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  1. SeaWyvern64

    Armada: Marco Polo

    after watching a game last night with the streamer playing the MP and hitting roughly 25% of his shots, I wonder how bad the older guns would have been!
  2. SeaWyvern64

    Combat Missions in Update 0.10.2

    Yes, you probably did overdo it. There ARE other rewards in the containers, but I am willing to be a good percentage of the container drops will have the single flag "reward" in it. Or as a special "reward" the rather lackluster Leone (but at least you also get a 10-pt captain and a port slot, as well as a port queen for the next snow flake event - which IS better than nothing). It will be interesting to see what I get for drops...I will try to remember to post here. Also the signal flag is one of the special signals, so the drop rate of those is I think usually 1 special to 3 regular in other events - for what it's worth....still a rather piddly reward for the grind.
  3. SeaWyvern64

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.2

    so, I go to the inventory page on twitch, it says I have claimed all the twitch drops for the last patch, but nothing has made it's way to my account....not liking the extra steps that are required. Especially when they don't work all the time
  4. SeaWyvern64

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Very generous of you, thank you! Doubloons, , signals, camos and coal - all which will come in use! Merry Christmas...
  5. SeaWyvern64

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Hohoho - Merry Christmassss...
  6. SeaWyvern64

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    Also, note that their social media pages have contests to win BF ships. Since I have no social media accounts I miss out on that aspect, but that's fine by me - small price to pay.
  7. SeaWyvern64

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    Excellent use of your money!!! I also have been donating a fair amount to the food banks, both locally and offshore, since I recently sold a house and have some cash from the sale. Also been donating to Cancer research (my dad passed from bone cancer years ago) and mental health organizations...
  8. SeaWyvern64

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    So i just bought the series of items for 250 Dblns each in the Armory. Ended up with the Mass B and the Sims B, and more dblns then I started with. Very satisfied, and I don't plan to spend any real $$ on anything else on the Black Friday sale.
  9. SeaWyvern64

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Yup - you did - you should see the Youtube video!!
  10. SeaWyvern64

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    Funny thing - had no real interest in the German CV (or CVs in general currently), and I ended up with the T6 and T8 german CVs. To date,I have a total of 3 games in CVs - one in the Langley and one in each of the germans...
  11. SeaWyvern64

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    I am not so sure you would want to share some of putin's tea - it has a tendency to send people to the hospital - if they are lucky enough to survive that first sip
  12. SeaWyvern64

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    alana probably said something bad about Putin and was invited to have a cup of tea.....
  13. SeaWyvern64

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.9.8

    funny thing - I logged on, and it said Congrats you have received an Epic Twitch drop, but all I had were 3 gift containers - no twitch containers...
  14. SeaWyvern64

    Weekly Combat Missions: the End of World War II

    you can make some of the players happy all the time, you can make all the players happy some of the time, but you cannot make all the players happy all the time...and I do question the ability to make ALL the players happy some of the time....
  15. SeaWyvern64

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    Just ignore the salt!