying art as the only real art left in it is finding somewhere you can survive more than the first 5 minutes but rest assured... between dd's, cv's and now the boats that only a VERY small portion of the community seem to enjoy, the super spotting submarines, you won't live much longer without an island or the 10 line to save you. I have spent more time and money on this game than any other game in the many years i've been PC gaming and have never been more unhappy with a product than this one in it's current state. When we voice our concerns or dissatisfaction we get either ignored or banned. The subs are nothing short of a Greek tragedy. You've lost your road map on thisand you're way off course and I'm sorry if it doesn't get fixed soon I'm afraid your queue times are going to be 5 to 10 minutes at this rate coming to a server near you.
  3. WTF_GuNNy

    Jean Bart B Mission count?

    That is it in its entirety genius. Yes it says Jean Bart but again as I said before, newer people to the game may not understand that there is a difference between the 2 obviously as the forums are full of people that have spent over $100 thinking that they purchase the ship they get the combat mission for that ship. Other ships they sell come with a combat mission so the expectation by the wordings is grey. You toxic folks that have been around for previous black Friday sales are seriously going to be the reason this game dies out. It is obviously an issue as so many people are buying it and the only thing I clipped was the top edge and the picture and you're dead wrong about me clipping anything out. There is no disclaimer. It says Jean Bart and again, people who spent 150 bucks or so to get it now know that the Jean Bart B cannot do Jean Bart missions but likely didn't understand that before. The only person being disingenuous is you. There is obviously some confusion and it should be advertised differently because this forum is full of people saying the same thing. Your opinion means nothing to these people.
  4. That doesn't mean a large part of the clientele purchasing this was here for it the last 2 years or was in anyway aware of it. It is terrible bait and switch marketing and trying to excuse the root of the problem because "it has been this way before" is patently stupid.